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Adventure Time Elemental: Four Ooo Games in One

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Play four different minigames themed for the four elements in the Adventure Time universe. Join Finn and Jake as they collect treasures, fight tyrants, and save citizens in the elemental reals of Ooo.

  • Save the citizens of the Candy Kingdom from zombies.
  • Run from the avalanche and collect the Ice King’s jewels.
  • Flee from a slime monster and collect gems in the Slime Kingdom.
  • Charge up Finn’s fight against the Flame King with the Power of Rock!.





Play Adventure Time Elemental Game Online

Children and parents can play this collection of fun Finn & Jake Adventure Time minigames by clicking in the window below.

Alternatively kids and adults can play this cartoon minigame collection for free as a web application here.

Adventure Time Elemental Game Play Instructions

How to Play

Select one of the four minigames. Instructions and game goals for each are published in the respective reviews below.

  • Starting the Game
    • Choose from one of the four games featured on the welcome screen.
      • The welcome screen is divided between the four minigames, with the title at the center.
      • Volume controls are on the top right corner of the game screen.
    • Clicking on any of the buttons will take you to the minigame’s title page.
      • Once at the title page, click on the green button at the center to start the mini game.
      • The welcome screens for each game are animated.
      • To return to the welcome screen, click on the green back button on the top left corner of the screen.
    • The blue buttons on the top are volume control (speaker icon) and high score (trophy icon)
    • The game automatically saves your high scores on your browser.
    • After each game, you have the option to download a .gif with your high score on it.
      • The .gif is of Finn and Jake high fiving.
  • Game Controls
    • Desktop
      • Candy Smash and Flame War use the mouse pointer.
      • Ice to Meet You and Slime Time use the arrow keys.
  • How to Play
    • Each game begins with an animated tutorial that guides the players through the controls.
    • It also explains the concept of the game through context clues in the image.
    • The tutorial animation will only play once.
  • Target Audience
    • This game’s audience skews much older than most Cartoon Network games owing to the nature of the series.
      • Its humor appeals to and is suited for Adventure Time’s core audience (older children, teenagers, and adults).
      • Much like its parent series, the game does not shy away from dark humor.
    • Although the themes of the game can get dark, it otherwise has no adult content.

Candy Smash

This is whack-a-mole with a morbid twist. This game is told from the perspective of Jake the dog and has a shaky, first-person feel. This mini game is set in the Candy Kingdom.

  • As Jake, rescue the Candy Kingdom’s citizens from cannibalistic underground zombies.
    • You start off with a series of seven holes.
    • Citizens, zombies, and the Earl of Lemongrab will emerge from each of the holes.
    • Save the citizens before the zombies attack them.
    • Avoid taking the zombies by mistake.
    • Whack at Lemongrab for a bonus.
  • Lives
    • You start a game with three lives. These are shown as hearts on the top center corner of the screen.
    • If you fail to save a citizen, you lose a life.
    • You also lose a life if you touch a zombie.
    • You might receive an extra life after whacking at Lemongrab.
  • Saving the Citizens
    • Click on a citizen to retrieve them from the hole.
    • Zombie hands will slowly rise up to the take the citizen.
    • If you are not fast enough, the zombie will capture and eat the citizen.
      • The actual death animation involves the candy person being yanked down and eaten. The zombies throw out a pink candy skull to hammer the point home.
      • The zombies get faster as the game progresses.
  • Lemongrab
    • To whack him, click on him as you would with the citizens.
    • Jake turns his hand into a mallet for this purpose.
    • You can hit him four times at most.
    • Hitting him nets you higher points, but don’t get carried away.
      • You sometimes also get an extra life when you hit him.
      • In a sense, Lemongrab is a distraction, albeit one with rewards.
  • Scoring and Strategy
    • Citizens nets you 10 points each.
    • Lemongrab nets you 100 points each time you whack him.
    • Focus most of your efforts on saving the citizens. They’re essential to keeping the game going.
      • If both citizens and Lemongrab come up at once, go for the citizens first.
      • Often, this means you can only whack him once.
      • You might get away with whacking Lemongrab preferentially in the early game when the zombies are slow.
        • Don’t make a habit of it. You can still lose a life if you’re not fast enough.
        • Don’t count on this being possible in the late game.
    • Whack Lemongrab more than once if there aren’t any citizens to save.

Ice to Meet You

This is a slide maze game based rather loosely on similar sliding puzzles. As Finn and Jake, collect as many gems as you can from the Ice King’s maze before the avalanche arrives.

