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Ben 10 Omnitrix Shadow: Beat Em Up Adventure Game

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Uh oh! Steam Smythe and the Forever Knight have worked together to create the Shadow Virus, malware that interrupts Ben’s ability to transform into his Omnitrix aliens. Fight through levels overrun by robots and henchmen and capture the Forever Knight to fix this mess.

  • Fight through several levels and bosses to get to the Forever Knight.
  • Collect XP from defeated enemies to improve your stats.
  • Play as all 10 of Ben’s aliens… 3 at a time.





Play Ben 10 Omnitrix Shadow Game Online

Children and parents can play this cartoon beat em up game by clicking in the window below.

Alternatively kids and adults can play this online fighting adventure video game for free as a web application here.

Play Ben 10 Omnitrix Shadow Game Online Game for Kids Game Play Instructions

How to Play

Fight through several levels and challenge various bosses to get to the Forever Knight.

  • Starting the Game
    • Left click or press any key on your keyboard to begin the game.
    • The game will play a cutscene explaining the premise. This will not play again unless you clear your progress.
    • Clear your game progress and start over by selecting the garbage icon on the lower right corner.
    • Labels across the game will serve as a tutorial for the game’s controls.
    • Your browser will automatically save your progress in the game.
  • Game Controls
    • Desktop
      • Press the C key to select and the Z key to go back.
      • Use the arrow keys to navigate.
      • Press the space bar to jump.
      • Attack using the x key.
      • Activate your alien’s special power using the Z key.
      • Use the x key and space bar to attack
    • Touchscreen devices
      • Although this game might load on touchscreen devices, its controls were optimized for desktops with keyboards.
  • Game Play
    • Interface
      • Game
      • Pause menu
    • Navigation
      • Select a large, green computer terminal to go to map view.
        • The map will take you between levels and from playable levels to the Omnicopter.
        • You can also move from one level to the next by walking to them.
        • The Omnicopter serves as your base and hub level.
      • Some parts of the level are blocked by removable obstacles.
        • Use an alien’s special power to destroy the blockage.
        • Each block can only be removed by an alien of a specific type.
      • Other parts of the level are locked behind specific colored keys.
        • Fight level bosses to retrieve keys.
    • Basics
      • Use various Omnitrix aliens to defeat Steam Smythe’s robots as you encounter them.
      • Collect purple XP orbs to unlock attack and defense upgrades.
      • Decorate the Omnicopter with various items you find along the way.
        • By upgrading and decorating the Omnicopter, you improve its XP trickle.
    • Omnicopter
      • The Omnicopter serves as the hub for the entire game.
      • You can do the following actions while on the Omnicopter:
        • Switch out your aliens (via Gwen)
        • Improve your stats (via Grandpa Max)
        • Decorate and upgrade the base (via Phil)
        • Unlock deco boxes
      • Staying in the Omnicopter gives you a trickle of XP.
      • You can decorate the Omnicopter with items retrieved from deco boxes and upgrade it with XP.
        • Decorating the Omnicopter increase the amount of XP gained each time you enter.
        • Upgrading gives you more slots to decorate with.
    • Alien selection
      • Due to the virus, you can only choose up to 3 alien forms at a time.
      • You have 10 alien forms to choose from, divided according to four categories:
        • Energy
          • Diamondhead
          • Stinkfly
          • Heatblast
          • Shock Rock
        • Strength
          • Four Arms
          • Humungousaur
        • Slash
          • Rath
          • XLR8
        • Impact
          • Slapback
          • Cannonbolt
      • You will sometimes need to use a specific alien type’s special attack to unlock an area.
    • Attacking
      • For most enemies, use your regular attack.
        • Upgrade your regular attack to bolster your attack strength.
      • Your special attack is useful when dealing with bosses, powerful enemies, and large groups of enemies.
        • Your special attack will take time to recharge.
        • Upgrading can reduce the time it takes to charge your special attack.
    • Hit points
      • Enemies come in two flavors: ranged and melee
        • Both types of enemies can be defeated by fighting them head on.
        • Ranged enemies can fire from a distance, but go down fast.
          • You can dodge their projectiles if need be.
        • Melee enemies can only attack you when they’re close.
      • In some parts of a level, you must contend with large waves of enemies coming at once.
        • You can’t leave until all the enemies are defeated.
        • The enemies might come in two to three waves.
      • Replenish your hit points by collecting hearts.
        • Hearts may be found lying around the world or within boxes and other objects across the level.
        • Defeated enemies may also spawn hearts.
      • Increase your survivability by upgrading your hit points
      • The game features four villains working alongside Forever Knight.
        • Kevin Levin (minibosss)
        • Main bosses
          • Steam Smythe
          • Zombozo
          • Hex
    • XP and upgrades
      • Collect XP by defeating enemies.
        • You can also collect XP by breaking various objects across the level.
        • Your enemies and breakable objects respawn each time you re-enter a level or level division.
      • Unlock and upgrade your XP magnet to bring XP orbs closer to you without going toward them.
      • Use collected XP to improve your attack and defense strength.
      • You may also use XP to upgrade the Omnicopter.
    • Strategy
      • Use your XP wisely
        • You won’t go far in the first level if you don’t upgrade.
          • Your first few tries will serve as level grinding.
          • Expect to do a lot of level grinding before getting to the bosses.
        • Prioritize your attack strength and hit points first. Make the cooldown time of your special attacks a second priority, and the XP magnet third.
        • Put off upgrading the Omnicopter until you’ve collected a lot of decorations.
      • Choose your battles and your paths wisely.
        • You don’t need to unblock every corridor to progress through the game.
        • Leave blocked areas that lead to locked rooms. Save your special attacks for where it matters.
        • Use special attacks to clear out large clusters of enemies. We recommend them for areas with 5 or more enemies or during enemy waves.
        • Unless you’re level grinding, you don’t need to face all the enemies in a level. If you can avoid the areas where enemy waves happen, do so.
      • Take note of an enemy’s attack range:
        • Ranged enemies can cause a lot of damage if you can’t dodge their projectiles. Take them out first if possible.
        • Dodge their projectiles whenever you can.
        • Short-ranged enemies will attack back when you’re close, but ranged enemies usually can’t.
  • Target Audience
    • This game is suited for older children and fans of the Ben 10 reboot series.
    • The game has no adult content.

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Mobile Friendly Cross Browser Support

This game is rendered in mobile-friendly HTML5, so it offers cross-device gameplay. You can play it on mobile devices like Apple iPhones, Google Android powered cell phones from manufactures like Samsung, tablets like the iPad or Kindle Fire, laptops, and Windows-powered desktop computers. All game files are stored locally in your web browser cache. This game works in Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and other modern web browsers.

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