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Ball Blaster: Infinite-Level Cannonball Shooting Game

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This is a hyper-casual, endless-level shooting game where you blast bouncing hexagonal balls of different sizes and numbers using your ground cannon. To keep your cannon alive, you must avoid the balls. Collect as many coins as you can after breaking the balls. Then use the coins to upgrade your cannon’s fire speed and power.

  • Move left and right as needed to avoid getting hit by the balls.
  • Aim your cannon at the balls. You must destroy enough balls to clear a level.
  • As you progress through levels, the difficulty increases with higher number balls.
  • Use coins to upgrade your cannon’s fire power and speed. This makes it easier to break balls.
  • Every fifth level is a boss level. These are harder than the regular levels.





Play Ball Blaster Online for Free

You can play this shooting cannon ball breaking game by clicking in the window below.

Alternatively you can play this cannonball shooting game as a web application here.

Ball Blaster Bubble Shooting Game Play Instructions

How to Play

Move your cannon left or right to break bouncing balls and collect coins for upgrades. Avoid getting hit by the balls to keep your cannon alive.

  • Starting the Game
    • Click or swipe the opening screen to start shooting balls.
    • The game automatically stores your level progress in your local web browser.
    • If you played a previous game, clicking or swiping will start your game at your last level.
    • The opening screen has upgrade options to buy fire speed and power for your cannon.
    • After each level or whenever you die you can use the coins you have collected to buy upgraded cannon shot speed or shot strength. The game also has changeable background designs and cannon designs.
    • Players can turn the music and sound on or off by clicking the icons on the upper right corner.
  • Game Controls
    • General controls
      • Move your cannon left or right while blasting to break the balls. Avoid being hit by the balls.
      • The upper right corner shows how many coins you have collected.
      • The upper-middle part of the screen shows your current score and the best score for the game, along with your progress in the current level.
      • There is no pause button on the screen.
      • You must die, complete a level, or press F5 on the keyboard to go back to the opening screen.
    • Touchscreen
      • With your finger, slide the cannon to the left or right as needed.
      • The cannon automatically fires shots. Just focus on blasting balls and avoiding them.
      • When coins drop, slide to collect them. Be careful not to get hit by the balls.
    • Mouse and Keyboard
      • Left click your mouse to fire your cannon. Move your mouse left to right to avoid the balls.
      • The cannon does not automatically fire when played on desktop. Press right click to fire your shots.
      • Move to where coins are to collect them. Be careful not to get hit by the balls.
  • Strategy
    • Dying
      • If a ball or a boss hits you then you die.
      • If you die you can restart at the current level you were playing.
    • Avoiding balls
      • The best defense is a strong offense
        • In general, it’s best to make your cannon more powerful to destroy balls in fewer shots. The less balls are bouncing on the screen, the lower your chances of dying.
        • As a general rule of thumb, after you get a few power ups it is best to leave your mouse clicked so you are always firing and stay near either the left or right edge of the screen through most of the game.
        • Being near one of the walls shields you from one side, which means you mostly only have to watch a single direction instead of tracking multiple moving items moving in multiple directions.
        • As with any rule, there are exceptions where you should move out if the coast is clear you can move out to collect coins which are laying on the ground
          • if there are level progress meter near the top of the screen is almost full and you know no more balls will be coming
          • if a ball is so powerful that you will not be able to shoot it enough times before it hits you
          • if you are in a boss battle you have to pay attention to the vertical position of the boss, the strength of the balls the boss has dropped and how many balls are on the screen
        • Ball size
          • The game seems simple but it gets harder when more balls come your way.
          • While it’s easy to shoot larger balls, it’s tricky to shoot and avoid small moving balls on the screen.
          • As you shoot large balls they may break into 2 smaller balls. Some of the biggest balls can break in half 3 or 4 consecutive times.
          • Ball size and strength are often aligned, though sometimes there are weak balls which are large and strong balls that are small. You should glance at the numerical value on the balls you are shooting to get a feel for if you will shoot them in time before they hit you or if you need to move.
    • Upgrade strategy
      • The best way to excel in this game is to collect many coins for upgrades.
      • You can upgrade after you die, after you pass a level, or if you press F5 to go to the opening screen.
      • Use the coins to improve your cannon’s speed and firepower. This makes breaking balls faster.
      • Upgrades cost progressively more as you upgrade. You should upgrade shot speed and shot power in parallel as you progress through the game.
      • The game maxes out at 120 bullets per second and 1,000% shot power, which you should reach around level 50 to 55 depending on how many times you die and how proficient you are at collecting coins.
        • Once you initially upgrade a few times the game starts to get easier and your upgrades can outpace the game difficulty increases until you max out your stats. When you get up to around level 80 the game starts to get quite difficult again as you are 25 to 30 levels from where you maxed out your stats and the game keeps getting harder each level.
    • Boss fights
      • Boss fight levels are harder than regular levels. Higher upgrades will help you defeat these stages.
      • Some bosses swoop down at you while others stay on a fairly level plane. Each boss battle rotates. Boss battles which end on a level number with 5 at the end do not swoop, while boss battles which end in a 0 do.
      • If the boss swoops down at you then you have to avoid being near it when it reaches the lower part of the screen.
      • Keep shooting at the balls the boss throws out while avoiding him and them. If many balls get on the screen it can be quite hard to focus on shooting the boss without getting hit, particularly if it is a boss battle where the boss also swoops down.
    • Beating the game
      • This game is endless as after beating the first 109 levels the game was like the Energizer bunny and just kept on going.
      • The game starts off easy, but the 22nd boss battle on level 110 is more than a bit masochistic. 😀
      • If you like the game and want to spice things up a bit you can either change the background theme to make the game look different or start at the beginning again by either playing in a different web browser or clearing your browser cache to clear your game progress stats.

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Ball Blaster Cannon Shooter Game Screenshots

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Mobile Friendly Cross Browser Support

This game is rendered in mobile-friendly HTML5, so it offers cross-device gameplay. You can play it on mobile devices like Apple iPhones, Google Android powered cell phones from manufactures like Samsung, tablets like the iPad or Kindle Fire, laptops, and Windows-powered desktop computers. All game files are stored locally in your web browser cache. This game works in Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and other modern web browsers.

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One comment on "Ball Blaster: Infinite-Level Cannonball Shooting Game"

  • Joey says:

    This is one of those games where the premise is easy but the actual gameplay is harder than it looks. The goal is to shoot down the falling hexagons and collect the coins. You can use the mouse or tap to dodge the hexagons as they fall and bounce.

    Bigger hexagons pose the biggest challenge since they’re the hardest to dodge. Spend all your effort shooting them down to shrink them. Once that’s done, you can deal with the smaller, easier to dodge fragments. With the coins you collect, you can also upgrade your blaster’s shooting rate. This will help you clear out those gargantuan pieces faster.

    This is a game for the patient. Beginners are likely to fail on their first go. Take your time to get the hang of the controls and collect coins for upgrades. Expect to fail a few times before hitting higher scores.

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