  • Movement
    • In this game, you move from right to left.
    • Use the up, left, and right arrow keys to move.
      • In normal movement, you would slide all the way to the end of a shaft.
      • Unlike other similar puzzle games, you can stop midway to change direction.
        • To stop midway, click on an opposing button, usually down.
        • Stopping midway at the right juncture is essential to navigating.
  • Lives
    • You start the game with Finn and one extra life.
    • If an avalanche overtakes Finn, Jake takes over.
    • If you collect a heart while playing as either Finn or Jake, you get an extra life.
      • The game will provide you with an extra heart to collect if you lose your first life.
      • If you have a spare heart, Finn takes over from Jake. And so on, as long as you have a life to spare.
    • When the avalanche overtakes you and you have no hearts left, it’s game over.
  • Collect gems.
    • You receive 10 points for each gem you collect.
    • You receive 100 points from every diamond you collect.
    • Diamonds come with a bonus.
      • For a brief time, each diamond you receive multiplies your points by the number of diamonds you collect, up to 4 times. The highest value a diamond is worth 400 points.
      • Your second diamond will be worth 200 points, your third 300, and your fourth 400, as long as the timer is in effect.
  • Strategy
    • Think several steps ahead. Look at where you’re going and where the gems are.
    • Focus on getting distance between you and the avalanche
      • Choose gems and diamonds that are within your route of escape.
      • Collect out-of-the-way gems and diamonds only if you can leave the area fast.
      • Survival is more important than bonuses. If you see two diamonds too close to the avalanche, let it go.
    • Whenever you can, take advantage of the diamond bonus.
    • If the avalanche is catching up to you, make escape your priority.
      • See if you can still navigate. The moment you can’t see where your going, it’s over.
      • If you have an extra heart left, accept your losses and move on.
    • Collect hearts to gain an extra life.
      • If the heart is in out of the way, consider leaving it.
      • Earning an extra life is no reason to waste the life you already have.

Flame War

This is a tap rhythm battle where you help Finn defeat the Flame King with the power of music.

  • Game mechanics
    • Your goal is to help Finn take on the Flame King.
      • The game is divided into levels. Each level lasts for as long as the Flame King has hit points
      • After each level, you must fight the Flame King again.
      • This is an endless game. Keep fighting until you run out of hit points.
  • Playing Notes
    • Below the battlefield between Finn and the Flame King is a ledger.
      • The ledger is where all the notes pass through.
      • To play a note correctly, wait til it reaches the threshold. This is marked by the yellow line with red borders of the left end of the ledger.
      • Click on the note to play it.
      • You must play the notes within the red part of the threshold on either side.
        • Ideally, you should click on a note when it’s on the yellow line.
        • If the note goes past the threshold, you’ve missed it.
  • Attacking
    • Each turn charges Finn’s attack.
      • Finn must have an attack charged enough to hit the Flame King.
      • If it’s not charged enough, the Flame King will instead attack. This will cost Finn one of his hit points.
        • Finn has three hit points, represented by hearts on the top center corner of the screen.
    • On the lower center corner of the field is a meter that shows how energized Finn’s attacks are,
      • If it hits the green area, he has enough power to smite the flame King
    • To build up Finn’s attack, click on the notes at the threshold.
      • If you play a note at the correct time, you charge up Finn’s attack.
      • Notes played at the yellow line have the highest attack points.
      • Missing a note does not add to your attack.
      • Miss enough notes and you might not have enough power to attack the Flame king
    • Keep playing until the Flame King falls.

Slime Time

This is an endless 2D running chase game with a twist. As Finn and Jake, flee from a hungry slime monster while collecting gems.

  • The mechanics are similar to Ice to Meet You.
    • You control movement through the arrow keys.
    • You move from right to left to avoid an advancing threat.
    • You start the game with one life.
  • Building momentum
    • Press the up arrow key to jump and the left arrow key to accelerate.
      • Like most endless running games, you automatically move forward. But here, you need to press a “forward” button (left) to keep moving faster.
      • Build momentum by pressing the arrow key several times in succession.
    • Without building momentum, you will not be fast enough to avoid the monster.
      • Your jumps are weaker without it.
      • Jumping, however, causes you to lose some momentum.
    • The game measures your momentum on a meter in the lower left corner.
  • Lives
    • You start the game with Finn. If you lose your first life, play as Jake.
    • If you lose a life, you can collect a heart among the items in the
  • Obstacles and platforms
    • The game has two major obstacles: slime persons and pits.
      • Hitting a slime person will let the monster catch up to you.
      • If you fall into a pit, you die.
    • Avoid obstacles by jumping over them.
      • You needs sufficient momentum to do this successfully
      • If you jump without momentum, you fail and could die.
  • Platforms
    • To get onto a platform, jump while you have enough momentum.
    • You can sometimes avoid pits by jumping up a platform.
      • Keep accelerating even then. Jumping on a platform will not save you from the slime monster.
      • If it catches up to you, you fall and die.
    • Platforms are a double-edged sword
      • They let you collect more gems.
      • The jumping you need to stay on them will slow you down.
      • They’re not always long enough to let you build back your momentum.
  • Gems and platforms
    • Along the way, collect various gems strewn across the field.
    • Each gem by itself is worth 10 points.
    • Collect a disco ball and the gems will be worth 20 points for a brief time.

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Free Online Adventure Time Elemental Screenshots

Adventure Time Elemental Game Welcome Screen Screenshot.
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Adventure Time Elemental Game Flame War Screenshot.
Adventure Time Elemental Game Flame War How To Play Screenshot.
Adventure Time Elemental Game Flame War Instructions Screenshot.
Adventure Time Elemental Game Flame War Gameplay Screenshot.
Adventure Time Elemental Game ScoreScreenshot.
Adventure Time Elemental Game Slime Time Screenshot.
Adventure Time Elemental Game Slime Time How To Play Screenshot.
Adventure Time Elemental Game Slime Time Instructions Screenshot.
Adventure Time Elemental Game Slime Time Gameplay Screenshot.
Adventure Time Elemental Game Slime Time Score Screenshot.
Adventure Time Elemental Game Ice To Meet You Screenshot.
Adventure Time Elemental Game Ice To Meet You How To Play Screenshot.
Adventure Time Elemental Game Ice To Meet You Gameplay Screenshot.
Adventure Time Elemental Game Ice To Meet You Score Screenshot.

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