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Adventure Time Rumble in the Nightosphere: Balloon Fighter

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This is a cute 15-level flying fight game where you aim to bump and crush demonic creatures, while they try to cut away your soul balloons.

Play in one player mode as Peppermint Butler (AKA: Pep-But or Peps) or play locally in 2-player co-op mode with the second player controlling Starchy.

  • Elevation is the name of the game. Fly slightly above your enemies and descend on them to bonk them in the head.
  • Enemies with a helmet may take two bonks to defeat.
  • Don’t let the enemies get vertically above you and clip your soul balloons.
  • At the end of the final level battle demon Ogdoad, which is in position of Cinnamon Bun’s body, to crack his control over the underworld.





Play Adventure Time Rumble in the Nightosphere Game Online

Children and parents can play this beautiful flying fight game by clicking in the window below.

Alternatively kids and adults can play this cartoon flight battle game for free as a web application here.

Adventure Time Rumble in the Nightosphere Game Play Instructions

How to Play

Hit your enemies before they hit you. Fly slightly above the skeletons, bats and other evil creatures then descend on them to hit them in the heads.

  • Starting the Game
    • Click on the 1 or 2 at the bottom of the game welcome screen.
      • 1 is for 1 player mode.
      • 2 is for 2 player cooperative mode.
        • Fair warning: friendly fire is a thing! If your friend is competitive then this game might turn into a modern cartoon version of the Nintendo hit classic game Balloon Fight. 😀
    • This will bring up the level select screen. Choose what level you would like to start playing.
      • Initially only the first level is unlocked and other levels are locked until you beat preceding levels.
      • Your web browser automatically saves your game progress.
      • You can go back and play previously beat levels again.
      • If you beat a level in one player or two player mode it also unlocks the other play mode.
  • Game Controls
    • Desktop
      • First Player
        • Up arrow key: press and hold the up arrow key to rise. Release it to fall.
        • Left arrow key: press the left arrow key to move left.
        • Right arrow key: press the right arrow key to move right.
      • Second Player
        • W key: acts like the up arrow key, controls elevation.
        • A key: move left.
        • D key: move right
      • Momentum
        • When you press the movement keys you are not telling the game to immediately move your player in that direct, rather you are telling it to apply force in that direction, which in turn will either begin to provide movement in that direction or slow down movement in the opposite direction.
  • Enemy Strategy
    • Standing enemies
      • Never stand next to them or else they’ll hit your soul balloons with their swords.
      • Fly slightly off the ground and run into their upper half of their body from the side, or hit them when falling.
        • There is no penalty for hitting their side the same time as their head if you are slightly above them, so coming at a low angle gives you a greater probability of hitting them than falling at a more steep angle does.
      • If they are wearing a helmet expect to bounce off them & them to lose their helmet. After the helmet comes off hit them once more to beat them.
    • Flying enemies
      • If you are on a horizontal plane above them you are almost certain to win.
        • If they are below you and there is a small gap for them to travel through then keep going back and forth to not give them a chance to make it through.
      • It takes time to elevate, so if they come after you and you can’t out-elevate them then run away horizontally and take advantage of the screen wrapping.
        • You can also use a horizontal plank above your head for protection.
    • Shooting enemies
      • If possible approach them from the opposite direction they are shooting.
      • If that is not possible, then time your attack to swiftly land on them in between attacks.
    • Demon Ogdoad, the final boss
      • Evade him left and right until after he is in a dazed stat then hit him once & repeat the process.
        • The screen wraps and one of the best ways to fight him is to keep using the screen wrap to stay in constant motion.
        • He moves much faster than you do & can float through the platforms, so bouncing off the sides of the upper platforms is a great way to suddenly change directions and get some distance between you and him.
      • After he fires green beams from his eyes when he gets to the other end of the screen and is not glowing green you can hit him, but evade quickly as he can then hit you.
        • You have to hit him 3 times to beat him.
        • You can only hit him from above.
        • You must hit him while he does not have the green glow around his body, or else it will be you who is taking a hit.
      • His attacks
        • He moves quickly around the screen, so you have to anticipate his moves and adjust.
        • If he bumps into you in any way you will typically lose a soul balloon.
        • If you get hit by his green beams you will instantly die.
      • Trivia
        • Ogdoad stems from the Greek word “οκτάδα” which means 8.
        • In Egyptian mythology it represents the deities worshiped in Hermopolis.
        • Ogdoad is only visible when he is in position of Cinnamon Bun’s body.
  • Dying
    • If you play the game in one player mode you are given 3 spare lives.
    • If you play in cooperative mode you are given 6 spare lives which are shared across both players.
    • You lose a life when either you fall into the lava or both of your soul balloons are destroyed.
    • When you beat a level & move onto the next one your spare lives and health are fully restored, making the game super easy.
  • Cooperative Play
    • Coordinate your approach as if you are both flying in the same area you will probably run into each other and you can take hits off each other.
    • When either player dies it takes away one of the shared lives.
    • If you have a left handed player sharing the keyboard make sure they are player 1 so they are seated to the right side.
  • Competitive Play
    • This game plays a lot like the Nintendo game Balloon Fight.
      • Since you can hit each other, if you want to battle a friend competitively you can leave a weak enemy on the level and duke it out to see who dies more times.
      • Then beat the weak enemy and do the same in the next level. 🙂
  • Target Audience
    • The production quality on this game is quite high with beautiful music and visuals as well as clean and simple controls. This makes the game enjoyable for players of all ages.
    • Younger kids who have not developed strong hand eye coordination may get frustrated at the initial difficulty level of the game, though most Adventure Time fans should enjoy this game.
    • It is very easy to hit each other in cooperative play mode, so take that into account when determining if two people should play together.
    • There are no adult themes in this game.

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