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Publishing a Bunch of Kids Games Soon :)

Hi Everyone,

When I created this site I wanted to make a destination for all ages. Initially I kept publishing the sorts of games I liked to play, so that meant mostly uploading escape games, puzzle games, simulation games and that sort of stuff.

For the next couple days I plan on publishing a bunch of games for young kids to help round out the site a bit more & then circle back to the regularly scheduled program.

If there is a certain genre of games you would like to see more please let us know here and I will try my best either later this week or early next week.

We are starting to get a decent trickle of visits to the site, so be sure to comment on this post along with leave reviews on any of the games you try out.

Thank you!

Dot to Dot Animals Drawing Game

Dot to Dot Animals Game.

This is an easy to play connect the dots game where players choose which animal they want to draw and then complete the last portion of the picture to draw the animal.

Cute Shapes: Color & Shape Art Game for Children

Cute Shapes.

This is a simple art game which teaches young children shapes, size, and colors.

Point to Point Happy Animals Drawing Game for Kids

Point to Point Happy Animals.

This is a 11-stage connect the dots animal game for kids.

Children only need to connect one dot at a time and the game provides regular encouragement.

Connect the Dots Ocean Animals for Kids

Connect the Dots Ocean.

This is a super basic connect the dots game for young children to help them gain confidence, learn animals, follow directions and familiarize themselves with computer interactions.

Duck Shooter: Shooting Game Inspired by Duck Hunter

Duck Shooter.

This is a simple duck shooting game inspired by the Nintendo classic Duck Hunter game.

Joee Adventure: Miner Escape Game

Joee Adventure

This is a 24-level escape game where you play a miner collecting gems in each level.

The game includes a switch which makes purple or green blocks solid while the other can be passed through.

Knock Out Boxing Game

Knock Out Game.

This is a simple boxing game where the first person to hit the mat loses.

Both player’s power bars show at the top of the screen and power does not restore in between rounds.

Santa Bomber 3D: Isometric Bomberman Inspired Game

Santa Bomber 3D.

This is a 20-level isometric level destruction game where players are Santa Claus and must lay bombs to destroy all the ghosts on a level without accidentally bombing themselves.

Escape Masters: Prison Escape Sand Dig Game

Escape Masters.

This is a simple 15-level sand digging game where you click to remove sand from the board to create an escape path for prisoners.

Kich the Ball Soccer Logic Puzzle Game

Kich the Ball Game.

This is a super easy 60-level logic puzzle game where players try to clear the field of cones by pushing a soccer ball across the playing field.

3D Tangram Puzzles Game

3D Tangram Puzzles.

This online game offers instant access to dozens of fun tangram puzzle designs.

The game is designed with a 3D feel where the perspective of the game pieces changes as you move your mouse cursor across the screen.

Base Defense Gun Turret Shooting Game

Base Defense.

Base Defense is a 10-level simple shooting game where you play a turret shooter who must kill off waves of attacking enemies before they destroy your base.

Defense Battle: Plants vs Zombies Inspired Row Defense Game

Defense Battle.

This is a side-view base defense game inspired by the Plants vs Zombies series. In this game you play Greek God Zeus and Syrian gladiator Flamma fighting off waves of monster attacks.

Shadoworld Adventure Platformer Game

Shadoworld Adventure.

Shadoworld Adventure is a 50-level beautiful horizontal platforming game inspired by the original Super Mario Bros.

Kingdom Defense: Action RPG Castle Defense Game

Kingdom Defense.

This is a 39-level action RPG base defense game where you play an archer who must use bow and arrow (along with a bit of magic) to save the castle from swarming hoards of evil creatures.

Dance Extreme: Idle Coin Collecting Music Game

Dance Extreme.

This is a game where you play a pop star dancing to music and collecting coins while avoiding falling bombs.

Waffle Word Finder Game


Waffle is a free online word search game where players can find words in any order.

Spell words by drawing lines through the letter tiles. Spelling may be forward or backward with tiles being used vertically, horizontally, diagonally, or any combination in conjunction so long as you can draw line segments directly connecting the tiles in sequence.

