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Amazing World of Gumball Ghost Blast

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Anais isn’t afraid of no ghosts. After being left out of a Halloween shindig, Anais must now come to her brothers’ aid in the haunted house. She must plow through the house and find Gumball, Darwin, and Carrie before midnight.

  • Move around Carrie’s house. Collect keys & unlock additional parts of the home for exploration.
  • Stun and capture spirits scattered across room of the house.
  • Use the atlas to find and meet other characters.
  • Power up your Ghost Busters skills and save Carrie.





Play Amazing World of Gumball Ghost Blast Game Online

Children and parents can play this cartoon ghost fighter game by clicking in the window below.

Alternatively kids and adults can play this Gumball beat em up video game for free as a web application here.

Amazing World of Gumball Ghost Blast Game for Kids Video Game Play Instructions

How to Play

Navigate around Carrie Krueger’s house and capture as many ghosts as you can.

  • Starting the Game
    • Select the white play button to load the welcome screen.
    • After a brief cutscene, the game begins. Left click anywhere on the screen to begin.
    • Your web browser automatically saves your game progress.
  • Game Controls
    • Desktop
      • With your mouse:
        • Left click on the doors to navigate.
        • Left click, drag, and hold down toward the ghosts to suck them in.
      • With your keyboard:
        • Use the space bar to activate the camera flash.
    • Touchscreen devices
      • Although this game might load on touchscreen devices, its controls were optimized for desktops with keyboards.
  • Game Play
    • Navigation
      • Select each of the doors to move around the mansion.
      • Some doors are locked and can only be opened if you have a key.
        • Pay attention to the color and shape of the key needed to open the door. The key must be right color to unlock it.
        • There are 5 different key colors across the house.
      • Once the map is unlocked, you can use it to identify where you are in Carrie’s house.
        • Move toward the areas in the map marked with exclamation points.
        • Marked areas in the map could reveal the following items:
          • House keys
          • Upgrades
          • Characters
      • Find Carrie to exit the house.
    • Characters
      • You start the game as Anais.
      • As you explore the house, you discover other characters like Gumball and Darwin.
        • Switch between the 3 characters by selecting the character icons on the bottom left corner of the screen.
        • Your heart containers / health are the same no matter which character you use.
        • Largely the only difference between the characters is aesthetics. Here is how the characters are described in the album.
          • Gumball – My dummy older brother. When a friend is in need, he can’t say NO, even if it leads to a catastrophic chain of events.
          • Darwin – My overly-optimistic brother. Whenever Carrie is in the picture he can get a little weird.
      • The final character of the game is Carrie.
        • The game ends when you enter the top center attic room and save Carrie.
        • The room directly below Carrie has multiple highly difficult Bully Ghost enemies in it.
          • Ensure you have full health and have cleared all other green exclamation points from the house before attempting to save Carrie so you have the best odds of success against the multiple Bully Ghosts.
    • All about ghosts
      • Ghost encounters appear at random in each room you enter.
        • When ghosts appear, the lighting inside the house changes to a disco ball.
        • Ghosts will typically appear in 1 or 2 waves.
          • When one wave ends the next begins almost immediately.
          • The room with the blue key in it has what feels like an endless stream of surfer ghosts which keep coming as you fight. The room is located on the far left of the fifth floor.
        • The further in the house you go, the more ghosts will spawn.
        • More powerful ghosts will spawn along side them.
      • If ghosts get near you, they will attack.
        • They cannot attack you if they are dazed.
        • If some ghosts are near you then flash your camera and try to take them out before they can hit you.
      • Catching ghosts is a 2-step process.
        • The first step is daze them by the flash of a camera.
          • Press the space bar to activate the flash.
          • The flash has a cooldown time of a few seconds.
          • Some ghosts need 2 flashes to daze,
          • Keep track of the flash by looking at the camera icon on the bottom left corner.
        • Catch the ghosts with your vacuum while they’re dazed.
          • Left click and drag your cursor toward the location of the ghosts.
          • Each ghost has one or more white circle indication its energy.
            • The less energy they have, the easier they are to catch.
            • Sometimes ghosts have multiple energy circles. You must deplete them all to capture them.
          • Their energy depletes while they are in the range of your vacuum.
            • Keep your vacuum aimed at the ghosts to catch them.
            • You know they’re being captured if they flail around.
            • If you break contact with them, they recover and need to be dazed again.
          • You can capture several ghosts at once if they’re at the same angle & are in range of your vacuum.
      • Ghost types
        • Octo-Ghost are white ghost which are slow and not very tough, but facing a whole gang could present a problem.
