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About Plays.org

Site Background

What We Offer

We are a site offering free and fun online games which can quickly be played from the browser. The thinking behind this site was since so many people are stuck at home during rolling lockdowns maybe we could add a bit of joy to people’s lives.

A Constantly Expanding Collection of Games

Currently we have published around 100 games on our site. We try to publish at least 1 or 2 additional games everyday, so if you click on the “free games” menu above linking at plays.org/games/ you should see something new everyday. 🙂


This website is powered using the fantastic WordPress blogging software and a couple plug-ins to help organize site structure and add features like game ratings.

Most of our games are built as lightweight JavaScript web applications.

The blog theme was coded from scratch using a design our web designer created. You can tell from the level of detail in the header graphic he loves gaming.



The founder of this website could best be described as an eccentric self-employed full-time webmaster who has worked on frontend and backend web development for a couple decades.

Founding Ethos / Back to Basics / Play for Fun, Not Competition

This site was founded by a person who purchased multiple large storage racks to hold their massive video game cartridge collection. I tended to like vintage video games for the following reasons:

  • most vintage console games had a concrete end to them and were self-contained units
  • the fact the game was on a cartridge disconnected from the web and world
  • no in-game paid upgrades
  • the game was the product
  • no infinite level of competition from other intense players
  • no glitching or cheese builds

This site is inspired by the above worldview. Many small snackable games. Little bits of joy. No paid upgrades or playing with the default character settings that social signals you can’t afford the upgrades. Not competing against others, but playing for the sake of play and to have fun. 🙂


This website is funded through savings from operating other websites. We have not raised any sort of funding and are unlikely to do so. This site is more of a passion project than a business of any sort.

The founder of this site could simply retire at this point, but this site was created as a way to use what they know to create something fun and to make some aspects of their work day a bit less boring than it otherwise would be.

User Tracking & Privacy

This site does not carry any advertisements. We do have a social sharing widget in the sidebar and some of the social networks like Facebook may try to use user activity for ad targeting, but we do not directly monetize any webpage or track uses with intent of delivering ads to them.

The only tracking service on our site where we look at it is Clicky, a web analytics tool. We use data from it to see which games are popular and track our site health overall. If we see a certain specific game or category of games is widely popular with our users then we will create more related games in that genre.


As Seen In

While our site was launched in 2021 it has connected well with the web and has been referenced by hundreds of websites, including:

Anyone is free to link to this site without requesting. Links are what hold the web together. 🙂

If you have a media request you can contact us using either of the methods shown below.

Contact Us

You can email us using the address everyone @ our domain name. Alternatively, you can also post comments to this page. Every game page has a contact / feedback form on it. If you uncover any bugs or issues please let us know so we can fix them and improve the site for everybody. 🙂

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About Us

We like the Internet, the Outernet, the Extranet, and memes. And games. Lots and lots of games. :)

I am so old I played early Atari, ate at ShowBiz Pizza & was even a fan of ColecoVision.

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