King of the Rocks Logic Puzzle Game

King of the Rocks.

This is a logic puzzle and room escape game where you play a king with a sledgehammer.

The sledgehammer is used to hit rocks in order to be able to jump across platforms and collect all the gems to unlock the door.

Bullet Proof Battlefield Shooting Game

Bullet Proof.

This is a 5-level battlefield game where you play a soldier who must kill at least 10 competing soldiers in each level to advance to the next.

Super Balloon Bomb: Bomberman Inspired Game

Super Balloon Bomb.

This game is an escape game where players need to bomb around the level to uncover the key and the door to exit to the next level. The player must avoid touching enemies and avoid being blown up by their own bombs. This game was inspired by the Bomberman series. Drop a balloon where you […]

Warrior on Attack Game: Knight Fighting Skeletons

Warrior on Attack.

This is a simple beat-em-up game where you play a warrior who moves back and forth killing skeletons.

Movements are quite simple with only one attack, jump, and moving forward or backward.

Rolling the Ball Putt Putt Mini Golf Game

Rolling the Ball.

This is a mini golf or putt putt type game where players strike the ball to try to get it to roll into the hole on a single hit.

The game includes moving obstacles, water hazards, and edges you must bump the ball off.

8Bit Dungeon Knight Game

Dungeon Knight.

This is a cute and simple top down view dungeon action RPG where you play a knight who collects power ups and solves each puzzle level to make it past the enemies and onto the next stage.

Puppet Hockey Battle Game

Puppet Hockey Battle.

This is a whimsical one-minute hockey game where you play 1 versus 1 against the computer to see who can score more goals in a minute.

Bible Coloring Book for Kids

Bible Coloring Book for Kids.

This app provides dozens of scenes from the Bible which students can color online.

Bible Quiz Trivia Game for Kids

Bible Quiz.

This is a free multiple choice 100-question quiz about the Bible.

Type Furious: Online Student Typing Practice Game

Type Furious.

This is a space-themed keyboard practice game for kids where they can work on their typing speed and accuracy.

It includes some punctuation and periodic capital letters.

Zombie Typing Practice Game for Kids

Zombie Typing.

This is a word typing exercise game for kids where they type the word shown at the feet of approaching zombies.

Angry Zombies Level Destruction Game

Angry Zombies.

This is a fun 6-stage level destruction game inspired by Angry Birds.

Players shoot a slingshot to fire a skull at zombies to kill them.

Super Knight Adventure Platform Beat-em-up Game

Super Knight Adventure.

This is a fun but simple 10-level platforming game for kids where players are a knight who collects treasure and defeats a zombie at the end of each level.

Castle Light: Knight Room Escape Game

Castle Light.

Castle Light is a 12-level escape game where a jumping knight must light 3 torches to unlock the door and proceed to the next level.

3D Pong Pinball Game

3D Pong Pinball.

This is a simple idle game patterned after the arcade classic pong.

The game uses a 3D vertical playing field and offers 3 difficulty levels.

Online Pinball Machine


This is a fast-paced online virtual pinball machine game with two lower flippers and an upper flipper.

Metal Pinball Machine Game With 4 Flippers

Metal Pinball.

This is a simple online virtual pinball machine where the player controls both upper and lower flippers using the arrow keys on their keyboard or a touchscreen device.

Bin Pall Hand Drawn Mechanical Pinball Machine Game

bin pall.

This is a hand-drawn pinball game which mimics the type of design found in mechanical pinball machines from the early 1950s.

Adventures of Harry Mouse Escape Game

adventures of harry.

Adventures of Harry is a 28-level escape game where you move a fan around the level to propel a mouse past sharp objects while collecting cheese and then escaping through the mouse hole.

Robo Escape: Speed Run Escape Game

Robo Escape.

This is a 15-level action adventure 2D pixel art speed run game where you have to collect the key and exit through the portal.

2 Minutes to Escape Game: Timed Scrolling Platform

2 minutes to escape.

This is a fun but challenging 13-level escape game where you play an astronaut who has to escape a malfunctioned rocket within 2 minutes.

