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Ben 10 Race Against Time Savage Pursuit: Platform Adventure

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This is a platforming game first released as a tie-in for the then upcoming Ben 10 live-action movie, Race Against Time. As Ben, retrieve the components to Dr. Animo’s transmodulator and get back to the rustbucket.

  • As Ben, race through the forests of a mysterious island.
  • Transform into four different Omnitrix aliens and use their powers to your advantage.
  • Fight off Dr. Animo’s mutant animal minions.





Play Ben 10 Race Against Time Savage Pursuit Game Online

Children and parents can play this cartoon platforming adventure game by clicking in the window below.

Alternatively kids and adults can play this adventure platformer video game for free as a web application here.

Play Ben 10 Race Against Time Savage Pursuit Game Online Game for Kids Game Play Instructions

How to Play

As Ben, recover the components of Dr. Animo’s trasmodulator. Explore a jungle island and take on any of Dr. Animo’s minions.

  • Starting the Game
    • Select the play button below the game’s title on the welcome page.
  • Game Controls
    • Desktop
      • Omnitrix
        • Hold the Z key to enter the transformation panel.
        • Navigate through transformations using the arrow keys.
      • Basic gameplay
        • Use the left and right arrow keys to move.
        • Jump using the up arrow key.
        • Press the Z key to transform back to Ben
        • Press the space bar to activate your special abilities.
      • Swinging from trees
        • Use the up arrow key to grab a vine.
        • Grab another vine within reach using the
    • Touchscreen devices
      • While this may load in touchscreen devices, this is an old game optimized for desktops with keyboards.
  • Game Play
    • Introduction
      • The game begins with a tutorial slide show and a short comic explaining the premise of the game.
      • Despite having been made as a tie-in to the then-upcoming TV movie, the game uses art based on the original series.
    • Interface
      • On the top left corner of the screen are the following:
        • Two health bars
          • The green bar measures the amount of time you’ve got left after transforming. This replenishes by itself
          • The yellow bar represents your hit points. You replenish it by collecting yellow orbs
          • To the left of the health bar is an Omnitrix icon representing your remaining lives.
        • Below the bars are two buttons:
          • Tutorial button: Opens the game’s tutorial slide show
          • Sound button: Toggles the game’s audio
    • Basics
      • Orbs
        • Collect green orbs to charge up your Omnitrix.
        • Collect yellow orbs to replenish your hit points.
      • Dying and check points
        • You die when you lose all your hit points.
        • You also automatically die when you fall off a cliff or a pit.
        • If you die, you start at the beginning of the level unless you reach a check point.
          • Check points appear as signposts with Ben’s face.
          • Cross a check point to activate it.
      • Navigating the level
        • Get to the other side of the level to face the boss.
        • Defeat the boss to collect the item.
        • Escape from the boss and get back to the Rust Bucket.
      • At the start of the game, you have 3 lives.
        • You use up one life every time you die.
        • It’s game over if you lose all your lives.
    • Transformation and special abilities
      • Ben can transform into various alien forms. Four are available in-game:
        • Cannonbolt (right arrow key)
        • Heatblast (up arrow key)
        • Wildmutt (down arrow key)
        • Wildvine (left arrow key)
      • You can only transform into an Omnitrix alien for a brief time.
      • Each of Ben’s aliens (and Ben himself) has a special ability.
        • Ben: punches hard for a 10-year old
        • Cannonbolt: changes to ball mode
          • Hold down the space bar and the left and right arrow keys to move while in ball mode.
        • Heatblast: throws fireballs
        • Wildmutt: detects hidden mines
        • Wildvine: throws explosive seeds
      • Wildvine is the only form of Ben’s that can swing through trees.
    • Collecting items
      • Collect green and yellow orbs
        • Green orbs recharge the Omnitrix.
        • Yellow orbs restore your health
      • You can also collect various cards strewn across the level.
      • You can only collect the component once you’ve faced the level boss.
    • Enemies
      • Dr. Animo’s animal minions roam the island. Defeat them using your special attacks.
        • Most minions go down in one hit, even from Ben.
        • A few minions will fire projectiles at you.
        • They do respawn, so watch out.
      • At the end of the level is a boss minion.
        • Defeat the minion by attacking it enough times.
        • To avoid the minion, use the platforms.
        • After defeating them once, the boss will recuperate.
          • The remainder of the level is spent running back to the Rust Bucket.
          • Don’t let the boss catch you.
    • Terrain
      • Watch out for collapsing platforms.
        • They will eventually collapse after you step on them.
        • Over time, they will regenerate.
      • Use branches to navigate through the trees.
        • You can only swing from trees as Wildvine.
      • Look out for other terrain hazards.
        • Bottomless pits
        • Pits filled with water
        • Exploding lava vents
      • Mine fields
        • Mine fields are preceded by hazard signs.
        • Transform into Wildmutt to detect hidden mines within view.
          • Mines remain visible after being detected.
          • We suggest transforming back into Ben after seeing all the mines to jump over them. Ben is more agile.
          • Once you’ve passed the first few mines, transform into Wildmutt again to detect the next few ones.
          • Repeat until you reach the end of the field.
    • Tips
      • Spend the first part of the level exploring.
        • This will help you get the collection part done.
        • It will also give you a better idea of the level’s layout.
        • Use this time to find the most effective route back to the Rust Bucket.
      • Don’t be afraid to use your alien forms when on side quests. Some of them can be really handy.
      • Consider jumping over enemies instead of fighting them.
  • Target Audience
    • This game is suited for all audiences and for fans of the live-action Ben 10 TV movies.
    • We recommend this game for older fans of the original series. Get ready for a nostalgia trip.
    • The game has no adult content.

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Ben 10 Race Against Time Savage Pursuit: Platform Adventure
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