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Check out our free collection of fun sports games ranging from minigolf to soccer pinball.

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All games are browser-based. Our catalog is rendered in mobile-friendly HTML5, offering cross-device gameplay. You can play on mobile devices like Apple iPhones, Google Android powered cell phones from manufactures like Samsung, tablets like the iPad or Kindle Fire, laptops, and Windows-powered desktop computers. All game files are stored locally in your web browser cache. These games work in Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and other modern web browsers.


3D Pool: 8 Ball Billiards Game

3d Pool Game.

This is a 3D pool game where players can play against each other or the computer.

This game uses webgl to allow billiards players to rotate the table shooting a standard game of 8 ball.

The game offers guidelines which show the strike path of balls and the path of balls which are struck.

Arcade Golf Game: Pitch & Putt

Arcade Golf.

This is a simple arcade-styled side-view pitching and putting game where players try to rack up high scores by making a hole in one or making the shot as quickly as possible.

Tap on the screen or click the mouse then pull back and adjust the angle to set the shot strength and angle.

Crazy Freekick: Head On Free Kick Soccer Game

Crazy Freekick Game.

This is a head on view of a free kick game where you time horizontal and vertical slider inputs to shoot shots on goal.

Score quickly and frequently to rack up a high score and advance to the next level.

Dunk Line Basketball Game

Dunk Line is an HTML basketball physics game where players draw line segments to guide basketballs shot onto the screen to fall into the hoops and score baskets.

In later rounds multiple balls appear at the same time and players have to avoid bombs.

Players can collect gems which can be used to unlock other balls.

Miss a ball and it is game over!

Dunk Shot Basketball Game

Dunk Shot is a hoops game where players drag, angle and shot the basketball from one net to the next.

Pull on the bottom of the net to set the strength and angle of your shot to shoot the ball into the next basket.

If you miss a single shot you lose!

Footstar Soccer Game: Score Goals You Star You!


Footstar is an exceptionally cute and fun 30-level physics puzzle game where players shoot shots on goal by controlling the angle and strength of the shot.

Beating a level requires getting all 3 stars while kicking a goal.

Levels can be restarted at any point and can be completed in any order. Many levels are quite challenging as there are bombs, warps, and moving obstacles.

Free Kick Soccer Game

Free Kick is an HTML soccer ball kicking game where players score points while knocking targets on the goal.

Tap the screen or click your mouse and fling upward to control the direction of the ball.

Hit the target, miss the goalie and score points.

You play until you miss 3 shots and if you take too long to kick that also counts as a miss.

Funny Soccer: Empty Goal Soccer Arcade Game

funny soccer game.

This is a simple side view soccer game where players play one on one to try to get the ball behind the other player and score a goal.

Each game lasts a single one minute round unless the game is tied, in which case it goes into a one minute overtime.

Control your player’s position with the left and right arrows.

Press X to kick the ball and Z to headbutt it.

Golf Golf Pitching Wedge Game

Golf Golf game.

This is an ultra simple game where players control only the strength of the shot.

Click the mouse or tap the screen to start your shot and release when you believe the power is at the right level to land the ball in a hole on a floating platform.

Players score a point for each make and the game continues until a player misses 10 shots.

Happy Golf Minigolf Game

Happy Golf.

Happy Golf is a cute and fun minigolf game where players must sink red or blue golf balls in their associated holes by controlling the strength and angle of their swing.

Each level requires a hole in one or you have to replay it.

On some levels players must hit switches or solve other puzzles to open a pathway to the cup.

Mini Golf Putting Game

Mini Golf is an HTML golf game where players hit the golf ball and try get a hole in one.

The game is played from a side view. Players control the strength of the swing and the angle the ball is hit at.

If you make the shot on the first try it is good for 3 points and each subsequent miss lowers your point total by one for the next make.

You start with 3 balls and lose a ball each time the shot is missed.

Minigolf Game: 9 & 18 Hole Putting Mini Golf

Minigolf Game.

This is an overhead view mini golf game where players can choose to play the front 9, back 9, or 19 holes.

Players first set the club angle and strength then click again to release their shot at the appropriate timing.

Minigolf World Mini Golf Game

Minigolf World.

In this beautiful and isometric mini golf game players try to beat par on 18 challenging holes.

Players score 3 stars for getting better than par and fewer stars for doing worse than par.

Soccer Pinball 3: Virtual Football Pinball Game

Soccer Pinball 3 Game.

This is a cute soccer pinball game where you are the goalie and 4 players on your team are out to score more than 3 goals on 6 balls to beat the opposing team.

The opposing team has a goalie you must get the ball past and try to get it in the goal without the ball falling down the side of the screen.

Ultimate Boxing Game

Ultimate Boxing.

This is a mobile tap boxing game where you try to knock out the other boxer before they knock you out.

This game is easier to play on a cell phone or other touch device than on a desktop computer.

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