In all levels except for 12 you can get hit twice and still survive, though on the twelfth level death only takes a single hit.

Pixel Art Maker: Free Online Sprite Editing App

Use this free online app to quickly create downloadable pixel art.

The canvas grid is 17 by 26 pixels.

Cannon Minimal: a Much Acclaimed Cannon Ball Aim Game

Cannon Minimal.

Cannon Minimal is a cannonball shooting game where you shoot the ball into a basket.

Monster Rush Tower Defense Game

Monster Rush Tower Defense Game.

This is a 13-stage tower defense game where you build towers which must kill off waves of attacking monsters and prevent them from exiting the screen on the other side of the path.

Among Rescue: Among Us Pin Puzzle Game

Among Rescue.

This is a relatively easy 30-level pin pull game inspired by the imposter game Among Us.

You have to kill off the imposters using lava or by dropping things on them, then collect the treasure. Water cools the lava.

Elon Tweets: Bitcoin + Cryptocurrency Memory Flashcard Game

Elon Tweets.

This is a memory flashcard game based on cryptocurrencies.

Levels show a preview which give players a chance to remember the cards. Each level gets progressively harder with more cards.

Room Escape Adventure Game

Room Escape Adventure.

This is a fun hand-drawn escape strategy game where players must collect the key and leave the room while avoiding a dangerous blue ball of hair and other obstacles.

Cyberman V: Mega Man Inspired Side Scrolling Game

This is a 6-level horizontal platforming game inspired by Capcom’s Mega Man series.

Fast Typer Game: Measure Your Keyboard Typing WPM

Fast Typer

Fast Typer is a words per minute (WPM) measurement game where players type a word which is shown on a cue card above.

This game does not use the back button and as soon as a single letter is incorrect the player should stop typing until the next word appears or else they will start typing the next word incorrectly.

Space Words Online Spelling Practice Game

Space Words

This is a spelling game for kids where they learn how to spell common words in the English language by looking at a picture and then shooting asteroids with letters on them to spell out the word.

SpeedType Game: Improve Typing Speed & Accuracy

Speed Type.

This is a free typing practice game which enables players to practice common words in English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

Typo Express: Typing Speed + Accuracy Measurement Game

Typo Express.

Typo Express is a free online typing game which measures typing speed and accuracy.

Words fall from the top of the screen. The player types the letters from left to right before the letters fall to the bottom of the screen.

TypeShift: Letter Tile Word Spelling Puzzle Game


TypeShift is a 50-level word spelling puzzle game where players move letter tiles up and down to spell words.

When a word is spelled the tiles change color from purple to blue. When all tiles have turned blue the level is beat.

2048 Cuteness Edition Math Puzzle Game

2048 cuteness edition.

This is a cute animal version of the popular math puzzle game where players combine adjacent number tiles to create a tile with double the face value.

Use the arrow keys on the keyboard or swipe on the screen to slide pieces to try to merge them together. On each swipe a new “2” piece appears on the opposing side of the board.

Burn Matches Math Logic Puzzle Game

Burn Matches.

Burn Matches is a fun but challenging 20-level logic puzzle where players must solve equations by moving matches around the playing field in accordance with the level instructions.

If you liked word puzzles in math class you will love this game. If you did not enjoy word puzzles in math class, you may not like this game. 😀

Find the Pug: Hidden Object Dog Game

Find the Pug.

This is a Where’s Waldo inspired game where players must quickly find a pug hidden in a sea of dogs.

As players advance through the levels the dogs get smaller while the playing field gets larger.

Blue Story Physics Puzzle Game

Blue Story.

This is a simple yet fun 15-level physics puzzle game where players get a blue block to land at rest on a blue board or plank.

The blue block must come to rest on the plank without touching the ground.

Indiara and the Skull Gold Boulder Escape Platform Game

Indiara and the Skull Gold

This is a cave escape game inspired by the film Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

You have to outrun a boulder which is trying to crush you by jumping over obstacles and making your way to the end of each of the 8 levels faster than the boulder does.

Christmas Furious Game: Flappy Bird Inspired Santa Game

Christmas Furious.

