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Draw, paint, color, and practice your art skills with these free online games.

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All games are browser-based. Our catalog is rendered in mobile-friendly HTML5, offering cross-device gameplay. You can play on mobile devices like Apple iPhones, Google Android powered cell phones from manufactures like Samsung, tablets like the iPad or Kindle Fire, laptops, and Windows-powered desktop computers. All game files are stored locally in your web browser cache. These games work in Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and other modern web browsers.

Bible Coloring Book for Kids

Bible Coloring Book for Kids.

This app provides dozens of scenes from the Bible which students can color online.

Connect the Dots Game for Kids With Level Timer

Connect the Dots Game.

This is a timed connect the dots game where players have 15 seconds to complete each drawing.

Players can select from any category or select all to do the entire puzzle set at once.

Connect the Dots Ocean Animals for Kids

Connect the Dots Ocean.

This is a super basic connect the dots game for young children to help them gain confidence, learn animals, follow directions and familiarize themselves with computer interactions.

Cute Shapes: Color & Shape Art Game for Children

Cute Shapes.

This is a simple art game which teaches young children shapes, size, and colors.

Dance Extreme: Idle Coin Collecting Music Game

Dance Extreme.

This is a game where you play a pop star dancing to music and collecting coins while avoiding falling bombs.

Dot to Dot Animals Drawing Game for Kids

Dot to Dot Animals Game.

This is an easy to play connect the dots game where players choose which animal they want to draw and then complete the last portion of the picture to draw the animal.

Draw In Picture Drawing Game

Draw In Game.

Draw In is an HTML game where players hold their mouse in to draw a line segment which they estimate to match the perimeter of an object’s outline.

If they get the line length nearly perfect without going over the length of the item the full drawing is shown and they move on to the next level.

If they draw a line segment that is longer than the object’s perimeter they lose.

There is a red line near the edge of the drawing that the line segment has to land within to be close enough to move on to the next level.

If a player fails a level they can replay it again.

Drum Beats Virtual Drum Rhythm Learning Game for Kids

Drum Beats.

This is a fun virtual drumming game for kids and adults. Players hit the drum along with their track of choice while a moving marker tells them when to hit the drum. This is a Japanese music inspired game which comes with 6 traditional Japanese tracks. Players must hit the right section of the drum, such as the left or right surface, or the left or right edge of the drum. You gain higher points when you hit the drum at the right time.

Dunk Line Basketball Game

Dunk Line is an HTML basketball physics game where players draw line segments to guide basketballs shot onto the screen to fall into the hoops and score baskets.

In later rounds multiple balls appear at the same time and players have to avoid bombs.

Players can collect gems which can be used to unlock other balls.

Miss a ball and it is game over!

Flat Piano: Virtual Piano Keyboard with 8 Colorful Keys for Kids

Flat Piano.

This is a free online virtual piano keyboard with rainbow colors specially designed for kids in preschool. It comes with 8 major keys of different colors, including black keys which are flat or sharp notes. Kids will enjoy learning how to play music and composing their own songs with this interactive virtual piano.

Instruments for Kids: Virtual Piano, Drums, Xylophone, & Lyre Music Maker Simulator

Instruments for Kids.

This is an educational music learning and practice game design for kids in preschool and kindergarten. Children can play with virtual instruments such as basic piano keys, a drum set, xylophone, and a lyre. The piano and xylophone keys are labelled with basic do-re-mi or solfege note names. The keys burst with stars, notes, and wonderful colors every time a key or sting is played.

Kid Maestro: 12-Song Virtual Piano Simulator Game for Kids

This is a fun virtual piano learning simulator game for kids. Players can chose from 12 songs and learn how to play them on the piano keyboard. Once they select a song, they must tap or click the key where a star lands. Players only earn points when they press the key after the star lands. You win when you finish playing a song and it shows your note score.

