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X-Trial Racing Mountain Adventure

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This is a challenging 30-stage physics base stunt motorcycle course. This game is the sequel to X-Trial Racing. If you have not played the original it is recommended you play it first before playing this game.

  • Race through 30 different courses.
  • Keep your bike upright.
  • Finish as quickly as you can to earn stars.
  • Use your stars to purchase other bikes.





Play X-Trial Racing Mountain Adventure Game Online

Children and parents can play this motorcycle racing game by clicking in the window below.

Alternatively kids and adults can play this physics motorcycle racer video game for free as a web application here.

X-Trial Racing Mountain Adventure Bike Game for Kids Video Game Play Instructions

How to Play

Drive through 30 challenging obstacle courses as quickly as you can without crashing.

  • Starting the Game
    • Select the orange play button at the bottom of the game’s loading screen to bring up the game’s welcome screen.
    • Select the orange PLAY button near the bottom of the game’s welcome screen to bring up the game’s level select screen.
      • Initially only the first level is accessible.
      • Levels are unlocked sequentially.
      • Your web browser automatically saves your game progress including beat levels, level ratings & purchased bikes.
    • The welcome screen has the following 4 buttons
      • trophy at bottom center – game achievements / medals
      • trash can at bottom center – erase game progress
      • question mark in top left – game developer information
      • speaker in top right – sound & music control
  • Game Controls
    • Desktop
      • Use the up arrow key to accelerate.
      • Use the down arrow key to brake. While moving in reverse you tap the accelerator to slow down.
      • Use the right arrow key to turn clockwise.
      • Use the left arrow key to turn counterclockwise.
    • Touchscreen devices
      • Use the on-screen controls.
      • The gas and break buttons are
  • Game Play
    • Basics
      • Speed
        • This game feels almost like Sonic the Hedgehog meets motorcycle obstacle course racing.
        • The course moves so fast you often have to rely on memorization to be able rapidly adjust your speed and angle.
        • In some parts of the level you have to have maximum speed to make big jumps, whereas in other parts you have to slow down to not overshoot platforms. The tricky part is these are often in rapid succession, getting you used to one style of play then requiring the next.
      • Angle
        • If you run into a wall or floor with anything other than a wheel you will likely blow up. Spin your bike so your tires hit first to cushion the impacts of running into anything.
        • Some jumps require you to do a full 360 degree spin to land them.
        • Some platform falls require you to make a sudden stop, while others require you drive backward then make a fast stop after reaching the next platform.
        • If you keep hitting your head on part of the level after a jump try to rotate your bike to put your head in a different direction when it passes by the platform you were hitting.
        • If you are about to fall off platform or barely make a jump sometimes you can spin your bike back toward putting more weight on the wheel on the platform to gain leverage.
      • Bikes
        • Some levels are nearly impossible to beat with certain bikes, requiring you to earn stars on prior levels to purchase other bikes.
        • If a jump seems impossible to make try another bike.
    • Levels
      • This game has 30 levels which are unlocked sequentially.
      • To beat a level you must make it to the finish line.
      • You unlock the next level even if you beat a level with a zero star rating.
      • If you crash you die. You get unlimited continues, but restart at the beginning of the level after crashing.
      • Some levels have multiple parallel paths and shortcuts you can make by missing jumps and falling far to other platforms, discovering these can require a bit of trial and error & sometimes you find the faster alternate routes through luck.
    • Star Ratings
      • You can earn up to 3 stars on each level depending on how quickly you complete the course.
      • If you score fewer than 3 stars the game will tell you what time you needed to beat the course in to earn another star. Each time limit is typically 1 second less, so if 1 star is 32 seconds you can expect 2 stars to be 31 seconds and 3 stars to be 30 seconds.
      • If you replay a level where you scored 2 stars and get a 3-star rating it upgrades that level rating to 3, but you only gain 1 additional star.
      • Some levels are hard to earn stars on unless you have the right bike on them, so if you score fewer than 3 stars you can come back to the level with a better bike you purchased.
    • Bikes
      • In addition to the Lightning bike which is unlocked at the beginning of the game you can use your level star ratings to purchase 11 other bikes.
        • Gum Pop costs 3.
        • Blizzard costs 3.
        • Pizza Boy costs 6.
        • Panther costs 6.
        • Off-Roader costs 6.
        • Mark 3 costs 8.
        • Commando costs 8.
        • Hot Fuzz costs 10.
        • Sellout costs 12.
        • Vengance costs 12.
        • Hell Rider costs 16.
      • Each bike has unique physics properties.
        • Certain bikes work better on certain courses & some bikes are virtually impossible to win with on certain courses.
        • There are exactly 90 stars you can earn in this game & purchasing all bikes costs a total of 90 stars.
        • You may want to skip some of the weaker bikes like Gum Pop and Pizza Boy to unlock Hell Rider & then circle back to complete the bike collection after beating all levels with a 3-star rating.
    • Trophies
      • Complete 1, 15, 20 and all 30 levels.
      • Collect 12, 45 and all 90 stars.
      • Buy 3, 6 and all 12 motorcycles.
  • Target Audience
    • The game is suited for players who like motorcycles or physics platforming games.
      • This game is incredibly difficult to master. It is best for experienced gamers & may frustrate some new gamers.
    • The game has no adult themed content.

Differences Between X-Trail Racing & X-Trail Racing 2

This game game is the sequel to X-Trail racing. If you have not played the original yet it is recommended you complete the original before playing this game.

  • This game has better graphics & more bikes you can purchase.
  • This game is far more forgiving with allowing you to re-establish balance than the original, particularly while racing through loops.
  • Physics differences between bikes are more noticeable on this game than on the original.
  • Some courses are almost impossible (or perhaps literally impossible) to beat with certain bikes, as on some courses to finish you have to jump a huge ramp and move backward off onto a platform with the finish line on it & weaker bikes do not have enough energy to make the height of the platform while moving far enough horizontally.
  • The first game allowed you to fly over and past the platform with the checkered flag on it and beat the course. This game requires you to be vertically close to the flag to beat courses.
  • The original had most checkered flags at the far right of the level. In this game the flag can require making a jump that sends you backward in toward the center of the level.
  • In the original game the brake button had high precision and worked well for both forward and reverse. In this game you need to accelerate while moving backward in order to slow down quickly & the brake button only works while you are moving forward.

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Mobile Friendly Cross Browser Support

This game is rendered in mobile-friendly HTML5, so it offers cross-device gameplay. You can play it on mobile devices like Apple iPhones, Google Android powered cell phones from manufactures like Samsung, tablets like the iPad or Kindle Fire, laptops, and Windows-powered desktop computers. All game files are stored locally in your web browser cache. This game works in Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and other modern web browsers.

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