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Check out our free collection of fun casual games based on tapping the screen on your cellphone, iPad, tablet or other touchscreen device.

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All games are browser-based. Our catalog is rendered in mobile-friendly HTML5, offering cross-device gameplay. You can play on mobile devices like Apple iPhones, Google Android powered cell phones from manufactures like Samsung, tablets like the iPad or Kindle Fire, laptops, and Windows-powered desktop computers. All game files are stored locally in your web browser cache. These games work in Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and other modern web browsers.


Alien Tank Defender Mobile Tap Shooting Game

Alien Tank Defender.

Alien Tank Defender is a mobile tap shooting game where players shoot aliens and spaceships to destroy them before they reach Earth.

Aliens or other objects descend from the spacecraft in either white or black.

You have to shoot them with the color they are to kill them. If you accidentally shoot them with the wrong color they grow larger and stronger.

Players can use bombs to clear the screen if they get too close to death.

Bouncer Ball Bouncing Tap Game

Bouncer is a mobile tap ball bouncing game where players must bounce a colored ball back and forth hitting it off the segment of the wall on the side of the screen which shares its same color.

The ball falls automatically, and you must click on it to make it jump. You can repeatedly click to make it double or triple jump.

Each time you hit a wall the ball bounces in the other direction and you must then decide if you need to hit the top or bottom side of the other side of the screen.

If the ball falls off the screen or hits the wrong color the game is over.

Circles Tap Balancing Game

Circles Game.

Circles is a mobile tap game where players must control a hoop’s position relative to a horizontally running guidewire.

Tap the screen or click the mouse to cause the hoop to jump and release to let it fall. Ensure no part of the circle touches the moving line segment.

If the hoop touches the guidewire the game is over.

Cube Jump Cross The Road Game

Cube Jump Game.

Cube Jump is an isometric HTML game similar to the arcade classic Frogger where a frog must cross a stream.

In this game the player has the cube jump from block to block while trying not to fall off.

There is no other side to get to as the pathway expands as you jump across.

If you land on smaller pieces you score more points.

The game ends when a player misses and falls off the playing field.

Draw In Picture Drawing Game

Draw In Game.

Draw In is an HTML game where players hold their mouse in to draw a line segment which they estimate to match the perimeter of an object’s outline.

If they get the line length nearly perfect without going over the length of the item the full drawing is shown and they move on to the next level.

If they draw a line segment that is longer than the object’s perimeter they lose.

There is a red line near the edge of the drawing that the line segment has to land within to be close enough to move on to the next level.

If a player fails a level they can replay it again.

FlapCat Christmas: Flappy Bird Inspired Holiday Cat Game

flapcat christmas.

This is a holiday themed version of the FlapCat game series which was inspired by Flappy Bird.

In the horizontally scrolling game a cat plays the roll of Santa Clause and must make their way around the world to deliver presents with reindeer guiding the sleigh.

FlapCat Copters: Cat Helicopter Flying Game

flapcat copters game.

This is a vertically scrolling helicopter game where you play a cat who makes his way up through floors while avoiding running into any fixed walls or moving blades.

This game was inspired by Flappy Bird, but flies vertically instead.

FlapCat Halloween: Cute Cat Flight Tap Game

flapcat halloween.

FlapCat Halloween is a cute Flappy Bird inspired game where a cat bounces off the edge of the screens to pass through gaps in the wall in the middle of the screen.

If your cat touches the wall the game is over.

FlapCat Steampunk: Flappy Bird Inspired Cat Game

flapcat steampunk.

FlapCat Steampunk is a mobile tap flying game inspired by Flappy Bird.

A cat with a rocket works its way right through this horizontal infinite scroller game.

Flip the Gun Physics Shooting Game

Flip the Gun is an HTML physics game where players must shoot their way to stay afloat while collecting various boosts and coins.

Click your mouse or tap the screen while the gun is facing downward to propel it higher.

Your gun must periodically run into bullets to refill the magazine.

You can use coins from the game to unlock other guns.

When the gun falls off the screen the game is over.

Fruit Master Mobile Tap Fruit Slicing Game

Fruit Master is a mobile tap game where players must slice various fruits to turn them into smoothies.

The game ends when a player throws a knife that does not hit any fruit.

Game experience can be used to buy additional knives.

GameStonks Stock Market Bubble Daytrading Game


GameStonks is an absurd mobile tap game based on the ridiculous movement of GameStop shares in an epic short squeeze in early 2021.

The game features many Reddit WallStreetBets memes including paper hands, diamond hands, Melvin Capital, and chicken tenders.

Players save chicken tenders falling from the sky while collecting Dogecoin.

In the game players must avoid obstacles while collecting power ups and prevent any chicken tenders from hitting the ground. The game ends if the player hits 3 obstacles or a tendie touches the ground.

Happy Glass Water Pouring Game

Happy Glass is a physics game where players open the water faucet to fill a cup to a measured line without overfilling the glass to where water runs over.

If the water runs over the player loses and can play the level again.

In addition to the regular gameplay mode this game has two additional modes.

One mode has them remove wooden blocks from under the glass without spilling any water.

The last mode has players flip the glasses over and have them land where water is poured into them. This mode is particularly challenging as each level is timed.

Knife Hit Mobile Tap Game

Knife Hit is a knife throwing game where players try to land a set number of knives in a spinning wood board or other spinning object.

The level is complete when the player has landed all knives in the board.

Beating boss stages unlocks new knives. Apples on the surface of the spinning options provide experience points that can be used to unlock additional knives.

A player loses if one of their knives lands in a spot where one of their previously thrown knives is resting.

When a player loses their high score and current score are recorded, but they must start the game again on the first level.

Picture Runner Stickman Running Game

Picture Runner.

This is a horizontal running platform game where you play a stickman who must avoid the boxes.

Click your mouse or tap on the screen to change which side of the line you are running on.

Don’t hit the box!

T-Rex Runner Mobile Tap Running Game

T-Rex Runner.

T-Rex Runner is a free and fun mobile tap game where you can tap the screen, click your mouse, or hit the up arrow to have you tyrannosaurus jump and avoid cactus and birds.

The game is a one-hit death game and you score points based on how far you travel before you are hit.

Two Tanks Mobile Tap Game

2 Tanks.

This is a mobile tap game where players control two separate tanks.

Tap the inside row to make the tank move inward. Tap the outside row to make the tank move outward.

Collect fuel and rockets while avoiding running into any obstacles. If you miss any fuel or run into any object it is game over.

Players can pick up rockets they can shoot at obstacles using the on screen buttons.

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