This game is a slightly more forgiving and more complex version of a Flappy Bird type game, though one with a finite end and 6 levels.

You control Santa’s sleigh and reindeer, and collect presents while trying to avoid red and yellow blocks.

Each level starts with 5 hearts. Hitting a yellow box takes a half heart and hitting a red box takes a whole heart.

Playful Kitty Yarn Ball Rolling Logic Puzzle Game

Playful Kitty.

This is a 24-level logic puzzle game where you break boards and bricks to make the ball of yarn roll toward the kitty.

Each level must be beat to unlock the next level. Players can collect up to 3 coins from each level.

Snowball World Cat Platforming Game

Snowball World.

This is a fun 20-level cat platforming game where you have to find the key and make your way through the locked door in each level.

Watch out for spikes and do not fall off platform or the game is over.

Swift Cats: Angry Birds Inspired Level Destruction Game

Swift Cats.

This is a top-down view 21-level Angry Birds inspired level destruction game where you fire cats, kittens, and a pig at mice.

“I hate those meeses to pieces” – Mr. Jinks.

Pipe Mania: Connect the Pipes Puzzle Game

Pipe Mania.

Pipe Mania is a 60-level logic puzzle where players complete pipe runs to ensure water flows in the correct direction.

That water starts flowing quickly so it helps to start organizing puzzle or pipe pieces near the inlet. All pipe pieces must be used.

Ball in the Cup Physics Game

Ball in the Cup.

Use planks, ramps, fans and magnets to help the ball roll from its release door into the cup at the end of the level.

This cute and fun 20-level hand-drawn game helps kids learn physics while solving simple puzzles.

Guess Who Online Board Game for Kids

Guess Who.

This is a virtual board game where a player selects their character from the playing field and then competes against the computer to see who can figure out the other player’s character first.

Ninja Jump Force Platform Jumping Game

Ninja Jump Force.

This is a cute 30-level ninja platform jumping game where you must collect all the coins and exit the level without hitting spikes. Your ninja character automatically runs until he hits a wall, and then he runs in the opposite direction. Tap your screen or click your mouse to jump to use the platforms to […]

Space Shoot: Carnival Alien Shooter Game

Space Shoot.

This is a carnival shooting gallery game where players get an unlimited number of shots but compete to see who can clear the playing field first.

Players shoot golf balls at spaceships and as alien types clear the board it unlocks other types until the player finally clears the entire playing field in one round.

Picture Runner Stickman Running Game

Picture Runner.

This is a horizontal running platform game where you play a stickman who must avoid the boxes.

Click your mouse or tap on the screen to change which side of the line you are running on.

Don’t hit the box!

Classic Minesweeper Game

Minesweeper Classic

Click on your mouse to clear out squares where you think there isn’t a bomb.

Click the flag button at the top of the screen and place flags where you believe there is a bomb.

Use the numbers on the squares to do a process of elimination to help determine which adjacent squares hold bombs.

Archery Stickman Game

This is a cute and basic stick man game where you try to shoot the other stick men before they shoot you.

Click to select then pull back and set the angle to shoot arrows.

Lower body shots often take 2 hits while headshots and many upper torso shots can win in a single hit.

Footgolf Evolution Game: Soccer + Golf + Pinball = ?

Footgolf Evolution.

Footgolf Evolution is a logic puzzle game with physics elements to it where you must kick a soccer ball at a set strength and angle to try to score it in a golf ball hole in fewer strokes than par.

This game has 24 exciting levels which you can replay one at a time to see if you can beat out Shooter McMessi.

Lovers of monster trucks will love the in-game music.

Space Adventure Pinball Game

Space Adventure Pinball.

This is a simple virtual pinball game.

Like most modern pinball games it has 3 balls, a chance to earn extra balls, and a multiball bonus mode.

Planet Spin Color Matching Rotating Game

Planet Spin

Planet Spin is a simple mobile game where you rotate the planet to ensure pieces falling toward it hit the side of the planet which is that same color.

You score points by color matching, but if you make mismatches the planet’s health degrades.

