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All games are browser-based. Our catalog is rendered in mobile-friendly HTML5, offering cross-device gameplay. You can play on mobile devices like Apple iPhones, Google Android powered cell phones from manufactures like Samsung, tablets like the iPad or Kindle Fire, laptops, and Windows-powered desktop computers. All game files are stored locally in your web browser cache. These games work in Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and other modern web browsers.


2 Minutes to Escape Game: Timed Scrolling Platform

2 minutes to escape.

This is a fun but challenging 13-level escape game where you play an astronaut who has to escape a malfunctioned rocket within 2 minutes.

In all levels except for 12 you can get hit twice and still survive, though on the twelfth level death only takes a single hit.

3D Pong Pinball Game

3D Pong Pinball.

This is a simple idle game patterned after the arcade classic pong.

The game uses a 3D vertical playing field and offers 3 difficulty levels.

3D Super Snake Classic Infinite Snake Game with 3D Graphics

3D Super Snake.

This game is a modern colored 3D version of the classic snake game. Control the snake left, right, up, or down to collect scattered food in the map. Avoid bumping in to walls or colliding into the snake’s tail or the game ends. The more food the snake eats, the longer it gets, and the more points you score.

8Bit Dungeon Knight Game

Dungeon Knight.

This is a cute and simple top down view dungeon action RPG where you play a knight who collects power ups and solves each puzzle level to make it past the enemies and onto the next stage.

Abandoned Tank Defender Base Defense Game

Abandoned Tank Defender

Abandoned Tank Defender is a base defense game where players must protect a broken and abandoned tank from waves of enemies using turrets and machine guns.

Enemies come in waves in this fast-paced 5-level game.

You must constantly add firepower in the middle to battle to win each round.

Adam and Eve Sleepwalker Game

Adam and Eve Sleepwalker Game.

This is a fun hand drawn logic puzzle game where you help a sleepwalking Adam find his way back to bed before he wakes up.

Interact with objects and animals on the screen to clear a safe passage home.

Adventure Time Angry Betty Shooting Game

Adventure Time Angry Betty Game.

This is a shooting game where you aim to shoot Angry Betties and the projectiles they throw at you while avoiding hitting any real Betty.

Adventure Time Break the Worm Beat ’em Up Game

Adventure Time Break the Worm Game.

This is a fun beat ’em up game where you play Finn battling his way through three worlds: Icy World, Dad’s Dungeon, and Candy Kingdom.

Gaming pros who beat the game can up the challenge by playing in Nightmare Mode.

Adventure Time Frosty Fight Game: Princess Saving Logic Puzzle

Adventure Time Frosty Fight Game.

This is a 20-stage logic puzzle game where you try to save a princess on each level by collecting all the gems scattered across different platforms without falling into the ocean.

Adventures of Harry Mouse Escape Game

adventures of harry.

Adventures of Harry is a 28-level escape game where you move a fan around the level to propel a mouse past sharp objects while collecting cheese and then escaping through the mouse hole.

African Coffin Dancer Game

Coffin Dancer Game.

Coffin Dancer is an absurd mobile game where dancers collect coins and prevent falling bodies from hitting the ground by catching them with a coffin.

The coffin dancing game is patterned after famed Ghana pallbearers based in Prampram.

While avoiding obstacles and collecting falling bodies you can collect coins and other power ups to add to your total score.

If any body hits the ground or you bump into 3 obstacles the game is over.

Ahoy Pirates Adventure: PacMan Inspired Pirate Coin Game

Ahoy Pirates Adventure.

This is a coin collecting game where players must avoid enemies while collecting all coins on each level.

It would be easy to view this game as a modern pirate-themed PacMan where pellets are instead coins, are more spaced out, and the saber is the equivalent of a power pellet.

Air War 2: 1941 WW2 Airplane Dogfighting Game

Air War 2: 1941 is a simple WW2 vertical scrolling shooter game where you select your plane and then collect power ups while avoiding enemy aircrafts.

If you hit an enemy head on you will almost certainly die.

You score points by shooting down enemy airplanes and picking up bombs.

You have to run into fuel and health to keep your plane fueled and healthy.

Air Warfare Endless Vertical Shooting Airplane Combat Game

Air Warfare.