Mr. Bean Splash Art Game: Draw, Color & Paint Scenes

Mr. Bean Splash Art.

This game allows Mr. Bean fans to color in 10 different still scenes from the cartoon series. Players can also choose to complete drawing scenes before coloring them in.

Works can be saved, exported, shared, printed, and canvased across Mother Earth to help support the Mr. Bean movement.

Piano for Kids Animal Sounds: Virtual Piano Simulator with Keyboard Control

Piano for Kids Animal Sounds.

This cute animal-themed virtual piano simulator for kids comes with 7 animal sounds and 3 instrument sounds. You can play the 8 basic major keys with a classical piano sound. Kids can enjoy changing the sound mode to listen notes in different animal sounds such as a bird, chicken, cat, dog, grasshopper. duck, and cow They can also change to other musical instruments such as a guitar or music box.

Pixel Art Maker: Free Online Sprite Editing App

Use this free online app to quickly create downloadable pixel art.

The canvas grid is 17 by 26 pixels.

Pixel Piano Online Interactive Virtual Piano Keyboard for Kids

Pixel Piano.

This is an HTML5 virtual piano that children and adults can use to learn how to play the piano and create their own melodies. It has features that show the notes’ name on the keys. It works on mobile phones, tablets, and desktop PC so you can have a portable piano keyboard that’s free to use anywhere you go.

Point to Point Happy Animals Drawing Game for Kids

Point to Point Happy Animals.

This is a 11-stage connect the dots animal game for kids.

Children only need to connect one dot at a time and the game provides regular encouragement.

Scream Go Hero: Screaming Ninja Platform Jumping Game

Scream Go Hero.

Scream Go Hero is a simple game where players speak into their microphones to control the jump of a ninja, guiding him from platform to platform while avoiding spikes.

Tom and Jerry Music Maker App for Kids

Tom and Jerry Music Maker.

This is a simple music making tool for children which teaches them about notes, keys, tempo and more.

Tom and Jerry Musical Stairs Game: Make Noise & Wake Spike

Tom and Jerry Musical Stairs Game.

Help Jerry choose out which items to lay on the stairs so Tom makes the most noise possible and wakes up Spike, who is (err, was) sleeping at the bottom of the stairs.

Tonality Virtual Listening Sound Matching Memory Game


This is a unique virtual listening and sound matching memory game where players must match 2 blocks with the same pitch from a number of blocks. The puzzle is solved once you match each block with its corresponding block. It comes with 3 modes: Practice, Timed, and Active. You can select boards with 3 x 3, 4 x 4, 5 x 5, or 6 x 6 blocks. Practice lets you solve the puzzle without a time limit, while the time mode gives you several seconds to solve a puzzle. Active mode is more challenging because 2 blocks can switch places anytime.

Virtu Piano: Virtual Piano Learning Keyboard with Recorder

Virtu Piano.

This free online virtual piano simulator can record the music you play. It comes with 25 keys that have 40 piano sound modes that will fit any musical mood. Kids and adults will enjoy using this virtual piano on the their tablet, mobile phone, and desktop PC. It also comes with a keybind feature that allows you to use your keyboard buttons to play the piano on your browser.

Virtual Drums Interactive Drum Practice Beat Recorder

Virtual Drums.

This is a fun virtual 5-piece drum kit that can be played by using a tablet, mobile phone, laptop, or desktop PC. It allows kids and adults to recreate or compose their own drum beats and record it into their computer. This virtual drum set comes with tom drums, ride and crash cymbals, snare drum, rimshot, and a bass drum.

Virtual Xylophone Instrument for Music Teachers & Students

Virtual Xylophone Instrument.

This is a simple online simulation of the musical instrument which is popular in elementary education. Tap the wood bars on a touchscreen device or click your mouse over a wooden bar to play a note. Repeatedly click or drag to play additional notes. Overall Design Difficulty Replay Play Our Virtual Xylophone Instrument Online Children […]

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