Pong Soccer Game

Pong Soccer.

This is a soccer themed version of the classic arcade game pong.

Use your keyboard left and right arrow keys to move your goalie / paddle side to side.

The first player to score five goals wins.

Western Sheriff First Person Shooter

Western Sheriff.

This is a front facing western-themed shooting game.

Every character which appears on the screen is an enemy and you are given an unlimited amount of bullets, but they shoot at you quickly.

The game includes upgrades like a more powerful automatic gun and first aid kits which restore your health.

Escape the Fuzz Police Chase Game

Escape the Fuzz.

This is a driving game inspired by PacMan and Grand Theft Auto.

The driver must collect all the coins from the level without getting pulled over by a police officer.

Mr Bullet Ricochet Gun Shooter

mr bullet.

Mr Bullet is a whimsical bullet shooting ricochet game which shows how bullets could bounce off objects or move objects. The game offers a slow motion feature when the bullet strikes targets. The graphics on this game are cartoonish, but they do show blood.

In this game players must strike opponents or objects that will then ricochet into opponents to beat each of the 40 levels.

Later rounds of the game include ninjas.

Snakeland Mobile Snake Game


This is a modern and mobile friendly version of the game snake with beautiful graphics.

Collect coins to unlock new levels which become available through the bridges.

If you run into yourself, other objects, or fall off the level’s edge the game is over.

Neon Snake Coin Eating Game

Neon Snake.

This is a modern remake of the classic game snake using beautiful neon colors.

The screen on this game does not have hard edges & instead wraps.

Eat the coins and do not accidentally run into your own tail.

The game has 3 different difficulty levels to appeal to gamers of all skill levels.

Princess Goldblade and the Dangerous Waters

Princess Goldblade.

Princess Goldblade is a beautiful 8-level platformer game where you collect the treasures of Trink and save the children from an evil monster.

The game comes with infinite lives and many in-level save points which you restart at if you die.

BoxKid Logic Puzzle Box Pushing Game

BoxKid Game.

BoxKid is a cute logic puzzle game where the player beats each level by pushing a box onto every lever in that level.

The first few levels are easy but the difficulty increases quickly in this 70-level game.

Ahoy Pirates Adventure: PacMan Inspired Pirate Coin Game

Ahoy Pirates Adventure.

This is a coin collecting game where players must avoid enemies while collecting all coins on each level.

It would be easy to view this game as a modern pirate-themed PacMan where pellets are instead coins, are more spaced out, and the saber is the equivalent of a power pellet.

Jumper Frog: Frogger Inspired Cross the Road Game

jumper frog.

This is a cross the road and stream game where you play a frog who must make their way across the screen 5 times on each level.

Landing on a spot where there is a fly is worth 500 points.

Invace Spaders: Space Invaders Inspired Alien Shooter

Invace Spaders.

This is a free online game inspired by Space Invaders. Players shoot aliens to try to beat the high score and unlock additional ships.

Players must not hit any aliens with their ship or they die.

Upgrades throughout the levels allow players to slow down enemies or wipe them away with a giant laser.

FlapCat Copters: Cat Helicopter Flying Game

flapcat copters game.

This is a vertically scrolling helicopter game where you play a cat who makes his way up through floors while avoiding running into any fixed walls or moving blades.

This game was inspired by Flappy Bird, but flies vertically instead.

FlapCat Halloween: Cute Cat Flight Tap Game

flapcat halloween.

FlapCat Halloween is a cute Flappy Bird inspired game where a cat bounces off the edge of the screens to pass through gaps in the wall in the middle of the screen.

If your cat touches the wall the game is over.

FlapCat Christmas: Flappy Bird Inspired Holiday Cat Game

flapcat christmas.

This is a holiday themed version of the FlapCat game series which was inspired by Flappy Bird.

In the horizontally scrolling game a cat plays the roll of Santa Clause and must make their way around the world to deliver presents with reindeer guiding the sleigh.

FlapCat Steampunk: Flappy Bird Inspired Cat Game

flapcat steampunk.

FlapCat Steampunk is a mobile tap flying game inspired by Flappy Bird.