This is an infinite vertical shooting war themed battle game where players shoot and dodge enemy airships while collecting essential supplies. Collect falling first aid kits, fuel tanks, bullets, and rockets to sustain your fighter plane. The game ends if your health bar is drained when you crash in to enemies or die from lethal shots.

Alien Tank Defender Mobile Tap Shooting Game

Alien Tank Defender.

Alien Tank Defender is a mobile tap shooting game where players shoot aliens and spaceships to destroy them before they reach Earth.

Aliens or other objects descend from the spacecraft in either white or black.

You have to shoot them with the color they are to kill them. If you accidentally shoot them with the wrong color they grow larger and stronger.

Players can use bombs to clear the screen if they get too close to death.

American Football Santa’s Run: Infinite Runner & Dodging Game

Santa's Run American Football.

This is an intense infinite running and dodging football game where you must run as far as you can while avoiding football players, spikes, and while fans chasing you through the field. Collect 30 stars on your run to initiate turbo mode for 10 seconds. This makes you run faster and become invincible to fans and some football players temporarily. Try to achieve the best score.

Angry Boss Online Ragdoll Game for the Mondays

Angry Boss Game.

This is a simple idle game where players shoot weapons at a ragdoll representation of an evil boss.

Angry Zombies Level Destruction Game

Angry Zombies.

This is a fun 6-stage level destruction game inspired by Angry Birds.

Players shoot a slingshot to fire a skull at zombies to kill them.

Archery Stickman Game

This is a cute and basic stick man game where you try to shoot the other stick men before they shoot you.

Click to select then pull back and set the angle to shoot arrows.

Lower body shots often take 2 hits while headshots and many upper torso shots can win in a single hit.

Ball Blaster: Infinite-Level Cannonball Shooting Game

Ball Blaster.

This is a simple cannon firing game where you tap the screen or click the mouse where you want the cannon to move to horizontally to fire upward.

Your cannon shots break the above balls, earning points which can be used to increase shot strength and speed.

Ball in the Cup Physics Game

Ball in the Cup.

Use planks, ramps, fans and magnets to help the ball roll from its release door into the cup at the end of the level.

This cute and fun 20-level hand-drawn game helps kids learn physics while solving simple puzzles.

Base Defense Gun Turret Shooting Game

Base Defense.

Base Defense is a 10-level simple shooting game where you play a turret shooter who must kill off waves of attacking enemies before they destroy your base.

Batman Gotham City Speed Game: LEGO Collecting Game

Batman Gotham City Speed Game.

This is a simple LEGO driving game where you play Batman driving or flying the Batmobile. Your goal is to collect LEGO studs and bricks while avoiding obstacles and enemies. The game features periodic boss battles with villains like the Joker, the Riddler, and Iceman.

Bin Pall Hand Drawn Mechanical Pinball Machine Game

bin pall.

This is a hand-drawn pinball game which mimics the type of design found in mechanical pinball machines from the early 1950s.

Blocky Puzzle Game

Blocky Game

Blocky is an HTML puzzle game where players must fill in the playing field using a set number of pieces.

The puzzle is set at a 3D angle and the pieces are shaped like the types of pieces found in the classic video game Tetris.

The playing field is static, there is no time limit, and you can remove pieces if you place them in the wrong position.

Break Bubble: Free Online Bubble Breaking Game

Break Bubble.

This is a bubble breaking game which was inspired by the classic Super Nintendo game Super Breaker Bros.

Brick Out – Breakout Arcade Game Inspired Brick Breaker

Brick Out.

Brick Out is a modern remake inspired by the cult classic Atari arcade game Breakout.

Players scroll a paddle horizontally across the screen to catch a falling ball, pushing it upward to break bricks until the screen is clear of breakable bricks.

Bullet Proof Battlefield Shooting Game

Bullet Proof.

This is a 5-level battlefield game where you play a soldier who must kill at least 10 competing soldiers in each level to advance to the next.

Cannon Minimal: a Much Acclaimed Cannon Ball Aim Game

Cannon Minimal.

Cannon Minimal is a cannonball shooting game where you shoot the ball into a basket.

Cannon Shot: Ball Aiming Game for Kids

Cannon Shot Game.

