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Ben 10 Tomb of Doom: Endless Vertical Jumper

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This is an infinite bouncing game based on the Ben 10 reboot series. Ben is facing down Kevin and Hex in an ancient Egyptian tomb, and the only way out is up! Ben, as the tiger-like alien Rath, must ascend as far up the tomb’s shaft as he can by bouncing off magic scarabs and enchanted canopic jars.

  • Stat aloft by bouncing off scarabs summoned by Hex.
  • Avoid getting hit by the attacks from the canopic jars.
  • Avoid falling into the liquid that’s slowly filling up the tomb.





Play Ben 10 Tomb of Doom Game Online

Children and parents can play this cartoon tap fighting flight game by clicking in the window below.

In this game your left right movement can lag your mouse a bit & it is important to keep your mouse in the window. If you find yourself moving the mouse off screen you may want to play the game as an isolated web app (link below).

Alternatively kids and adults can play this flying smash bounce video game for free as a web application here.

Play Ben 10 Tomb of Doom Game Online Game for Kids Game Play Instructions

How to Play

As Rath, jump off scarabs and canopic jars to ascend up the tomb shaft. Be wary of canopic jar attacks and the slime filling up the bottom of the chasm.

  • Starting the Game
    • Select the play button below the title to begin.
    • Other welcome screen controls
      • Shop
        • Access the shop by selecting the shop button below the play button.
        • Choose the upgrades you can afford.
        • The game will happily point out the upgrades you can currently afford with the coins you’ve collected.
      • Options
        • Select the gear-shaped button on the upper right corner of the screen to open the option screen.
        • Here, you can toggle the game’s sound effects and music.
        • You can also activate the tutorial from here.
    • The game displays your previous high score below the shop button.
      • There is also a meter on the left side of the game which shows how far you have made it on your current journey compared to your previous highs
    • Your browser automatically saves your high score, coin savings, and upgrades.
  • Game Controls
    • Desktop
      • Use your mouse to scroll left and right.
      • Left click to jump down.
    • Touchscreen devices
      • Tap anywhere on the screen to jump down.
  • Game Play
    • Interface
      • To your left is the meter measuring your upwards ascent.
        • Upon starting the game for the first time, the top of the meter represents your current score.
        • When starting the game again, the top of the meter represents your previous high score.
        • Rath’s icon will go up toward that until it reaches your previous score, then it will stay up as you exceed it.
      • Below the meter to the left is the speedometer. This measures how fast you’re going.
        • As you hit enemies and make combos your speed increases.
        • If you fall off screen you typically do not lose health, but your combo is reset to zero and your speed slows down.
        • You will die when the slime catches up to you, but in some cases when the slime is close you can end up building a gap between you and it by hitting many enemies in a short period of time.
      • To your right is the amount of hit points you have.
        • Each hit point is represented by Rath’s icon.
        • You can unlock more hit points as you progress in the game.
    • Basics
      • The game will begin with a rolling wheel.
        • This will determine your angle of ascent.
        • Click or tap on the wheel to stop its spinning.
        • Time your tap to get as high up as you can to start out going as close to 150 speed as possible.
      • Stay aloft by hitting as many scarabs and canopic jars as you can.
        • You can only hit targets that are vertically below you.
        • If the target is too far away, you will simply fall straight down, causing you to slow down.
        • Once the slime starts to pour in, it’s game over.
      • Get as high up as you can.
      • Avoid attacks.
        • Each time you get injured, you lose a hit point.
        • It’s game over when you lose all your hit points.
    • Collecting coins and power ups
      • Each of the scarabs and canopic jars you bounce off and destroy of will yield coins.
        • Most will yield one coin.
        • A scarab that’s harder to destroy will yield more canopic jars. A few for each time you bounce of them.
          • As you power up your strength some scarabs which took two hits will only take one.
      • You can also collect power ups.
        • Like scarabs, you can bounce off of them.
        • Power ups provide you with brief bonuses:
          • A shield against canopic jar attacks
          • Attack speed
          • Extra coins
      • The more you bounce, the higher you go and the more coins you collect.
      • Combos
        • Each time you hit a scarab or canopic jar in sequence, you earn a combo.
        • This makes every subsequent attack more powerful.
        • Your combo increases with every consecutive attack until you reach your cap.
          • You can increase your cap by upgrading your combo power from the shop.
          • If you miss but don’t die, you reset your combo meter.
          • If you hit an enemy with spikes out or get hit in another way it resets your combo bonus.
    • Enemies and hazards
      • Kevin’s slime
        • At first, merely falling will not lead to a game over. You will simply jump up again.
        • After a while, you will face a torrent of slime filling the base of the tomb shaft. Hit the slime, and it’s game over.
        • Over time, the slime will cover more of the shaft on screen.
          • This reduces the room you have to jump without hitting it.
          • Keep ascending upwards to maintain distance between you and the slime.
      • Canopic jars
        • Canopic jars are jars with animal heads. Learn more about them here.
        • In this game, they will attack you in some form.
          • Cat-headed canopic jars will release spikes. If you hit them when the spikes are out you will lose health. Hit them when the spikes are retracted.
          • Falcon-headed canopic jars will fire at you.
        • Defeat them by landing on them as you would with the scarabs.
      • Snakes
        • If you get far into the game snakes which are three squares wide appear.
        • You have to hit the snakes on the head. If you hit them on the spikes you’ll lose health and reset your combo bonus.
    • Upgrading your skills
      • If you earn enough coins, you can pay for various upgrades to improve your game play:
        • Strength: Lets you destroy stronger scarabs and canopic jars with fewer hits
        • Health: Adds hits points
        • Jump: Improves the speed of your ascent; this is vital for increasing your high score.
        • Speed: Improves the speed at which you move left and right to align your jumps
        • Combo power: Improves your hit bonus and increases your maximum combo bonus, which increases how much hitting enemies increases your speed and your maximum speed
        • Luck: Improves the odds of spawning power ups across the game
      • The game tells you which power-ups you can afford to pay for based on how many coins you have.
      • A table of all power up costs is shown below
  • Target Audience
    • This game is suited for children of all ages and for fans of the Ben 10 reboot series.
    • The game has no adult content.
Level Descritpion 1 2 3 4 5 Total Cost
Strength how hard you hit 100 250 625 1550 3900 6425
Health hits you can take 90 225 500 1400 3500 5715
Jump how fast you jump 80 200 500 1250 3125 5155
Speed left vs right speed 70 175 425 1100 2750 4520
Combo Power increase hit bonus 60 150 375 950 2350 3885
Luck get more & better drops 50 125 300 800 1950 3225
Total Cost all upgrades 450 1125 2800 7050 17575 28925

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