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All games are browser-based. Our catalog is rendered in mobile-friendly HTML5, offering cross-device gameplay. You can play on mobile devices like Apple iPhones, Google Android powered cell phones from manufactures like Samsung, tablets like the iPad or Kindle Fire, laptops, and Windows-powered desktop computers. All game files are stored locally in your web browser cache. These games work in Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and other modern web browsers.


3D Pool: 8 Ball Billiards Game

3d Pool Game.

This is a 3D pool game where players can play against each other or the computer.

This game uses webgl to allow billiards players to rotate the table shooting a standard game of 8 ball.

The game offers guidelines which show the strike path of balls and the path of balls which are struck.

Abstract World: Puzzle Solving Physics Logic Game with Balls

Abstract World.

This is an engaging multi-level physics puzzle solving game. Players must think of ways and time their moves to guide the ball to their end color destination. The game gets harder with more balls and complex terrain as your level advances.

Angry Zombies Level Destruction Game

Angry Zombies.

This is a fun 6-stage level destruction game inspired by Angry Birds.

Players shoot a slingshot to fire a skull at zombies to kill them.

Arcade Golf Game: Pitch & Putt

Arcade Golf.

This is a simple arcade-styled side-view pitching and putting game where players try to rack up high scores by making a hole in one or making the shot as quickly as possible.

Tap on the screen or click the mouse then pull back and adjust the angle to set the shot strength and angle.

Archery Stickman Game

This is a cute and basic stick man game where you try to shoot the other stick men before they shoot you.

Click to select then pull back and set the angle to shoot arrows.

Lower body shots often take 2 hits while headshots and many upper torso shots can win in a single hit.

Ball in the Cup Physics Game

Ball in the Cup.

Use planks, ramps, fans and magnets to help the ball roll from its release door into the cup at the end of the level.

This cute and fun 20-level hand-drawn game helps kids learn physics while solving simple puzzles.

Blue Story Physics Puzzle Game

Blue Story.

This is a simple yet fun 15-level physics puzzle game where players get a blue block to land at rest on a blue board or plank.

The blue block must come to rest on the plank without touching the ground.

Cannon Minimal: a Much Acclaimed Cannon Ball Aim Game

Cannon Minimal.

Cannon Minimal is a cannonball shooting game where you shoot the ball into a basket.

Cannon Shot: Ball Aiming Game for Kids

Cannon Shot Game.

This is a simple 11-level game which resembles a cross between a water cannon game and a skee ball shooting game found in physical arcades.

The goal is to hit the bullseye of a moving target.

Cannons and Soldiers: Cannonball Destruction Physics Game

Cannons and Soldiers.

This is a 28-stage cannon shooting game where players try to knock competing soldiers to the ground without accidentally knocking over any of their own soldiers.

Dunk Line Basketball Game

Dunk Line is an HTML basketball physics game where players draw line segments to guide basketballs shot onto the screen to fall into the hoops and score baskets.

In later rounds multiple balls appear at the same time and players have to avoid bombs.

Players can collect gems which can be used to unlock other balls.

Miss a ball and it is game over!

Dunk Shot Basketball Game

Dunk Shot is a hoops game where players drag, angle and shot the basketball from one net to the next.

Pull on the bottom of the net to set the strength and angle of your shot to shoot the ball into the next basket.

If you miss a single shot you lose!

Engineerio: Rolling Ball Physics Puzzle Solving Game


This is a multi-level ball physics brain teaser puzzle game. Players must think of ways to guide the ball to their destination without touching. Remove white circles to move the planks and influence the ball’s movement. The game gets harder as your level advances.

Flappy Shooter Game – Flappy Bird Inspired Shooting Game

Flappy Shooter is a Flappy Bird inspired HTML horizontal scrolling shooter game where players must stay afloat while traversing the levels and shooting your way out of it.

Rather than walls having holes in them all walls run the full length of the screen and you have to shoot the wall a number of times to create a gap in it to fly through.

Flip the Gun Physics Shooting Game

Flip the Gun is an HTML physics game where players must shoot their way to stay afloat while collecting various boosts and coins.

Click your mouse or tap the screen while the gun is facing downward to propel it higher.

Your gun must periodically run into bullets to refill the magazine.

You can use coins from the game to unlock other guns.

When the gun falls off the screen the game is over.

Footgolf Evolution Game: Soccer + Golf + Pinball = ?

Footgolf Evolution.

Footgolf Evolution is a logic puzzle game with physics elements to it where you must kick a soccer ball at a set strength and angle to try to score it in a golf ball hole in fewer strokes than par.

