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Teen Titans Go One on One: TTG Chase Mini Games

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This TTG game is not a singular video game but a collection of 5 mini games. Each game presents a different Teen Titan where you must fight through a level to get to an end boss battle. The mini games include a first person runner (Cyborg), a vertical flier (Raven), a horizontal flier (Starfire), a classic platformer (Best Boy) and a side-view driving chase game (Robin). All games could also be classified as chase games.

  • Choose the Titan you want to play.
  • Read the in-game instructions and/or our guide below the game.
  • Make your way through the arduous levels and beat your mortal enemy in a tough boss battle.
  • Repeat the process with the other four Teen Titans to complete the game as a master champion.





Play Teen Titans One on One Game Online

Children and parents can play this free online collection of TTG driving & flying minigames by clicking in the window below.

Alternatively kids and adults can play these TTG chase games for free as a web application here.

Teen Titans One on One Game Play Instructions

How to Play

Fight enemies throughout the level, collect the energy power ups when they appear, and beat the bosses in the epic 1 vs 1 boss battles at the end of each level.

  • Starting the Game
    • Click on the play button in the bottom center of the welcome screen.
    • Select the character you would like to play.
      • Raven vs Overload
      • Cyborg vs Atlas
      • Starfire vs Mumbo
      • Beast Boy vs Mad Mod
      • Robin vs Red X
    • The difficulty level varies widely across each mini game.
      • I found Raven brutally difficult, Cyborg & Starfire ridiculously easy, Beast Boy starts off super easy but gets a bit difficult about half way through. and the Robin game is about a third as difficult as the Raven level.
  • Game Controls
    • Raven
      • In this vertical flying game you fly to the top of a skyscraper Overload is demolishing. On your way up you have to destroy large objects he is throwing off the building to save the people below.
      • Your flight upward is automatic. What you control is Raven’s efforts at protecting the people below.
      • Move your mouse to highlight a large falling object.
      • Click on the object and hold the left click while dragging it into another falling object to break both of them.
      • This game is quite difficult as you die from only 3 hits. If you mistake matching a single pair that counts as 2 of your 3 hits and throws your rhythm off, effectively making this game a single hit death. If an item slides past you then it still counts as a hit against your health.
      • There is an E energy restoration item but it rarely comes.
      • In the lower left corner of the screen there is a building which shows your level progress.
      • If you play on a large monitor it makes sense to make the screen size smaller to make your movements to select and smash the rocks faster.
    • Cyborg
      • This game is a first person perspective running game where you shoot things Atlas throws at you using your sonic cannon.
      • Move your mouse back and forth to move Cyborg.
        • You can avoid certain objects without penalty.
        • You should avoid the green balls which come at you about 1/3 of the way into the level as they split into half when you shoot them and it is hard to then shoot both halves before one of them hits you.
      • Click your mouse to shoot your sonic cannon at incoming objects.
        • Your cannon is on your right arm.
        • The vertical placement of your mouse does not matter. Only horizontal placement matters.
        • You can rapidly click to rapidly fire while moving back and forth slightly to increase your hit range.
        • There is no penalty for missed or frequent shots.
      • The lower left corner of the game shows a progress map which indicates how close you are to making it to Atlas.
      • There is an E energy restoration item but it rarely comes. Throughout the level I believe it comes twice.
        • If you strike it your power meter is fully restored.
      • Atlas does not have a power meter, but jumps out at you repeatedly. If you get to him with nearly full power, track his movements back and forth, and rapidly click you should be able to beat him.
      • This mini-game was much easier than Raven. I beat it on the second try and would have beat it on the first try if I was certain you could avoid items & did not keep shooting at the green balls that broke in half.
    • Starfire
      • This is a horizontally scrolling flying game. You control Starfire’s position vertically & horizontally along with her shot.
      • Firing
        • Press the left click key on your mouse to fire your shot. Hold it in to rapidly fire repeatedly.
        • Release the left click to charge up more powerful shots.
        • If you are rapidly firing and get hit then in some cases that can shift you from constantly firing to charging up a shot, so depress then click your mouse again & hold it to re-activate rapid fire.
