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Powerpuff Girls Hypno Bliss Flying & Platform Game

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This is a beautiful flying game where you play as Bubble, Blossom or Buttercup fighting through 4 maps with 7 levels each.

  • Fly through the levels and pick up cannons to fight off enemies.
  • Collect coins scattered throughout the level.
  • Grab weights to solve puzzles, keys to unlock doors, or bombs to blast through stone walls to work your way through the levels.





Play Powerpuff Girls Hypno Bliss Flying Game Online

Children and parents can play this side view flat 2D flying game by clicking in the window below.

Alternatively kids and adults can play this cute flight fighting game for free as a web application here.

Powerpuff Girls Hypno Bliss Platforming Game Play Instructions

How to Play

Fly through the levels fighting off enemies, collecting coins and making your way to the end of each level to teleport to the next level.

  • Starting the Game
    • Press the spacebar on the welcome screen to begin the game.
    • The game has 3 maps or zones with 7 levels per map (well 7 levels on the first 2 maps and then the 7th level on the third map is a boss battle) & then there is also a second and final battles, so technically there are 22 total levels.
      • Bird Poop Island, Twilight Forest and City Chase are the three zones with 7 levels each.
      • The boss battles consist of the Mecha Gnat and Hypno Bliss.
      • Each level must be beat to unlock subsequent levels (though in some cases 2 parallel levels like 5 and 6 can lead to level 7).
      • Levels that are not unlocked are gray and levels which are beat are shaded in a similar color to the map for that section of the game.
      • Click on the level you want to play and then tap the spacebar on your browser.
      • After you have beat the first map you can click the green arrows at the top of the screen to go scroll between the 4 maps.
      • Your game progress is stored in your local web browser.
  • Game Controls
    • Moving & flying
      • Click the left or right arrow key to move left or right.
      • Click the up arrow key to jump.
      • Click the up arrow twice to fly.
      • Click the down arrow key twice to fall from a flight.
      • If you tap the left arrow or right arrow key twice you dash or fly quickly in that direction.
    • Other actions
      • Press the space bar to pick something up or drop it (like a gun or a torch or a key).
      • Left click on your mouse to pick up bombs to blow up concrete blocks & left click again to set them down.
      • Click on the X button to fire at an enemy while holding a cannon.
    • Escape
      • Pressing the escape button brings up the game menu, which offers the following options:
        • play
        • go to map
        • game home screen
        • sound control
        • music control
  • Strategy
    • Death
      • You get infinite lives in this game, but if you die you restart the level you were on from the beginning with no coins collected.
      • You get 3 full heart containers at the beginning of each level.
      • There are additional hearts located throughout the level. If you already have 3 you can leave them to come back to, but if you have fewer than 3 you can run into them to power up.
    • Fighting
      • Most enemies can be killed easily, though they typically take more hits than you do to die.
      • If an enemy is not shooting at you then you can be aggressive with repeatedly shooting it, but if it is shooting at you aggressively it pays to retreat while you are shooting at it as it buys you time and your character automatically aims at nearby enemies.
      • When running away if the enemy shoots at you be sure to move either left or right along with up or down.
        • When you fight enemies and they take many hits while being able to shoot at you be sure to move away from them while alternating direction and altitude in your retreat.
        • You can double click left or right to sprint that way quickly & if need be you can tap down twice to fall quickly.
        • In some cases enemy shots can pass through walls, so do not rely on those to save you!
      • Some enemies can not be killed but can only be stunned long enough to pass through.
        • Be careful not to double tap left or right while near these enemies or it is easy to repeatedly die.
    • Collecting coins
      • Each level states how many coins it has inside it.
      • If you are near the end of the level and have not yet collected all the coins then you may need to go back and destroy boxes, glass or remaining enemies located throughout the level to unlock hidden coins.
    • Level Tips
      • On the first zone you should expect that sometimes you will get hit by bombs you carry to blow up blocks.
      • On the second zone you should anticipate dying a few times from enemies which are hidden. Be sure when you are carrying keys or guns you remember where you put the torch & when you have the torch ensure the other items are placed in a position which is easy to remember.
      • On the third level where there is a red bubble you can not fly, so look for ways to get near the edge, head higher, and then jump to where you can deactivate the machine which prevents you from flying.
      • When fighting the Mecha Gnat the name of the game is always fly, collect heart containers, grab and drop bombs on him, and try to give yourself a bit of room to maneuver so he misses you.
        • Rather than flying at the edge of the screen fly a bit in from it so that when he jumps to hit you there is a bit of room to escape to.
        • He only takes about 5 or 6 hits to beat, but you only have 3 heart containers, so making him miss once or twice is important as sometimes you can get hit swooping in to collect a heart container or a bomb to drop on him.
        • If you fly toward the bottom of the screen you can make him miss by double pressing in his direction when he goes to jump so you fly under his jump with a rush in the opposite direction.
        • When you drop bombs on him they will stick to him until they blow up even if he jumps.
      • When fighting Hypno-Bliss you do not actually fight her, but rather avoid her attacks while collecting a series of keys and guns to gain access to the control panel which is powering her.
        • Ensure you have collected all the coins before you get to the control panel, because as soon as you touch it that is the end of the game.
        • You will most likely be at least 4 stars short if you play through in default order as you need to grab the first gun you got after unlocking access to it with the yellow key to destroy the box near the far right top corner.
        • If you die on either boss battle you start again at the beginning of that boss battle with full life. But if you do not collect all the coins on your first play through when you play the boss battles again you have to do both battles sequentially. You can not play the Hypno-Bliss level in isolation.

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Powerpuff Girls Hypno Bliss Flying & Platform Game
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One comment on "Powerpuff Girls Hypno Bliss Flying & Platform Game"

  • Joey says:

    This is a platforming game where you play as the Powerpuff Girls. Your job is to jump and fly through several levels as the Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup. Collect all the stars in each level and navigate through passages. Your goal is to lead the girls to save their older sister Bliss from the villainous Gnat.

    Unlike in the show, the girls don’t seem to have their full suite of powers. They must also use heavy blasters to fight insectoid enemies. They must also carry heavy keys and other items to unlock more of the level. Deviations from canon aside, the game is quite an engaging platformer. The levels offer plenty of variety in gameplay and present unique challenges. Expect a lot of surprises, pleasant or otherwise, in each new area.

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