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All games are browser-based. Our catalog is rendered in mobile-friendly HTML5, offering cross-device gameplay. You can play on mobile devices like Apple iPhones, Google Android powered cell phones from manufactures like Samsung, tablets like the iPad or Kindle Fire, laptops, and Windows-powered desktop computers. All game files are stored locally in your web browser cache. These games work in Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and other modern web browsers.

Escape the Fuzz Police Chase Game

Escape the Fuzz.

This is a driving game inspired by PacMan and Grand Theft Auto.

The driver must collect all the coins from the level without getting pulled over by a police officer.

Western Sheriff First Person Shooter

Western Sheriff.

This is a front facing western-themed shooting game.

Every character which appears on the screen is an enemy and you are given an unlimited amount of bullets, but they shoot at you quickly.

The game includes upgrades like a more powerful automatic gun and first aid kits which restore your health.

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