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Play Free Online Math Games for Kids

Children can enjoy our free online mathematics games to learn and practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and more.

No Crappy Apps, No Software Downloads!

All games are browser-based. Our catalog is rendered in mobile-friendly HTML5, offering cross-device gameplay. You can play on mobile devices like Apple iPhones, Google Android powered cell phones from manufactures like Samsung, tablets like the iPad or Kindle Fire, laptops, and Windows-powered desktop computers. All game files are stored locally in your web browser cache. These games work in Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and other modern web browsers.


2048 Cuteness Edition Math Puzzle Game

2048 cuteness edition.

This is a cute animal version of the popular math puzzle game where players combine adjacent number tiles to create a tile with double the face value.

Use the arrow keys on the keyboard or swipe on the screen to slide pieces to try to merge them together. On each swipe a new “2” piece appears on the opposing side of the board.

8Bit Dungeon Knight Game

Dungeon Knight.

This is a cute and simple top down view dungeon action RPG where you play a knight who collects power ups and solves each puzzle level to make it past the enemies and onto the next stage.

Aliens Vs Math Practice Game for Kids

Aliens VS Math.

This is a timed math game where players have a couple of seconds to solve each problem.

Players can select to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, or a mixed game.

Burn Matches Math Logic Puzzle Game

Burn Matches.

Burn Matches is a fun but challenging 20-level logic puzzle where players must solve equations by moving matches around the playing field in accordance with the level instructions.

If you liked word puzzles in math class you will love this game. If you did not enjoy word puzzles in math class, you may not like this game. 😀

CalcuDoku: Timed Sudoku Inspired Math Puzzle Game


This is sudoku inspired logic puzzle game where you must fill squares with the right number within the time limit. The numbers are based on how many boxes are in the grid, for example, the number are 1 to 4. Each group of colored boxes must be calculated based on the number and operator to get the correct answer. It can be in addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division. There is only one solution for every puzzle. You lose when you don’t solve the puzzle before the time runs out.

Feed Math: Addition & Subtraction Math Practice Game for Kids

Feed Math.

This is a fun interactive addition math game where players must feed the correct number combination of sushi plates to the character. If you get the wrong answer, it’s game over. This is a great addition speed game for kids and students.

Flappy Shooter Game – Flappy Bird Inspired Shooting Game

Flappy Shooter is a Flappy Bird inspired HTML horizontal scrolling shooter game where players must stay afloat while traversing the levels and shooting your way out of it.

Rather than walls having holes in them all walls run the full length of the screen and you have to shoot the wall a number of times to create a gap in it to fly through.

Greater Less Same: Timed Math Solving and Value Comparison Game for Kids

Greater Less Same.

This is a fun and challenging online timed number value comparison game for kids. You need to choose if the number provided is less than, equal to, or less than the other. Numbers may also come as equations to be solved before you can find the actual value of the numbers. You must solve addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Players have 2 minutes to answer as may question as they can. Your accuracy and number correct answers are shown at the end of the timer.

Grocery Cashier: Customer Check Out Register Simulator Practice Game

Grocery Cashier.

This is an endless cashier calculation simulator game for kids and adults. Players need to compute the total purchases and give the right change within the time limit. Process each customer’s grocery bills efficiently to earn points.

Guardians Defenders of Mathematica KS2 Math Learning Fantasy RPG Game

Guardians Defenders of Mathematica.

This is a fantasy RPG math practice game where players must choose a math category and answer 10 questions to defeat a magical beasts, wizards, trolls, or dragons. There are 16 categories and you can choose a mixed math category that randomly includes any math topic. Questions get harder as you progress through the game.

Earn a shield when you win a game. Players also win treasures and unlock weapons and other accessories to customize their character.

Guess How Many: Infinite Speed Counting Math Game for Kids

Guess How Many.

This is a fun fast-paced infinite counting practice game for kids. Players need to count the number of animals in the screen within a few seconds. Test your counting skills and see how many you can get without failing.