This is a simple 11-level game which resembles a cross between a water cannon game and a skee ball shooting game found in physical arcades.

The goal is to hit the bullseye of a moving target.

CannonBall: Slingshot Medieval Cannon Ball Firing Game


This is a 10-stage level destruction game which was inspired by the Angry Birds series.

Cannons and Soldiers: Cannonball Destruction Physics Game

Cannons and Soldiers.

This is a 28-stage cannon shooting game where players try to knock competing soldiers to the ground without accidentally knocking over any of their own soldiers.

Canvas Snake: Colored Classic Snake Game for Desktop PC

Canvas Snake.

This endless colored pixelated snake game is based on the classic snake video game. Players need to control the snake to collect food and avoid bumping on it’s own body or any corners of the screen. The more food you collect, the longer the snake becomes. Collect more food to gain higher points.

Castle Light: Knight Room Escape Game

Castle Light.

Castle Light is a 12-level escape game where a jumping knight must light 3 torches to unlock the door and proceed to the next level.

Christmas Chain – Zuma Inspired Santa Clause Ball Chain Game

Christmas Chain.

Christmas Chain is a Zuma inspired ball-chain game where Santa Clause must get 3 or more balls in a row of the same color to remove them from the chain.

The chain stays in constant motion and you must remove all balls from it before it gets to the end of the path.

You shoot balls with your right hand and your left hand shows what ball is next.

Your game progress is stored in your local web browser. If you lose you can restart the game starting at any level you have already played.

Classic Minesweeper Game

Minesweeper Classic

Click on your mouse to clear out squares where you think there isn’t a bomb.

Click the flag button at the top of the screen and place flags where you believe there is a bomb.

Use the numbers on the squares to do a process of elimination to help determine which adjacent squares hold bombs.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Its Raining Man Kids Catching Video Game

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs Its Raining Man.

This is a fun infinite catching game based on the the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs movie. Control Flint to make him catch important gadgets and life items falling from the sky. Be sure to avoid falling debris like hot meatballs, fish, and TV screens or it’s game over.

Coin Snake: Endless Touchscreen Classic Snake Game for Kids

Coin Snake.

This is a classic arcade snake game where players must control the snake and collect as many coins as possible. When you turn, avoid colliding with any part of your snake’s body. Collect more coins and stay alive longer to achieve a high score.

Craig of the Creek Defend the Sewers Balloon Popping Game

Craig of the Creek Defend the Sewers.

This is a Zuma inspired ball chain game played by the cast of Craig of the Creek.

Balloons replace balls, are a bit larger, the game is a bit slower, and there is a boss enemy on the last level.

Cube Jump Cross The Road Game

Cube Jump Game.

Cube Jump is an isometric HTML game similar to the arcade classic Frogger where a frog must cross a stream.

In this game the player has the cube jump from block to block while trying not to fall off.

There is no other side to get to as the pathway expands as you jump across.

If you land on smaller pieces you score more points.

The game ends when a player misses and falls off the playing field.

Cyberman V: Mega Man Inspired Side Scrolling Game

This is a 6-level horizontal platforming game inspired by Capcom’s Mega Man series.

Danger Mouse Full Speed Extreme Turbo Cartoon Driving Game

Danger Mouse Full Speed Game.

This is a first-person perspective racing game where players collect coins and complete each track as quickly as possible without getting into a wreck to score 3 stars on the level.

The game offers 3 different speed settings to adjust the difficulty level.

Danger Mouse Ultimate Platforming Game

Danger Mouse Game.

This is a beautiful platform game based on the hit cartoon series.

Players fight enemies and collect fruit and coins through dozens of fun levels playing as Danger Mouse and Penfold.

Dino Bubbles Bubble Shooter Game

Dino Bubbles is a bubble shooter game inspired by Bubble Bobble. Players shoot bubbles to try to get at least three in a row to knock other bubbles of the same color off of the playing field.

Players may shoot bubbles directly where they want them to appear or bounce them off the walls of the screen.

When you make a match balls fall from the pile and the pile also spins based on the force of your ball hitting it.

Drifter Race Car Drifting Game


Drifter is an HTML car drifting game where players turn right by pressing their finger on the screen or clicking on their mouse.

Hold the drift long enough to make it through the corner and stay on the road until the next corner, then repeat the process.

