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Teen Titans Go Zapping Run: Scrolling Running & Flying Game

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A villain named Control Freak invented the Remote Control and is switching channels to try to foil the Teen Titans. Your job is to run, avoid obstacles, power up, and make your way to Control Freak before it is too late! Can you make it 2,000 meters to the remote controller?

  • Each Teen Titan has their own mode of control. Take advantage of their skills to master the game.
  • Be prepared for abrupt channel switches between food, news, nature, sports and retro. Each level has its own quirks to it.
  • Collect coins to buy upgrades.
  • Collect power ups to warp ahead, turn enemy fire off, increase coin collection, or earn extra lives.





Play Teen Titans Go Zapping Run Game

Kids and adults can play this online Teen Titans Go runner game by clicking in the window below.

Alternatively children can play this free online Teen Titans Go running cartoon game as a web application here.

Teen Titans Go Zapping Run Game Play Instructions

How to Play

Run through the levels while avoiding obstacles and picking up coins. Use your coins to buy power ups and unlock further levels.

  • Starting the Game
    • Click on the white triangle on the game load screen to initiate the game introduction.
    • Click on the orange play button on the game welcome screen to start the game.
      • The welcome screen also contains a sound control button in the upper right corner and a developer info button in the lower left corner.
    • Your local web browser automatically stores your game play data including record distance, coins, upgrades, and if you beat the game.
  • Game Controls
    • There is only one control – the left button on the mouse.
    • All characters run automatically, but you control their elevation through your mouse movement.
    • Each character responds differently to the control though!
      • Robin – Robin is a classic runner. Robin can double jump. He can also glide by tapping and holding.
        • He runs along the ground unless you click your mouse to make him jump.
        • You can tap the button briefly to do a short jump.
        • You can click twice to double jump.
        • If you hold the mouse button in after a jump he glides slowly to the ground.
      • Cyborg – Cyborg is a flying character.
        • Tap to power his thrust and increase his elevation.
        • When you are not tapping his elevation decreases.
        • He does not get hurt by being at the top or bottom of the screen unless he runs into something.
      • Starfire – Starfire is a flying character. Starfire floats down by tapping and holding. Otherwise, she will float upwards.
        • Starfire’s controls are the exact opposite of Cyborgs.
        • When you do not press the left mouse button Starfire flies at the top of the screen.
        • As you press the on the left mouse button Starfire’s elevation drops.
        • Starfire seems to respond slightly slower than Cyborg & takes longer to switch directions.
      • Beast Boy – Beast Boy is a runner who changes shape when you try to jump. Best Boy will change shape when you tap. he can run on the floor or fly to the ceiling.
        • Beast Boy goes back and forth between falling or rising as you click to transform shape.
        • As a boy Beast Boy runs across the bottom of the screen.
        • Click your mouse and Beast Boy turns into a bird and flies at the top of the screen.
        • You can keep tapping your mouse to change form back and forth to keep him somewhere in the middle of the screen.
      • Raven – Raven is a warper. Raven will teleport to the indicated black dot when you tap.
        • The black dot moves up and down in front of Raven. Whenever you click your mouse Raven will warp to that vertical plane and stay on it until hit or until you click to change positions again.
      • Bumblebee – Bumblebee is a fluttering flier. Bubblebee will flap in the air when you tap. She can do this multiple times.
        • She flies upward as you click your mouse, though initially there is a bit of a static flutter instead of a rapid response.
    • Initially only Robin is unlocked. As you progress through the game you unlock other characters in the order shown above at 50 meters, 250 meters, 500 meters, 1,000 meters, and 1,500 meters.
  • Game Play
    • Run (or fly) through the game collecting coins and other bonus pickups.
      • Be aware Control Freak can change the channel at any point in time.
      • When the game ends you can pay for upgrades and then use the Titan’s Selector to choose which Titan you start the next game with.
    • Bonus Basics
      • The game has a variety of bonus pickups.
      • You obtain these bonuses by running or flying into them.
      • As you collect coins you can buy upgrades to each bonus, which increases their frequency in the game.
      • Each bonus type has 5 upgrade tiers. The cost of purchasing the bonuses is shown in a table below.
