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Idle Pet Business

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This is an idle clicker game where you create a thriving pet store hosting 9 different types of pets.

  • Click or tack to earn income from each pet.
  • Enter the upgrade store and improve the level of each pet.
  • Use the income to unlock other pets.





Play Idle Pet Business Game Online

Children and parents can play this clicker pet store simulation game by clicking in the window below.

Alternatively kids and adults can play this pet store sim video game for free as a web application here.

Idle Pet Business Game for Kids Video Game Play Instructions

How to Play

Unlock up to 9 different animal types and upgrade each animal repeatedly to maximize your cashflow.

  • Starting the Game
    • Tap the paly button in the bottom center of the welcome screen to start the game.
      • Your web browser automatically saves your game progress including animals unlocked, purchased upgrades, animal levels, and cash savings.
    • The upper left corner has a full screen mode button.
    • The upper right corner has a settings button offering sound and music control.
  • Game Controls
    • Desktop
      • Use your mouse left click button to select animals to collect their sales, or to use the upgrade mode or upgrade store screens to purchase animal upgrades.
    • Touchscreen devices
      • Tap the screen with a finger to select animals to collect their sales, or to use the upgrade mode or upgrade store screens to purchase animal upgrades.
    • Controls & indicators
      • The upper left corner shows your cash savings, cash earnings rate, and any investor bonus.
      • The bottom left corner has the upgrade store and upgrade mode buttons.
        • The upgrade store shows the price of each upgrade.
        • The upgrade mode menu in the lower right offers 4 different options: upgrade 1 level at a time, upgrade 10 levels at a time, upgrade to the next major milestone (e.g. level 25, 50, 100, or 200), and max (spend as much of your savings as possible on upgrading that pet type).
          • By selecting the star button you can see exactly how much you would need to upgrade your animal to the next major milestone, which can help you determine which of 2 different pets it makes sense to upgrade first.
      • Each animal shows your current cash savings to collect. If you have activated the “stack the sales” upgrade for that animal a status bar will show how close you are to the next payout.
  • Game Play
    • Pets
      • This game features 9 different pet types.
        • The hamster is free to unlock.
        • The cat costs $60 to unlock.
        • The dog costs $720 to unlock.
        • The bunny costs $42,000 to unlock.
        • The parrot costs $21,000,000 to unlock.
        • The goldfish costs $3,140,000,000 to unlock.
        • The lizard costs $900,000,000,000 to unlock.
        • The turtle costs $1,190,000,000,000 to unlock.
        • The pony costs $25,800,000,000,000 to unlock.
      • Animals which cost more to unlock also generate much more income.
    • Upgrading pets
      • After each pet is unlocked they produce cash, however you have to manually collect each profit until the “stack the sales” upgrade has been purchased for each animal.
        • The “stack the sales” upgrade for each animal costs more than the initial unlock.
        • For example, the goldfish costs $598.31 billion to activate the “stack the sales” upgrade whereas unlocking the animal only cost $3.14 billion.
      • In the upgrades store there is also the ability to triple the income of each pet.
        • The cost of doing this for parrots is $1.01 trillion and for rabbit the cost is $2.36 trillion.
      • You can upgrade the animal’s level in addition to the upgrades in the upgrade store.
        • You start off at level 1 & the cost for each upgrade for an animal increases geometrically as you advance through ranks. Advancing through ranks means you generate more income each time there is a payout.
        • Whenever you get to rank 25, 50, 100, or 200 the production time to generate sales for that animal cuts in half.
    • Investors
      • After you get about 2/3 of the animals unlocked & generate a few billion of profit a limo pulls up and you have the opportunity to sell your business to investors & start the game over again.
      • On some of the other games in this series the investors can be a bigshort cut to accelerate growth, however in this game investors only add 0.02% to the income, making the boost trivial unless you have progressed enough to have thousands of investors.
    • Social media marketing & pet care boosts
      • A cell phone icon allows you to engage in social media marketing. This doubles your income generation speed for 1 hour.
        • You can use this up to 5 times per day then you need to have it time out to regenerate.
        • After using this the first time it activates a daily rewards screen which allows you to collect a bonus income which can range from hundreds of thousands to millions, allowing you to unlock around half the animals quickly.
      • Periodically a dog collar appears. Selecting it allows you to activate double income for 20-seconnds.
    • Strategy
      • The unending ending
        • Compared to other games in this series (like the Idle Farming Business game) it is easy for this game to feel like it gets a bit stuck after you have 5 or 6 of the 9 animals unlocked.
        • The costs grow geometrically for unlocking the last 3 animals.
        • Due to this cost spiral, it can be good to leave this game on at night while you sleep so you wake up with a pool of money to purchase more upgrades.
      • Upgrades vs unlocks
        • When you unlock a new animal it earns effectively nothing until you have the “stack the sales” upgrade purchased, as you have to manually collect the income from each sale before you can generate more income from that animal.
        • This means that after you have the first 5 animals unlocked you are better off upgrading existing animals than unlocking new ones.
        • In between upgrades you can see how much different animals earn over an extended period of time and use that to help judge which animals you should upgrade.
          • Look at the relative income an animal produces versus the cost to further upgrade it.
          • Keep in mind the bonus production speed boosts you get at levels 25, 50, 100, and 200.
        • The last 3 animals take forever to unlock and fully upgrade, so it may make sense to simply unlock them and not worry much about upgrading them.
  • Target Audience
    • The game is suited for players who like pets or simple business simulator games.
      • If you like this game you may also like Idle Farming Business, which was built using the same gaming engine & has similar gameplay.
    • The game has no adult themed content.

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Idle Pet Business Game Upgrade Store Screenshot.
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Idle Pet Business Game 1 Hour In Screen Screenshot.
Idle Pet Business Game Most Pets Unlocked Screenshot.
Idle Pet Business Game Investor Bonus Screenshot.

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