If the car touches either inside or outside wall the game is over.

Game options allow you to set night mode, change weather, or change the track. Stars you collect from inside the levels allow you to buy other cars.

Dual With Death: One or Two Player Shooting Game

Dual With Death.

This is a simple shoot to the death game where a player can play against the computer or another player on the same computer.

Your own bullets can hit you if they ricochet off a wall.

Duck Shoot – Carnival Shooting Gallery Game

Duck Shoot.

Duck Shoot is a free and fun online shooting gallery game where players shoot at ducks and sea monsters scrolling through the gallery without shooting at the ducks with a no sign.

Players score points for hitting ducks and lose points when they hit ducks holding a no sign.

Duck Shooter: Shooting Game Inspired by Duck Hunter

Duck Shooter.

This is a simple duck shooting game inspired by the Nintendo classic Duck Hunter game.

Earth Attack Space Shooting Game

Earth Attack

Earth Attack is a space shooter game where you are the Earth and moon shooting to defend yourself from incoming stars coming from all directions.

Aim at a star and keep shooting until it has died, then kill off subsequent stars while working your way through this 10-level game.

Escape the Fuzz Police Chase Game

Escape the Fuzz.

This is a driving game inspired by PacMan and Grand Theft Auto.

The driver must collect all the coins from the level without getting pulled over by a police officer.

Falling Cubes Online Tetris Game

Falling Cubes

Falling Cubes is a modern remake of the classic puzzle game Tetris, where players try to remove horizontal lines from the playing field by completing lines with blocks that fill in the spaces.

This game’s playing field is offset at an angle and the pieces are rendered with bright and colorful designs.

Players advance through the game’s level and score points by completing lines. If players complete multiple lines at once they score more points.

When the pieces reach the top of the playing field the game is over.

Fasty Bubble Online Flying Escape Strategy Game

Fasty Bubble.

This is a 10-level bubble flying escape game where you play a one-eye minion like character floating in a bubble. You must guide the bubble to the cauldron to exit the level using a fan. Be careful not to fall and bump into walls or obstacles to get your bubble to safety.

flying escape game where you play a barbarian who must avoid bumping into anything while falling toward a black hole.

FlapCat Christmas: Flappy Bird Inspired Holiday Cat Game

flapcat christmas.

This is a holiday themed version of the FlapCat game series which was inspired by Flappy Bird.

In the horizontally scrolling game a cat plays the roll of Santa Clause and must make their way around the world to deliver presents with reindeer guiding the sleigh.

FlapCat Copters: Cat Helicopter Flying Game

flapcat copters game.

This is a vertically scrolling helicopter game where you play a cat who makes his way up through floors while avoiding running into any fixed walls or moving blades.

This game was inspired by Flappy Bird, but flies vertically instead.

FlapCat Halloween: Cute Cat Flight Tap Game

flapcat halloween.

FlapCat Halloween is a cute Flappy Bird inspired game where a cat bounces off the edge of the screens to pass through gaps in the wall in the middle of the screen.

If your cat touches the wall the game is over.

FlapCat Steampunk: Flappy Bird Inspired Cat Game

flapcat steampunk.

FlapCat Steampunk is a mobile tap flying game inspired by Flappy Bird.

A cat with a rocket works its way right through this horizontal infinite scroller game.

Flappy Shooter Game – Flappy Bird Inspired Shooting Game

Flappy Shooter is a Flappy Bird inspired HTML horizontal scrolling shooter game where players must stay afloat while traversing the levels and shooting your way out of it.

Rather than walls having holes in them all walls run the full length of the screen and you have to shoot the wall a number of times to create a gap in it to fly through.

Flight Color Paper Airplane Flying Game

Flight Color is a vertical flying HTML game where players fly paper airplanes through gaps in moving walls while collecting gems.

You can move left or right by tapping the screen or setting your mouse cursor in the direction you want to move and click it.

When you fly over an angled streak of color it changes the background color to that color and that is the color you have to fly through until you pass another angled streak.

When you run into a wall the game is over.

Flight Sim Air Traffic Control Simulation Game

Flight Sim is an air traffic control simulation game where players guide airplanes, helicopters and balloons to land in the correct place without hitting into each other.

