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Above is a list of the games you saved in your favorites. At the top of each game (just under the page title) is a link to save that game to this page.

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Register a free user account here. Then when you save games to your favorites you can view them here and they will be the same across all web browsers and computing devices.

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Organize Your Favorite Games

At the top of each game page just under the title is a link to “Add game to your favorites.”

If you click that link then that game will be added to the top of this page.

This feature is powered by cookies in your web browser, so these links would be stored on a per-device & per-browser basis. If you change web browser, clear cookies, or use a different device then these favorite selections would not carry across.

We could also create user accounts and allow the favorites to sync across that way, but haven’t enabled that yet as we wanted to see how popular this feature is first before we did deep integrations.

If this Page is Empty, Help Me Help You 🙂

One of the request we received numerous times was the ability to make it easy for users to save their favorite games. This page is our first attempt to a solution at that.

If it works well for you please let us know in the comments below.

If you think it is tear-a-bull … you can also comment that to us too.

We are trying to fumble our way toward victory here and there is no up down up down left right left right a b start.

You had me at Konomi Code. You had me at Konomi Code.

And while I never played in the NFL, I did play high school football.

Search And Find And Your Free Online Games :)