Make 5 Number Merge Game

Make 5 is an HTML math game where players must eliminate blocks by combining the same number stone 3 times in a row.

Connections can be vertical, horizontal or both.

Three stones of the same value merge into one where the last stone in the sequence was added.

Numbers merge up to 5 and then disappear, clearing out space in the level to lay more stones.

Make 7 Logic Puzzle Game

Make 7 is an HTML math logic puzzle game where players must eliminate blocks by combining the same number three times in a row.

Hexagon pieces connect and when the same number is connected three times in a row it merges to a single hexagon of the next integer value.

When you get three 6 in a row that merges into a 7 and clears out the surrounding space, allowing you to lay more pieces.

Math Bee: Timed Addition Quiz Game for Kids

Math Bee.

This is a fun and challenging addition solving quiz game for kids. Players can select from 12 levels. Solve all 10 equations within the time limit to achieve a perfect score and unlock the next level.

Math Signs Game: Timed Mixed Operations Game for Kids

Math Signs Game.

This is a online timed mixed operations solving game for kids. You need to solve and choose if the missing mathematical symbol is “+”, “-“, “x” or “÷.” Players have 1 minute to answer as many questions as they can. Each right answer will add a points and each wrong you get will be deducted from the total score. Try to achieve the best score.

Merge Fish Numbers Game

Merge Fish is an HTML 3-in-a row game where players must combine the same number to merge the fishes.

Players push fish from any side of the pool into a 4 by 4 grid pool.

Connections can be horizontal, vertical, or both.

When a connection is made all 3 fish merge into the last added fish to the sequence and it goes up to the next integer.

If you get 3 sixes in a row that creates a seven which then clears out that cell and the adjacent cells.

Merge Push Number Merge Game

Merge Push is an HTML arcade game where players must combine stones with the same numbers to merge the blocks.

Each times stones merge they show double the value of the original stones.

Merges can be made horizontally, vertically, or both. The stones will merge at the location of where the final stone in the sequence was added.

The ceiling keeps sliding down the screen and making merges pushes it back upward.

The game ends when the stones touch the floor.

Multiplication Table: Online Times Table Quiz Game for Kids

Multiplication Table.

This an online multiplication table test game for kids. It comes with times tables ranging from 1×1 up to 10×10. Players need to solve ten questions per level. Try to get all answers right to achieve a perfect score.

Number Writing 2: Nursery Numbers Learning Practice Game

Number Writing 2.

This is an animal-themed online number writing game for children in nursery school. It comes with 10 colorful levels. Players need to follow the yellow arrows and draw the number in each level perfectly. A properly written number will give players a higher rating.

Number Writing: Preschool Practice Writing Numbers Game

Number Writing.

This is an online number writing game for children in kindergarten. It comes with 10 levels where players need to follow the arrow and draw the number in each level perfectly, A well-written number will give players a higher rating.

Shishagon Logic Puzzle Game

Shishagon is a logic puzzle game where players must figure out a way to distribute the numbers across the board to pass the level.

Each time an arrow goes through a hexagon its value counts down.

Hexagons disappear when their value is zero.

Stone Merge Vertical Number Block Endless Puzzle Game

Stone Merge.

This a a free online endless number puzzle game where players must combine blocks of the same number to merge them into one block of the next higher number. Keep merging to prevent the rising blocks from reaching the top of the screen or it’s game over.

TrezeCoins: Coin Counting Addition Money Game for Kids

Treze Coins.

This is an online coin stacking addition game for kids and adults. Players need to stack the coins equal to the amount needed to get the gumballs. Successfully get all 8 gumballs to finish the game.

Zombie Number Speed Math Operations Game for Kids

Zombie Number.

This is an exciting and educational speed math practice video game where players must enter the right answer to a math problem to shoot a zombie. You can focus on addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. It also comes with a random mode which includes a mix of all four mathematical operations.

Keep your character alive by solving math problems and shooting zombies as fast as you can.

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