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Avengers Hydra Dash: Marvel Running Fight Mission Game

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This is a running adventure game where you play as various members of the Marvel Avengers team. Your character automatically runs, but you have to decide when to jump, which enemies to fight, and time attacks.

  • Play in story mode to work your way through 12 challenging levels, or play the game in endless running mode.
  • Choose your path and time your jumps to collect memory sticks.
  • Fight enemies along your path and unlock new members of the team as you progress through the game





Play Marvel’s Avengers Hydra Dash Game Online

Children and parents can play this running adventure battle game by clicking in the window below.

Alternatively kids and adults can play this Marvel Avengers adventure game for free as a web application here.

Avengers Hydra Dash Game for Kids Game Play Instructions

How to Play

Fight off enemies, collect coins to buy power ups, and collect memory sticks to

  • Starting the Game
    • The game’s welcome screen has many buttons on it.
      • Left arrow: shows mini-goals of the game along with which of them you have completed.
        • Land 3 double jumps
        • Slide 25 meters in a run
        • Use abilities 10 times
        • Run 200 meters
        • Collect a memory stick
        • Collect 50 tokens
        • Defeat an enemy
        • Land 10 jumps
        • Use abilities 5 times
        • Slide 20 meters
        • Collect 3 memory sticks
        • Land 5 tumble-jumps
        • Land 5 jumps in a run
        • Collect 25 tokens in a run
        • Land 3 tumble-jumps in a run
        • Defeat 5 enemies
        • Land 3 triple tumble-jumps
        • Run 1,000 meters
        • Land 50 jumps
        • Collect 200 tokens
        • Slide 100 meters
        • Land 10 tumble-jumps
        • Land 30 jumps in a run
        • Collect 100 tokens in a run
        • Use abilities 15 times
        • Land 5 double tumble-jumps
        • Land 10 tumble-jumps in a run
        • Defeat 10 enemies
        • Slide 100 meters in a run
        • Land 5 triple tumble-jumps
        • Run 5,000 meters
        • Land 200 jumps
        • Collect 500 tokens
        • Slide 500 meters
        • Land 50 tumble-jumps
        • Land 100 jumps in a run
        • Land 10 double tumble-jumps
        • Use abilities 50 times
        • Land 10 triple tumble-jumps
        • Run 10,000 meters
        • Defeat 25 enemies
        • Land 500 jumps
        • Collect 1,000 tokens
        • Slide 1,000 meters
      • Right arrow: shows the special features of different characters
        • Captain America can bash through enemies with his shield.
        • Iron Man can fly to avoid enemies and reach higher platforms.
        • Black Widow can roll to dodge enemies and crawl in tight passages.
        • Thor can shock enemies and disable electronic devices with the Mjolnir.
        • Falcon can glide for long distances after a jump.
        • Black Panther can leap and move through ceilings.
        • Hawkeye can shoot arrows to defeat enemies and collect items.
        • Hulk can smash through enemies and cages.
    • Story Mode
      • The goal of this game is to run through levels and collect USB memory sticks to crack Hydra’s network.
      • You must beat each level to unlock the subsequent levels in the 12-level game.
      • Your web browser automatically saves your coin count, character upgrades, found memory sticks and unlocked levels.
    • Endless Mode
      • See how far you can travel without dying.
      • Try to beat your previous high score.
      • Your web browser automatically stores your max distance.
    • The upper right corner of the welcome screen has 2 buttons for sound control and a play mode FAQ highlighting the differences between endless & story mode along with how to check your goals progress.
  • Game Controls
    • Desktop
      • Your character automatically runs to the right.
      • Press the up arrow key to jump.
      • Use the X key to attack.
      • Use the C key to use your special attack.
      • You can also mouse over the on-screen buttons and click on them with your mouse, though that is less ideal control than using the keyboard keys.
    • Mobile
      • Use the on-screen controls.
  • Story Mode Game Play
    • Character Unlocks
      • When you play the game in story mode initially only Captain America is unlocked.
      • As you beat levels additional characters are unlocked.
        • Beating the first level unlocks Iron Man.
        • Beating the second level unlocks Black Widow.
        • Beating level four unlocks Thor.
        • Beating level five unlocks Falcon.
        • Beating level seven unlocks Black Panther.
        • Beating level eight unlocks Hawkeye.
        • Beating level ten unlocks Hulk.
      • You must unlock characters in story mode to be able to use those characters in endless mode.
    • Upgrades
      • For each character you can upgrade their tumble speed & token magnet settings 3 times.
      • Tumble speed costs 250, 500 and 750.
      • Token magnet costs 500, 1,000, and 1,500.
      • Upgrades are on a per-character basis.
    • Level Progress
      • The level select screen shows what percent of the memory sticks you obtained from each level. When you have found all of them in a level the bar next to the memory stick will turn yellow.
      • If you die in the middle of a level you still keep the memory sticks you found on that run.
      • Inside the level at the bottom of the screen there is a level progress status bar which shows how far you are in the current level on the current run & where memory sticks are located in the level.
        • Memory sticks you have already grabbed will not show up on the level progress meter inside the level.
        • When you are inside of a level if the memory stick appears faint that means it is where a memory stick once was, but you already grabbed it on a previous run.
      • Some levels will require using multiple different characters who can jump, fall through holes, or break things to go down various paths to grab all of the memory sticks.
        • It can take a number of hours to beat the game complete 100% as some levels may require playing 3 or 4 different characters.
        • USB sticks which require special skills to get to show the Avenger you should use near them.
          • While the controls for each Avenger are basically the same, there is nuance to how the game is played. Some examples:
          • Most characters can not use their special power while jumping, but Iron Man can.
          • Quite often Iron Man can get at USB sticks designated for other users if you time the jump and flight correctly. If you are struggling to get a USB stick with Iron Man don’t forget you can first jump before using the power up thrusters while in mid air.
          • Thor uses his regular attack button to damage electronic control panels.
          • Due to those nuances, it can make sense to try to get most of the USB sticks from each character through the game that are easy to get and then if there are some that are harder to get circle back and try to get all the Thor or Hulk or such USB sticks you couldn’t easily get earlier.
          • If you miss an item and want to restart the level you can let the next enemy hit you.
          • Don’t forget to use the button in the lower left corner after the level to quickly restart it without navigating through the character select screen.
    • Attack Strategy
      • Each encounter with an enemy is a chance to get hit.
      • If enemies are facing in the same direction you are running (e.g. facing to the right, away from you) then you can punch them using the regular X attack.
      • If enemies are facing toward you then you should usually use the C special attack.
      • Recharging your attacks
        • For Captain America the special attack button takes time to recharge while you can keep using the other attack.
        • For Iron Man the special button is a trust to fly & the regular attack shoots a beam at enemies. Both take time to recharge.
      • Jumping
        • If you can jump over the end of the enemy weapon beam you can then use a regular attack or run past them unimpeded.
        • Be careful with trying to jump over the tip as you can not initiate an attack while you are in mid-air so if you miss you die.
    • Dying
      • This game features a one hit death.
      • If enemies capture you with their laser blast it is game over.
      • If you die you can replay the level again from the beginning of that level.
  • Avengers Hydra Dash Codes
    • The code panel allows you to enter codes to win free tokens.
    • The code 5555 gives you 500 tokens.
    • The code 615431 gives you 1,000 tokens.
  • Target Audience
    • This game is fun for Marvel Avengers fans of all ages. Younger kids may struggle with the story missions mode, though anyone can play the endless run version and compete against their own prior best score.
    • There are no adult themes in this game.

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