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Adventure Time Fiona Fights: Flying Battle Video Game

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This Adventure Time game is set in the gender-flipped version of the Land of Ooo. Help the adventurer Fiona and friends clear the skies of enemies.

  • Avoid missing any enemies or Fiona will run out of energy.
  • Collect gems for every enemy defeated.
  • Buy upgrades for your sword to give you a brief boost in power.
  • Use potions to boost your energy and slow down your enemies.
  • Clear thicker fields of enemies with specials like dagger storms, junk robots, and Marshall Lee.





Play Adventure Time Fiona Fights Game Online

Children and parents can play this simple flight tap fighter game by clicking in the window below.

Alternatively kids and adults can play this flying fighting game for free as a web application here.

Adventure Time Fiona Fights Game Play Instructions

How to Play

Help Fiona fight off waves of flying enemies. Earn gems and upgrade your weapons.

  • Starting the Game
    • On the welcome screen, there are two buttons on the lower corner.
      • The red button on the lower right corner, Play, starts the game.
      • The yellow button on the lower left corner, Menu, opens the game’s settings.
    • On the menu screen, you have three buttons:
      • Sound Off/On, which toggles the audio of the game.
      • Reset Game, which clears your scores from the browser.
      • Return to Main Menu, which brings you back to the welcome screen.
    • Clicking play will bring you to a splash screen that explains the premise of the game.
      • The red button on the lower left starts the game.
      • The yellow button opens the shop.
    • On starting the game for the first time, the game flashes its controls and instructions onscreen.
      • Unlike other games, the tutorial replays each time you start.
    • The game automatically saves you high score and game progress on your browser.
  • Game Controls
    • Desktop
      • Use your mouse to navigate the menus.
      • Left click your mouse on enemies or just behind them to attack them.
    • Touchscreen
      • Use your finger like a mouse.
  • Game Play
    • Attacking enemies
      • At the start of the game, Fiona will jump off Marshall Lee’s back and begin attacking enemies.
      • Click on the enemies to attack them.
        • Smaller enemies have a thin red circle around them once they’re within range. Use this to hone in on them.
        • Larger enemies do not have a red circle.
        • Some tougher enemies may take several hits to take down,.
      • Do not let Fiona miss any enemies.
        • Missing an attack costs you energy.
        • Each enemy that gets past lowers your energy reserves further.
        • If you aim to hit an enemy and do not hit anything you’ll lose energy from that as well.
        • If you run out of energy, it’s game over.
      • Keep attacking to keep floating.
        • Although it may seem like Fiona is flying, she actually isn’t.
        • Each time she attacks an enemy, she continues floating.
        • If she doesn’t attack on time, she plummets.
        • Cake the Cat will rescue her if she still has energy left.
      • Scoring
        • You get 100 points for each enemy you kill.
        • A combo multiplies your points by the number of enemies you kill. A 2 combo, for instance, earns you 400 points.
    • Upgrading
      • Each enemy you slay adds gems to your inventory.
      • Use the gems to buy upgraded weapons and special potions.
      • You don’t equip the upgrades and bonuses right away.
        • They float around the game environment as power ups you can collect.
        • Most upgrades work as power ups. They work for a brief time and give you a huge advantage.
        • Watch out for them they can easily slip past you.
      • Some upgrades can be used at the same time.
        • You can activate a sword and use a potion at the same time.
        • This can work to your advantage.
          • A potion can slow down your enemies while an upgraded sword will clear them off fast.
  • Strategy
    • Hitting enemies
      • Focus on enemies closer to you.
      • Some enemies have erratic flight paths. Take them down first.
      • You can push back a few hard-to-kill enemies before you take them down. Use this to buy you time.
      • If multiple enemies are moving and you can set your angle just right you can aim for
    • Choosing upgrades.
      • Your first upgrades and potions should extend your game play time.
        • Go for the energy potion first. This is both cheap and essential for extending your game play time.
        • The freeze and shield upgrades will keep your enemies from fleeing.
        • Choose sword upgrades to help you burst through tougher enemies.
      • The specials should be the last you earn for.
        • They’re great for clearing out large fields of enemies at once.
        • They’re best suited for advanced players who really want to boost their high score.
        • If nothing else, get them for the spectacle of it.
          • Neptr is the most awesome looking of them.
        • Unlocking them all can take many hours of play, however after you unlock a few upgrades they will make you stronger, making it easier to obtain a high score and use the gems to purchase the remaining upgrades.
          • The following table lists the upgrades and their cost.
          • Getting fully upgraded is quite a grind, as the total cost is 37,800.
        • Normally if you click to hit your sword and do not hit an enemy or a pick up you lose energy, however when you have a powerful upgrade working you should rapidly click near the far right of the screen as you’ll not lose any health and Neptr or Marshall Lee can kill dozens of enemies for you scoring big combos.

Game Upgrades

Item Type Level 1 Cost Level 2 Cost Level 3 Cost Description
Golden Sword Swords 300 400 500 Powerful dash attack
Root Sword Swords 600 700 800 Explosive burst attack
Crystal Sword Swords 900 1,000 1,100 Fills the sky with crystal shards
Demon Sword Swords 1,200 1,300 1,400 Destorys everything in its path
Energy Potions 200 300 400 Restore some of your energy meter
Flight Potions 300 400 500 Keeps you floating between enemies
Freeze Potions 400 500 600 Stops enemies cold
Shield Potions 500 600 700 Blocks enemies from getting past you
Knife Storm Specials 1,000 1,100 1,200 Rain steel down upon your enemies
Fireballs Specials 1,500 1,600 1,700 Great big balls of fire
Neptr Specials 2,000 2,100 2,200 A missile-blasting battle suit
Marshall Lee Specials 2,500 2,600 2,700 Unleash the fury of the vampire king

All upgrades have three different tiers to them, with progressively higher cost of 100 more after each tier. For example, the second level Golden Sword costs 400 as opposed to the 300 the first level Golden Sword cost. You have to buy Golden Sword level 1 to unlock the ability to buy level 2.

After you purchase power ups you can equip them in the game by running over them. They appear periodically on the screen just like enemies do. You only activate them if you hit them.

Target Audience

  • This game is suitable for children and adults and for fans of the hit Cartoon Network series.
  • It has no adult content. Marshall Lee’s vampire form might be scary to younger kids.

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Mobile Friendly Cross Browser Support

This game is rendered in mobile-friendly HTML5, so it offers cross-device gameplay. You can play it on mobile devices like Apple iPhones, Google Android powered cell phones from manufactures like Samsung, tablets like the iPad or Kindle Fire, laptops, and Windows-powered desktop computers. All game files are stored locally in your web browser cache. This game works in Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and other modern web browsers.

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