This game has 24 exciting levels which you can replay one at a time to see if you can beat out Shooter McMessi.

Lovers of monster trucks will love the in-game music.

Footstar Soccer Game: Score Goals You Star You!


Footstar is an exceptionally cute and fun 30-level physics puzzle game where players shoot shots on goal by controlling the angle and strength of the shot.

Beating a level requires getting all 3 stars while kicking a goal.

Levels can be restarted at any point and can be completed in any order. Many levels are quite challenging as there are bombs, warps, and moving obstacles.

Funny Tennis: Best Online Tennis Game for Children

This is an exciting sports game where players should hit the ball and keep it from falling on their side of the net. You can get an infinite number of hits as long as the ball does not hit the ground.

Players can choose Player 1 to play against the computer, or Player 2 to play a game with a friend on your local computer.

Gladiator Attack: Physics Destruction Slingshot Puzzle Game

Gladiator Attack.

This is a slingshot physics puzzle game where players must control the knight and sling it across the map and kill the enemy skeleton.

Kill all of the enemies to unlock the treasure chest and complete each of the 20 levels.

Happy Glass Water Pouring Game

Happy Glass is a physics game where players open the water faucet to fill a cup to a measured line without overfilling the glass to where water runs over.

If the water runs over the player loses and can play the level again.

In addition to the regular gameplay mode this game has two additional modes.

One mode has them remove wooden blocks from under the glass without spilling any water.

The last mode has players flip the glasses over and have them land where water is poured into them. This mode is particularly challenging as each level is timed.

Happy Golf Minigolf Game

Happy Golf.

Happy Golf is a cute and fun minigolf game where players must sink red or blue golf balls in their associated holes by controlling the strength and angle of their swing.

Each level requires a hole in one or you have to replay it.

On some levels players must hit switches or solve other puzzles to open a pathway to the cup.

Maze Control: Physics Puzzle Game with Moving Obstacles

Maze Control.

This is a physics maze puzzle game where players must turn the maze to navigate the ball toward the exit. You should avoid obstacles along the way or you ball will be destroyed.

It has 30 maze levels, with higher levels more difficult than the last.

Mini Golf 2D: Flat Sideview Minigolf Game

Mini Golf 2D.

Mini Golf 2D is an easy flat side-view minigolf game where players complete a 20-hole course.

Mini Golf Putting Game

Mini Golf is an HTML golf game where players hit the golf ball and try get a hole in one.

The game is played from a side view. Players control the strength of the swing and the angle the ball is hit at.

If you make the shot on the first try it is good for 3 points and each subsequent miss lowers your point total by one for the next make.

You start with 3 balls and lose a ball each time the shot is missed.

Neon Maze Controls: Physics Puzzle Rotating Maze Game

Neon Maze Controls.

This is a physics maze puzzle game where players must rotate the maze left or right to roll the ball through the course. The ball must reach the exit without getting destroyed by blade traps.

The game comes with 30 levels that can be replayed once unlocked.

Nuts for Winter Online Physics Strategy Floating Game

Nuts for Winter.

This is a free online physics puzzle game with 20 levels where players must inflate or deflate the squirrel to float through a course and collect nuts while evading traps like spikes. The squirrel must reach the finish line to complete each level.

Pigs & Birds: Physics-Based Level Destruction Puzzle Game

Pigs & Birds.

This is a physics puzzle solving game where players need to break blocks for the bird to reach the pig.

Players can solve as many levels & obstacles as possible.

Release Paper Airplane Flying Physics Game

Release is an HTML physics game where players release a paper airplane from a track to hit words or letters on the screen which are targets.

Click your mouse or tap the screen to release the airplane when the angle for it is right to hit the target.

Repeat the process for subsequent planes until all targets have been hit.

Each level is timed. If you fail to beat a level you can start again playing that same level.

Rolling the Ball Putt Putt Mini Golf Game

Rolling the Ball.

This is a mini golf or putt putt type game where players strike the ball to try to get it to roll into the hole on a single hit.

The game includes moving obstacles, water hazards, and edges you must bump the ball off.

Super Destroyer: Online Destruction Physics Puzzle Game

Super Destroyer.

This is a free online destruction puzzle logic game. Players need plant bombs and detonate them to reduce a stone structure’s height to a certain level. It comes with 12 exciting puzzle levels that kids and adults will enjoy.

Toops Ball Shooting Arcade Game

Toops is an HTML arcade game where players must bounce balls off triangles, squares and balls with numbers on them to reduce their number to zero and remove them from the playing field.

After each round the playing field moves up one row.

As the game progresses counts get higher and the player gets to shoot more balls per turn.

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