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Play Free Online Airplane & Flying Games

Check out our free flight-related games. We offer shooters, airport simulations, side-view tap games similar to Flaapy Bird and many other fun games where you play as an airplane, a paper airplane or some other entity which flys.

No Crappy Apps, No Software Downloads!

All games are browser-based. Our catalog is rendered in mobile-friendly HTML5, offering cross-device gameplay. You can play on mobile devices like Apple iPhones, Google Android powered cell phones from manufactures like Samsung, tablets like the iPad or Kindle Fire, laptops, and Windows-powered desktop computers. All game files are stored locally in your web browser cache. These games work in Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and other modern web browsers.


Adventures of Harry Mouse Escape Game

adventures of harry.

Adventures of Harry is a 28-level escape game where you move a fan around the level to propel a mouse past sharp objects while collecting cheese and then escaping through the mouse hole.

Air War 2: 1941 WW2 Airplane Dogfighting Game

Air War 2: 1941 is a simple WW2 vertical scrolling shooter game where you select your plane and then collect power ups while avoiding enemy aircrafts.

If you hit an enemy head on you will almost certainly die.

You score points by shooting down enemy airplanes and picking up bombs.

You have to run into fuel and health to keep your plane fueled and healthy.

Air Warfare Endless Vertical Shooting Airplane Combat Game

Air Warfare.

This is an infinite vertical shooting war themed battle game where players shoot and dodge enemy airships while collecting essential supplies. Collect falling first aid kits, fuel tanks, bullets, and rockets to sustain your fighter plane. The game ends if your health bar is drained when you crash in to enemies or die from lethal shots.

Batman Gotham City Speed Game: LEGO Collecting Game

Batman Gotham City Speed Game.

This is a simple LEGO driving game where you play Batman driving or flying the Batmobile. Your goal is to collect LEGO studs and bricks while avoiding obstacles and enemies. The game features periodic boss battles with villains like the Joker, the Riddler, and Iceman.

Fasty Bubble Online Flying Escape Strategy Game

Fasty Bubble.

This is a 10-level bubble flying escape game where you play a one-eye minion like character floating in a bubble. You must guide the bubble to the cauldron to exit the level using a fan. Be careful not to fall and bump into walls or obstacles to get your bubble to safety.

flying escape game where you play a barbarian who must avoid bumping into anything while falling toward a black hole.

FlapCat Christmas: Flappy Bird Inspired Holiday Cat Game

flapcat christmas.

This is a holiday themed version of the FlapCat game series which was inspired by Flappy Bird.

In the horizontally scrolling game a cat plays the roll of Santa Clause and must make their way around the world to deliver presents with reindeer guiding the sleigh.

FlapCat Copters: Cat Helicopter Flying Game

flapcat copters game.

This is a vertically scrolling helicopter game where you play a cat who makes his way up through floors while avoiding running into any fixed walls or moving blades.

This game was inspired by Flappy Bird, but flies vertically instead.

FlapCat Halloween: Cute Cat Flight Tap Game

flapcat halloween.

FlapCat Halloween is a cute Flappy Bird inspired game where a cat bounces off the edge of the screens to pass through gaps in the wall in the middle of the screen.

If your cat touches the wall the game is over.

FlapCat Steampunk: Flappy Bird Inspired Cat Game

flapcat steampunk.

FlapCat Steampunk is a mobile tap flying game inspired by Flappy Bird.

A cat with a rocket works its way right through this horizontal infinite scroller game.

Flappy Shooter Game – Flappy Bird Inspired Shooting Game

Flappy Shooter is a Flappy Bird inspired HTML horizontal scrolling shooter game where players must stay afloat while traversing the levels and shooting your way out of it.

Rather than walls having holes in them all walls run the full length of the screen and you have to shoot the wall a number of times to create a gap in it to fly through.

Flight Color Paper Airplane Flying Game

Flight Color is a vertical flying HTML game where players fly paper airplanes through gaps in moving walls while collecting gems.

You can move left or right by tapping the screen or setting your mouse cursor in the direction you want to move and click it.

When you fly over an angled streak of color it changes the background color to that color and that is the color you have to fly through until you pass another angled streak.

When you run into a wall the game is over.

Flight Sim Air Traffic Control Simulation Game

Flight Sim is an air traffic control simulation game where players guide airplanes, helicopters and balloons to land in the correct place without hitting into each other.

Each type of aircraft can land on specific runways and need their flight path guided in from the correct direction.

Different planes fly at different speeds, adding an extra element of challenge for the flight control tower in organizing a crowded air space.

Be careful flying near screen edges as new craft can enter the game at any time.

If any aircraft crash you lose. This game has 12 challenging levels and you can start where you left off if you fail a mission.

Invace Spaders: Space Invaders Inspired Alien Shooter

Invace Spaders.

This is a free online game inspired by Space Invaders. Players shoot aliens to try to beat the high score and unlock additional ships.

Players must not hit any aliens with their ship or they die.

Upgrades throughout the levels allow players to slow down enemies or wipe them away with a giant laser.

Powerpuff Girls Mojo Mayhem Game: Flying Battles

Powerpuff Girls Mojo Mayhem Game.

This is a simple flying game where Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup chase after Mojo Jojo and fight him in boss battles while avoiding junk he throws at them.

Powerpuff Girls Panic in Townsville Game

Powerpuff Girls Panic in Townsville.

This is a simple 5-stage game where you play the Powerpuff Girls flying around a city destroying icy comets, fiery meteorites and evil villains to protect the citizenry from disasters.

Powerpuff Girls Trail Blazer Flight Dodge Game

Powerpuff Girls Trail Blazer Game.

This is a simple idle flying game where you tap to separate the girls & tap again to connect them in the center row.

Collect hearts to score bonus points, but if you run into any other object it is game over.

Release Paper Airplane Flying Physics Game

Release is an HTML physics game where players release a paper airplane from a track to hit words or letters on the screen which are targets.

Click your mouse or tap the screen to release the airplane when the angle for it is right to hit the target.

Repeat the process for subsequent planes until all targets have been hit.

Each level is timed. If you fail to beat a level you can start again playing that same level.

Scream Go Hero: Screaming Ninja Platform Jumping Game

Scream Go Hero.

Scream Go Hero is a simple game where players speak into their microphones to control the jump of a ninja, guiding him from platform to platform while avoiding spikes.

Space Words Online Spelling Practice Game

Space Words

This is a spelling game for kids where they learn how to spell common words in the English language by looking at a picture and then shooting asteroids with letters on them to spell out the word.

Star Wars X-Wing Fighter Flying Game

Star Wars X Wing Fighter Game.

This is a flying shooter game with a couple beautiful lessons, in-game pick ups and a ship you can upgrade the health and laser on.

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