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Gravity Golf

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This is a golfing obstacle course game where you control gravity.

  • Click to reverse gravity. Click again to alternate gravity.
  • Avoid running into any of the red spikes.
  • Get the ball in the hole using as few strokes as you can.





Play Gravity Golf Game Online

Children and parents can play this gravity reversing golfing game by clicking in the window below.

Alternatively kids and adults can play this 2D golf video game for free as a web application here.

Gravity Golf Game for Kids Video Game Play Instructions

How to Play

Repeatedly reverse gravity as many times as needed to get the golf ball into the hole.

  • Starting the Game
    • The game starts in active play on the first hole.
    • Tap the screen with a finger or use your mouse left click button to reverse gravity.
  • Game Controls
    • Desktop
      • Tap your mouse left click button to reverse gravity.
      • Tap your mouse again to return to normal gravity.
      • Tap as many times as you need to in order to alternate gravity.
      • If you make an error you can press the R key to restart the current level.
    • Touchscreen devices
      • Tap and hold the screen to reverse gravity.
      • Release the tap to have gravity operate normally.
    • Controls & indicators
      • The upper left corner of the screen shows how many strokes you have taken on the current hole.
      • The upper right corner has a restart button to start the current hole over again.
  • Game Play
    • Basics
      • This is a simple golfing game where you do not control shot angle or strength, but instead control gravity.
      • Reverse gravity as needed to help the ball move toward the hole.
      • Avoid hitting any of the ball destroying red barriers.
      • Finish each hole in as few strokes as you can.
    • Holes
      • This course has 22 holes which are unlocked sequentially.
        • You can’t go back to replay a prior hole without starting the game over.
      • Winning vs losing
        • You do not have a stroke limit or time limit on each hole, though if the ball gets stuck you can restart the level by pressing the R key on your keyboard.
        • Some later holes have red blocks on them which you can not hit or you will lose your ball.
        • This game offers unlimited continues, starting you at the beginning of the current hole if you lose a ball or restart the stage.
    • Walkthroughs
      • Hole 1: reverse gravity once.
      • Hole 2: reverse gravity, then undo it when the ball has moved 80% across the screen.
      • Hole 3: reverse gravity, then undo it when the ball has moved 80% across the screen.
      • Hole 4: reverse gravity while hole is on the left quarter of the screen & then reverse it again just before the spike right of center on the ceiling.
      • Hole 5: reverse gravity, then undo it when the ball has moved 80% across the screen. Reverse gravity once more when ball is near the bottom center, left of the down pointing spike.
      • Hole 6: reverse gravity once & ball will move back and forth up to the hole.
      • Hole 7: reverse gravity, then undo it when the ball has moved 80% across the screen. Let the ball roll back left and right then reverse gravity again just under the flag.
      • Hole 8: reverse gravity to move up and left, then reverse it to use the lower left ramp to build up speed. Reverse gravity again before reaching the ramp on the right side. Reverse gravity a final time just before the hole to fall into it.
      • Hole 9: reverse gravity to go up the leftmost ramp, then reverse it with timing to get past the first spike in the floor. Reverse gravity again before the second spike in the floor, then reverse gravity one last time on the left portion of the right side of the screen (with momentum) for the ball to fall into the hole.
      • Hole 10: reverse gravity to use ceiling above as a ramp to push you right. Reverse gravity again before the lip sticking down, then reverse it again to use the next ceiling above to get you moving left. Dip down before the lip sticking down, then reverse gravity again to go up and head back right. Reverse gravity one last time before the lip sticking down.
      • Hole 11: reverse gravity to go up the top of the loop on the left side, head left, then reverse gravity to go down and around the loop toward the right. Reverse gravity once more just before the ramp to the right (to get past the lip hanging down) and reverse gravity when you are on the right side to fall down into the hole.
      • Hole 12: reverse gravity while you are near the right 1/3 of the playing field. Depending on your speed you need to reverse gravity while you are on the right side ceiling to fly left into the hole. Faster movement means you need to release earlier on the path on the ceiling.
      • Hole 13: reverse gravity to climb the roof. Reverse gravity a second time (when you are around 70% of the way across the arc) to fall down into the hole.
      • Hole 14: reverse gravity to go up to the ceiling and then reverse it again to time the fall. You can reverse gravity when the ball is near the edge and time the ball fall while the ball is moving fast, or you can let the ball use up a lot of its momentum on the ground first and then reverse gravity while the ball is moving toward the center slowly, then reverse again over the hole.
      • Hole 15: this is the first hole with dangerous red spikes. Reverse gravity in the first quarter of the stage & then reverse it gain in the last fifth.
      • Hole 16: this requires you to reverse gravity to float in the air, then oscillate by reversing gravity twice more to protect you from the red spikes on ceiling and floor & makie it into the hole.
      • Hole 17: reverse gravity early on the ramp up and then quickly reverse it again so you make it over the spike and then land near the hole on the right side. If the ball is moving slowly you may need to do multiple sets of oscillating.
      • Hole 18: this is a side shot to the right. Fall down the initial ramp and then while in bottom 1/3 of the screen reverse gravity to float up & quickly reverse it again to avoid the top spikes and make the hole on the right.
      • Hole 19: reverse gravity just before middle of the course. Reverse gravity again after on the roof to avoid the top spikes. Reverse gravity once more to go up to the hole near the top left of the top part of the screen. If you get the timing wrong on falling off the roof you will need to go back and forth off the top platform and ceiling until you get sufficient left moving momentum.
      • Hole 20: role left, then reverse gravity near the left edge of the screen. As you are passing the first red bar reverse gravity to fall down. Climb the spike on the floor with a bit of speed and reverse gravity again to float up & once more to drop down into the hole.
      • Hole 21: Fall down, then reverse gravity to go up. Time the next reversing of gravity to avoid the red spikes sticking out left. After going under the next bar time the reverse of gravity move up to avoid running into either the red blocks or the purple spike sticking down. Reverse gravity once more to go down, then when you are near the lower right corner of the screen reverse gravity to safely move up to the hole.
      • Hole 22: Reverse gravity when the moving platform is above you and will catch you. Reverse gravity again when the moving platform will drop you into the hole.
  • Target Audience
    • The game is suited for players who like minigolf & physics puzzle games.
    • The game has no adult themed content.

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