Each type of aircraft can land on specific runways and need their flight path guided in from the correct direction.

Different planes fly at different speeds, adding an extra element of challenge for the flight control tower in organizing a crowded air space.

Be careful flying near screen edges as new craft can enter the game at any time.

If any aircraft crash you lose. This game has 12 challenging levels and you can start where you left off if you fail a mission.

Flintstones Yabba Dabba Dinosaurs Kids Jigsaw Puzzle Game

Flintstones Yabba Dabba Dinosaurs Jigsaw Puzzle Game.

This is a super simple jigsaw puzzle game for toddlers. Each of the 27 puzzles consist of 9 easy-to-fit pieces.

Flip the Gun Physics Shooting Game

Flip the Gun is an HTML physics game where players must shoot their way to stay afloat while collecting various boosts and coins.

Click your mouse or tap the screen while the gun is facing downward to propel it higher.

Your gun must periodically run into bullets to refill the magazine.

You can use coins from the game to unlock other guns.

When the gun falls off the screen the game is over.

Footgolf Evolution Game: Soccer + Golf + Pinball = ?

Footgolf Evolution.

Footgolf Evolution is a logic puzzle game with physics elements to it where you must kick a soccer ball at a set strength and angle to try to score it in a golf ball hole in fewer strokes than par.

This game has 24 exciting levels which you can replay one at a time to see if you can beat out Shooter McMessi.

Lovers of monster trucks will love the in-game music.

Forest Brothers: 2-Player Cooperative Platform Game for Kids

Forest Brothers.

This is a fun and challenging 2 player cooperative shooter game for kids. Collect coins and defeat hostile animals to earn points and reach the golden nut with the time provided. Play with a friend for better gaming experience.

Frogtastic: Frog Themed Zuma Inspired Ball Game


Frogtastic is a ball-chain game where players must get 3 or more balls in a row of the same color to remove them from the chain.

The chain stays in constant motion and you must remove all balls from it before it gets to the end of the path.

You shoot balls with your mouth and your back shows what ball is next.

Your game progress is stored in your local web browser. If you lose you can restart the game starting at any level you have already played.

Front Line Base Defense Arcade Shooting Game

Front Line is a base defense alien invasion HTML game where players collect coins and gems to upgrade ships which fight to save Earth from an alien invasion.

Ships have their health restored when they are parked at the base and two of the same type of ship can be merged into a more powerful ship.

Shooting and aiming are automatic, while the player focuses on using extra items and upgrading ships to fight off attacking enemies.

The player loses a life when the aliens reach a dashed line. If players lose a level they are typically restarted a couple levels earlier.

A player starts with 5 lives but after they lose a couple sometimes some of the presents that appear in the base are heart containers, which are additional lives.

Fruit Snake: Endless Fruit Eating Video Game

Fruit Snake.

This endless fruit eating snake game is based on the classic snake video game. Players must navigate the snake to turn left or right to collect fruits and prolong their game time. The more fruits they collect, the more time they get and the longer the snake becomes. The game ends when the time runs out or if your snake hits its tail three times.

Gladiator Attack: Physics Destruction Slingshot Puzzle Game

Gladiator Attack.

This is a slingshot physics puzzle game where players must control the knight and sling it across the map and kill the enemy skeleton.

Kill all of the enemies to unlock the treasure chest and complete each of the 20 levels.

Golf Stick: Infinite Golf Arcade Video Game with 10 Balls

Golf Stick.

This is a fun endless golf video game where players have 10 balls in which they must hit as many holes as possible. They lose a ball when they miss a hole. The game ends once the player runs out of balls.

Levels reset every try. Control your swing strength with precision for a better high score.

Halloween Chain – Zuma Inspired Witch Ball Chain Game

Halloween Chain Game.

Halloween Chain is a Zuma inspired ball-chain game where a witch must get 3 or more balls in a row of the same color to remove them from the chain.

The chain stays in constant motion and you must remove all pumpkins from it before it gets to the end of the path.

You shoot pumpkins with your right hand and your left hand shows what ball is next.

Your game progress is stored in your local web browser. If you lose you can restart the game starting at any level you have already played.

Hold Position Base Defense Game

Hold Position.

Hold Position is a free online HTML base defense game where you must protect your base from bomb dropping helicopters and tanks which shoot at you.