      • Enemy strategy
        • While you are moving through most of the level it is best to keep the mouse clicked and scroll up and down so you hit most enemies right as they enter the screen.
        • Be aware the Peeps-type bunnies have a bit of a “heat seeking” aspect to them, so either ensure you are vertically aligned with them or dodge far out of the way.
        • The saws which move vertically are quite hard to kill (at least using my always rapidly fire technique) so for those I try to align my character horizontally to where I can pass above them when they are no the downdraft of their movements.
        • You do not get harmed if enemies fly past you without touching you.
      • Run into the E energy buttons to fully refill your energy.
      • At the end of the level you fight with Mumbo.
        • His shots have a bit of a “heat seeking” aspect to them, so most importantly concentrate on not getting hit.
        • He flies up and down in a regular pattern and moves while your shot is in the air, so try to click to release power shots somewhere in the middle of his flight range periodically figuring they will hit him about 60% of the time.
        • Like Atlas, Mumbo is super easy & I was able to beat this game on my second try playing.
    • Beast Boy
      • Work your way through the 6 stages of Mad Mod’s lair and fight him.
      • Collect the E buttons to restore your energy.
      • Transform controls
        • 1 transform to a human, where you can control access panels to unlock doors
        • 2 transform to a cheetah, so you can jump on tall enemies to knock them down
        • 3 transform to a hawk so you can fly out of danger and reach high places
      • Movement controls
        • up arrow key: jump
        • left & right arrow keys: move left or right
      • This game starts off quite easy but gets challenging by level 3.
        • You can only get hit a total of 4 times. On the fifth hit you die.
          • When you die you can continue on the same level you were on.
          • If you go back to the main menu and play again you start at level 1.
        • Accumulating hits against you is quite easy.
          • On level three there is a ground mechanical monster like the blue ones which also shoots fireballs in whichever way it is facing & you can typically only knock it over if you approach it from behind it while you are traveling in the same direction it is.
            • When fighting the red mechanical monster you can stay in bird form to be above its line of fire and then turn into the cheetah after it starts moving in the other direction.
          • There is also a lightning bolt shooter which keeps shooting bolts at you.
            • In an attempt to run past it and stop the hits you can easily get hit by either of the next two roof shooters.
            • To get past the fast moving lightning bolt it is often best to shift from a bird to a cheetah.
            • If there are many horizontal wall shooters on a narrow vertical passage way you can get just above them and then phase shift from a bird to a cheetah to fall quickly pat them.
        • Play tips
          • Try to pass wall or roof shooters when you are traveling in the opposite direction as they are to minimize the amount of time you are within their fire range.
          • When flying past floor or roof shooters try to pass on the opposite side of the passageway. If they are on the top fly near the bottom. If they are on the bottom try to fly near the top.
          • When you attack an enemy as the cheetah be cognizant of where you will land, or turn into a bird right after you strike them so you do not land in a dangerous place.
    • Robin
      • This is a side-scrolling driving game with three lanes where you have to shoot Red X in his various forms while avoiding into any other vehicles or running into Red X.
      • Scroll your mouse up and down to change lanes.
      • Left click to fire.
        • You can hold left click to rapidly fire a stream of bullets, but it can overheat, forcing you to have to lay off.
        • You are penalized when you get hit, but you are not penalized for avoiding Red X vehicles.
        • When you get hit you are stunned for a bit, which can often lead a single hit turning into multiple.
        • If Red X is flying you can jump on the back of a car with a bright rear window louvers.
      • You can run into the E pellet to restore your energy.
      • There is a level progress meter in the lower left corner. You fight Red X in a final boss battle at the end of the level.
      • If you like this mini-game check out Robin vs See-More for a similar game with better graphics, tighter controls & a bit more depth.
  • Target Audience
    • These Teen Titans Go mini-games are suitable for TTG fans of all ages.
    • These games do not contain any adult themes.

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Teen Titans Go One on One: TTG Chase Mini Games
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