      • Since all pickups require coins to purchase, the most important items to upgrade initially are Titans Coin and Magnet, since both of those help you pick up more coins, effectively making the other upgrades faster to obtain.
    • Specific Bonuses
      • Titans Coin: Each upgrade increases the coin quality and quantity.
      • Shield: Protects the Titans from damage and increases effect time with each upgrade.
      • Shutdown: Disables hazards and increases effect time with each upgrade.
      • Magnet: Use a magnetic field to attract coins from further away.
      • Fast Forward: Skip ahead with super speed, increase distance traveled with each upgrade.
      • Extra Life: Unlock extra lives for each character.
    • Strategy
      • Learn the specific movement of each character.
        • How quickly do they respond when you tap the mouse button?
        • How easy is it to switch directions again after moving in one direction?
        • If they fly, should you leave them at the top or the bottom of the screen? Or somewhere in the middle?
        • How frequently do you need to tap & how long should you hold the taps to keep their elevation constant somewhere in the middle of the screen?
      • Bonuses & game strategy
        • If you are trying to beat the game running into the fast forward helps you out a lot since it chops off a portion of the course.
        • If you are trying to collect coins to buy more power ups then you may want to skip hitting the power up.
        • Be careful not to hit into something that will kill you when trying to pick up a bonus. Most bonuses move & an attempt to get one that misses can have you miss the bonus and die.
        • Determine which characters are your favorite and try extra hard to obtain them. If, for example, you do quite well with Robin, Cyborg and Bumble Bee then it might be worth the risk of potentially sacrificing a Raven to get one of them.
      • Focus
        • Keep your eyes focused to where you can see warnings at the front of the screen to know when rockets will fly at you.
        • Don’t get too distracted with picking up coins if many other things are going on in the screen.
      • Timing
        • As you progress through the game things happen faster.
        • There are laser beams which shoot across the screen but go into place and give a short warning first.
        • The speed at which rockets come at you changes & some have almost a heat seeking retargeting aspect. If you know many rockets are coming soon perhaps it makes sense to position you character in a way you normally wouldn’t (e.g. have Robin jumped in the air rather than running on the ground so that the rockets fly over him).
      • Level design
        • Each level has a different look or feel, which can in some cases make it hard to see some of the obstacles.
        • In the retro channel the signature bright neon near warnings and electric charges is replaced with a dull pale black and white color.
    • Dying
      • The game is a single hit death.
      • Move into anything that is glowing or get hit by any of the rocket-like items and you die.
        • Timing jumps can be tricky as sometimes avoiding one obstacle puts you in position to get hit by the next.
      • You can take advantage of the extra life power up feature to store up to 5 extra lives in the game.
        • When you pick up lives by running into the character bubbles in the game the lives are for the player pictured on the pickup rather than the player you are currently playing.
        • Extra life pickups only show the characters you already unlocked.
          • You won’t see a Bumblebee pickup anywhere in the game until you made it to at least 1,500 meters to unlock the character.
          • After a character has been unlocked you will see their pickups throughout the game.
    • Beating the game
      • You beat the game when you make it to 2,000 meters.
      • Beating the game unlocks an endless play mode.
  • Audience
    • This game will suit children of all ages. Younger children will likely enjoy the bright and beautiful visuals, although it does take a bit of skill to progress and the game gets more difficult the closer you get to Control Freak. For this reason, this game is best suited to older children. There is no adult imagery in this game.

Game Pickups Upgrade Level Costs

Level 1 2 3 4 5
Coins 50 200 800 3200 6400
Shield 35 140 560 2240 4480
Shutdown 25 100 400 1600 3200
Magnet 30 120 480 1920 3840
Fast Forward 40 160 640 2560 5120
Extra Life 45 180 720 2880 5760

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Teen Titans Go Zapping Run Final Boss Screenshot.
Teen Titans Go Zapping Run Game Complete Screenshot.

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This game is rendered in mobile-friendly HTML5, so it offers cross-device gameplay. You can play it on mobile devices like Apple iPhones, Google Android powered cell phones from manufactures like Samsung, tablets like the iPad or Kindle Fire, laptops, and Windows-powered desktop computers. All game files are stored locally in your web browser cache. This game works in Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and other modern web browsers.

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