To beat the level you must be able to withstand a 10-minute onslaught.

If you die you can use experience to upgrade the attack strength or defense health of the bunker gun you control, the ground turrets, and the air turrets.

Indiara and the Skull Gold Boulder Escape Platform Game

Indiara and the Skull Gold

This is a cave escape game inspired by the film Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

You have to outrun a boulder which is trying to crush you by jumping over obstacles and making your way to the end of each of the 8 levels faster than the boulder does.

Invace Spaders: Space Invaders Inspired Alien Shooter

Invace Spaders.

This is a free online game inspired by Space Invaders. Players shoot aliens to try to beat the high score and unlock additional ships.

Players must not hit any aliens with their ship or they die.

Upgrades throughout the levels allow players to slow down enemies or wipe them away with a giant laser.

Jumper Frog: Frogger Inspired Cross the Road Game

jumper frog.

This is a cross the road and stream game where you play a frog who must make their way across the screen 5 times on each level.

Landing on a spot where there is a fly is worth 500 points.

King of the Rocks Logic Puzzle Game

King of the Rocks.

This is a logic puzzle and room escape game where you play a king with a sledgehammer.

The sledgehammer is used to hit rocks in order to be able to jump across platforms and collect all the gems to unlock the door.

Lego Star Wars Battle Run Voice Controlled Video Game

Lego Star Wars Battle Run.

This is a voice controlled LEGO Star Wars game where you control BB-8 as it navigates the desert.

In between scenes you have full 360 degree control of the camera angle.

Metal Pinball Machine Game With 4 Flippers

Metal Pinball.

This is a simple online virtual pinball machine where the player controls both upper and lower flippers using the arrow keys on their keyboard or a touchscreen device.

Mickey and Minnie Universe: Mickey Mouse Game for Kids

Mickey and Minnie Universe Game.

This is a simple Disney branded game where players play through 3 separate mini games with 3 sections each.

This game caters to young children.

Military Tank Fighter Battle Game for Kids

Military Tank Fighter.

Military Tank Fighter is a mini game for children which helps kids develop hand and eye coordination by having them shoot at competing tanks from their moving tank.

The game is simple but colorful and easy for kids to play.

You control the direction of the tank and where it aims, it fires automatically when your blue tank nears a red tank.

Minigolf World Mini Golf Game

Minigolf World.

In this beautiful and isometric mini golf game players try to beat par on 18 challenging holes.

Players score 3 stars for getting better than par and fewer stars for doing worse than par.

Mr Bullet Ricochet Gun Shooter

mr bullet.

Mr Bullet is a whimsical bullet shooting ricochet game which shows how bullets could bounce off objects or move objects. The game offers a slow motion feature when the bullet strikes targets. The graphics on this game are cartoonish, but they do show blood.

In this game players must strike opponents or objects that will then ricochet into opponents to beat each of the 40 levels.

Later rounds of the game include ninjas.

Mr. Bean Backyard Junk: Pick Up the Trash Game

Mr. Bean Backyard Junk Game.

Pick up trash from the screen without getting hit by enemies. Collect at least 10 pieces in each level to beat the level and move on to the next stage.

If you collect at least 5 pieces of trash in a row you obtain bonuses which can help you beat the level.

Mr. Bean Bean Skidding: Online Skateboarding Game

Mr. Bean's Bean Skidding Game.

This is a skateboarding game where players control Mr. Bean. He collects food to score points.

In this game Mr. Bean dies if he hits any obstacle, though collecting a teddy bear provides Mr. Bean a protective shield.

Mr. Bean Goldfish Loopy Loopy: Fish Ring Jumping Game

Mr. Bean Goldfish Loopy Loopy Game.

In this game players control a goldfish’s jump angle, as it tries to jump through rings Mr. Bean is holding to score points.

This game is quite simple and repetitive, so it is probably best for young children or true fans of Mr. Bean. 🙂

Mr. Bean Matching Pairs: Animated Cartoon Memory Card Game

Mr. Bean Matching Pairs Game.

This is an easy four-level memory card matching game featuring characters from the Mr. Bean animated series.

Levels show a timer, but players can take as long as they need to in order to complete the game while making an unlimited number of mistakes.