        • Cool Ghost are blue ghost with purple surfboard. These ghosts are as fast as they are groovy. They can protect their eyes to avoid being stunned, but that’s nothing a second flash can’t handle.
        • Bully Ghost are large green ghosts. Early in the game they have sunglasses & later into the game they have a welding helmet. They can have a half dozen circles each. The game describes them as follows: “These seem more dangerous and know how to protect themselves. I hope they don’t have more tricks up their sleeves!”
        • Slippery Ghost is a blue ghost which looks a bit like a cat. They can bounce attack you & the game states these guys can go into walls and avoid being flashed.
      • Ghost catching strategy
        • If a room has many ghosts in it one can focus on taking out the weaker ghosts first to help create breathing room, or to focus on sucking ghosts where many are located at the same angle so it is easy to do damage to many at once.
        • If a ghost has limited energy left in a circle but has multiple circles they will bounce away after you clear out each circle.
        • Sometimes when ghosts bounce they drop heart containers.
        • Some Bully Ghosts may keep calling additional waves of enemies, which can be beneficial if you need to catch the weaker ghosts trying to shake loose heart containers, but otherwise you should try to take out the Bully Ghosts as fast as possible.
    • Equipment upgrades
      • As you progress through the game, you gain more powerful ghost vacuums that make quicker work of ghosts. As your vacuum is upgraded repeatedly you get a broader range and a stronger suction.
      • As you progress through the game you get a second, third and fourth flash for your camera, allowing you to repeatedly shoot & safely manage rooms with more ghosts in them.
    • Lives
      • You start the game with 3 hearts.
        • The hearts showing your current health status are shown in the top left corner of the screen.
        • Each heart consists of 4 hit points. You lose hit points each time a ghost attacks you.
      • You gain additional heart slots as you progress through the game. You can get a fourth , fifth, and sixth heart container.
    • Special rooms
      • As you progress through the house some rooms have a green exclamation point on them indicating an important part of the story or a featured item is located there.
      • These rooms contain things like: keys, characters, heart containers, stronger vacuums, and additional camera flashes.
    • Diary
      • You can access the diary by selecting the pause button on the top right corner of the screen.
      • The diary is divided into 5 sections. It begins with an intro from Anais describing the game’s premise.
      • The next section is a tutorial. Come back to this if you ever need a refresher course.
      • The map shows your current location in the house. It shows which rooms you have explored and the pathways between rooms. Rooms with special items in them have a green exclamation point & rooms which are behind a locked door show the key color needed to unlock that room.
      • The Bestiary contains information on both the ghosts and on Anais’ brothers.
      • The final section of the diary is a few screenshots of the crew’s escape. This is unlocked once you find Carrie in the attic.
    • Bestiary
      • Octo-Ghosts
        • They look like little cartoon octopuses.
        • They’re very weak, usually having no more than 1 to 2 energy circles.
        • They will attack you if they get too close.
        • They can be problematic if you have too many to deal with at a time.
      • Cool Ghosts
        • They appear as a floating skater boy outfit with a skateboard.
        • Much stronger than octo-ghosts, they usually have 2 to 3 energy circles.
        • They move fast.
        • Because of their cool shades, it takes 2 flashes to daze them.
      • Bully Ghosts
        • They look like green skeleton thugs.
        • They can have up to 4 energy circles.
        • They usually take 2 flashes to daze, and even then they can work around it.
        • They can wear welding masks to become temporarily immune to getting flashed.
        • They have a stronger attack compared with other ghosts as their piledrivers can take out 2 hit points instead of 1.
      • Slippery Ghosts
        • They look like silhouette ghost cats.
        • They have around 2 to 3 energy circles.
        • While they’re dazed in 1 flash, they’re quite fast and can avoid being dazed by fading into the walls.
        • They will roll at you to attack, so be prepared to daze them then and there.
  • Target Audience
    • The game is suited for people of all ages who like the Amazing World of Gumball cartoon.
    • The game has no adult themed content.

Anais doesn’t need to fear ghosts or a haunted house. Their mother can be way scarier.

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Amazing World of Gumball Ghost Blast Game Fully Upgraded Vacuum Screenshot.
Amazing World of Gumball Ghost Blast Game Map Screenshot.
Amazing World of Gumball Ghost Blast Game Map Full Screenshot.
Amazing World of Gumball Ghost Blast Game Beastiary Screenshot.
Amazing World of Gumball Ghost Blast Game Get Key Screenshot.
Amazing World of Gumball Ghost Blast Game Find Gumball Screenshot.
Amazing World of Gumball Ghost Blast Game Swap Characters Screenshot.
Amazing World of Gumball Ghost Blast Game Carrie Scene Screenshot.
Amazing World of Gumball Ghost Blast Game The End Screen Screenshot.
Amazing World of Gumball Ghost Blast Game Keep Playing Screen Screenshot.

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