A cat with a rocket works its way right through this horizontal infinite scroller game.

T-Rex Runner Mobile Tap Running Game

T-Rex Runner.

T-Rex Runner is a free and fun mobile tap game where you can tap the screen, click your mouse, or hit the up arrow to have you tyrannosaurus jump and avoid cactus and birds.

The game is a one-hit death game and you score points based on how far you travel before you are hit.

Battle Battle – Pokemon Inspired Board Game

Battle Battle Game.

Battle Battle is a virtual board game where players try to get their Pokemon-like monsters to the center of the playing field before the competitor does.

Each round has fewer places to hide, increasing the odds of being struck and having to start from the beginning of the playing field.

Earth Attack Space Shooting Game

Earth Attack

Earth Attack is a space shooter game where you are the Earth and moon shooting to defend yourself from incoming stars coming from all directions.

Aim at a star and keep shooting until it has died, then kill off subsequent stars while working your way through this 10-level game.

Duck Shoot – Carnival Shooting Gallery Game

Duck Shoot.

Duck Shoot is a free and fun online shooting gallery game where players shoot at ducks and sea monsters scrolling through the gallery without shooting at the ducks with a no sign.

Players score points for hitting ducks and lose points when they hit ducks holding a no sign.

Brick Out – Breakout Arcade Game Inspired Brick Breaker

Brick Out.

Brick Out is a modern remake inspired by the cult classic Atari arcade game Breakout.

Players scroll a paddle horizontally across the screen to catch a falling ball, pushing it upward to break bricks until the screen is clear of breakable bricks.

Minigolf Game: 9 & 18 Hole Putting Mini Golf

Minigolf Game.

This is an overhead view mini golf game where players can choose to play the front 9, back 9, or 19 holes.

Players first set the club angle and strength then click again to release their shot at the appropriate timing.

Minigolf World Mini Golf Game

Minigolf World.

In this beautiful and isometric mini golf game players try to beat par on 18 challenging holes.

Players score 3 stars for getting better than par and fewer stars for doing worse than par.

Happy Golf Minigolf Game

Happy Golf.

Happy Golf is a cute and fun minigolf game where players must sink red or blue golf balls in their associated holes by controlling the strength and angle of their swing.

Each level requires a hole in one or you have to replay it.

On some levels players must hit switches or solve other puzzles to open a pathway to the cup.

Golf Golf Pitching Wedge Game

Golf Golf game.

This is an ultra simple game where players control only the strength of the shot.

Click the mouse or tap the screen to start your shot and release when you believe the power is at the right level to land the ball in a hole on a floating platform.

Players score a point for each make and the game continues until a player misses 10 shots.

Arcade Golf Game: Pitch & Putt

Arcade Golf.

This is a simple arcade-styled side-view pitching and putting game where players try to rack up high scores by making a hole in one or making the shot as quickly as possible.

Tap on the screen or click the mouse then pull back and adjust the angle to set the shot strength and angle.

3D Pool: 8 Ball Billiards Game

3d Pool Game.

This is a 3D pool game where players can play against each other or the computer.

This game uses webgl to allow billiards players to rotate the table shooting a standard game of 8 ball.

The game offers guidelines which show the strike path of balls and the path of balls which are struck.

Ultimate Boxing Game

Ultimate Boxing.

This is a mobile tap boxing game where you try to knock out the other boxer before they knock you out.

This game is easier to play on a cell phone or other touch device than on a desktop computer.

Crazy Freekick: Head On Free Kick Soccer Game

Crazy Freekick Game.

This is a head on view of a free kick game where you time horizontal and vertical slider inputs to shoot shots on goal.

Score quickly and frequently to rack up a high score and advance to the next level.

Funny Soccer: Empty Goal Soccer Arcade Game

funny soccer game.

This is a simple side view soccer game where players play one on one to try to get the ball behind the other player and score a goal.

Each game lasts a single one minute round unless the game is tied, in which case it goes into a one minute overtime.

Control your player’s position with the left and right arrows.

Press X to kick the ball and Z to headbutt it.


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