Mr. Bean Splash Art Game: Draw, Color & Paint Scenes

Mr. Bean Splash Art.

This game allows Mr. Bean fans to color in 10 different still scenes from the cartoon series. Players can also choose to complete drawing scenes before coloring them in.

Works can be saved, exported, shared, printed, and canvased across Mother Earth to help support the Mr. Bean movement.

Neon Cannon Endless Shooting Ball Blasting Arcade Game

Neon Cannon.

This is endless shooting arcade game where players must dodge and blast bouncing projectiles using a ground cannon.

Players can progress and upgrade their cannon’s firepower, blaster, and health.

Neon Invaders – Free Space Invaders Shooting Game

Neon Invaders

Neon Invaders is a beautiful modern remake inspired by the original Space Invaders game.

Move left and right to shoot alien crafts while using the protective bases to avoid their shots.

The fast moving ship which appears periodically at the top of the game drops a heart container which gives you another life and also adds to your ship energy level.

You start the game with 3 ships and you lose a ship whenever an enemy hits you or your energy bar reaches zero.

Neon Maze Controls: Physics Puzzle Rotating Maze Game

Neon Maze Controls.

This is a physics maze puzzle game where players must rotate the maze left or right to roll the ball through the course. The ball must reach the exit without getting destroyed by blade traps.

The game comes with 30 levels that can be replayed once unlocked.

Neon Snake Coin Eating Game

Neon Snake.

This is a modern remake of the classic game snake using beautiful neon colors.

The screen on this game does not have hard edges & instead wraps.

Eat the coins and do not accidentally run into your own tail.

The game has 3 different difficulty levels to appeal to gamers of all skill levels.

Ninja Jump Force Platform Jumping Game

Ninja Jump Force.

This is a cute 30-level ninja platform jumping game where you must collect all the coins and exit the level without hitting spikes. Your ninja character automatically runs until he hits a wall, and then he runs in the opposite direction. Tap your screen or click your mouse to jump to use the platforms to […]

OK K.O. Lets be Heroes: Parking Lot Wars Game

OK KO Parking Lot Wars Game.

This is a cartoon themed action RPG where you play K.O. and team to defend the parking lot from the evil Box-More robots.

Online Pinball Machine


This is a fast-paced online virtual pinball machine game with two lower flippers and an upper flipper.

Pac Rat Game Inspired by Pac Man

Pac Rat.

Pac Rat is a free Pac Man inspired game where you play as a rat eating cheese.

The power up pellets give you great strength to eat the cats like Pac Man eats ghosts.

This game is far easier than PacMan as there are only 6 levels, 3 enemies,, and the enemies move slowly.

Panda Love Coin Collecting Platform Jumping Escape Game

Panda Love Game.

This is a cute 19-stage pixelated level escape game where you control a panda saving up to buy his girlfriend or wife panda a flower.

Collect three coins and make your way to the escape then at the end of the game you buy her a flower. 🙂

Parking Toy Story: Car Parking Simulator Game for Kids

Parking Toy Story.

This fun car parking simulator catered towards kids with it’s colorful toy theme design. Collect all 3 stars and park the car on the specified parking space to complete each level. Play as many levels as you can.

Picture Runner Stickman Running Game

Picture Runner.

This is a horizontal running platform game where you play a stickman who must avoid the boxes.

Click your mouse or tap on the screen to change which side of the line you are running on.

Don’t hit the box!

Pigs & Birds: Physics-Based Level Destruction Puzzle Game

Pigs & Birds.

This is a physics puzzle solving game where players need to break blocks for the bird to reach the pig.

Players can solve as many levels & obstacles as possible.

Pixel Art Maker: Free Online Sprite Editing App

Use this free online app to quickly create downloadable pixel art.

The canvas grid is 17 by 26 pixels.

Pong Soccer Game

Pong Soccer.

This is a soccer themed version of the classic arcade game pong.

Use your keyboard left and right arrow keys to move your goalie / paddle side to side.

The first player to score five goals wins.

Powerpuff Girls Mojo Mayhem Game: Flying Battles

Powerpuff Girls Mojo Mayhem Game.

This is a simple flying game where Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup chase after Mojo Jojo and fight him in boss battles while avoiding junk he throws at them.

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