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Grocery Cashier: Customer Check Out Register Simulator Practice Game

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This is a timed multi-process online cashier simulator game for kids and adults. Players need to calculate the grocery’s total bill, deduct it to the customer’s payment and give the exact change to the customer within the time limit. Completely processing a customer’s grocery receipt will give points to the player. Try to process as many customers as you can and get the highest score.

  • Enter the price of each of the customer’s grocery items and get its total.
  • Enter the payment given by the customer.
  • Sometimes customers will give you a voucher to cover their expenses.
  • Get the exact change on the cashier and give it to the customer. (When the customer pays with a voucher there is no change).
  • Process as many customers within their own time limit.





Play Grocery Cashier Timed Cashier Simulator Game for Kids Online

Kids and adults can play this grocery cashier math game online for free by clicking in the window below.

Children and parents can play this online cash register processing and math game as a web application here.

Grocery Cashier Cash Register Calculation Game Play Instructions

How to Play

Calculate the grocery’s total bill, deduct it to the customer’s payment or voucher, and give the exact change. Completely process each customer’s purchase perfectly and within the time limit to earn points.

  • Starting the Game
    • Select the “Tap to Begin” button in the middle of the screen. This takes you to the introduction level before you start the actual game.
      • The intro duction explains how to play the game without the timer.
      • It shows information prompts that tells the player what to do with each process.
      • After completing the introductory level, the actual game will start. You can now earn points and the timer will begin.
      • You will always undergo the introductory level each time you play the game.
  • Welcome Screen User Interface
    • Selecting the gear icon button on the top right corner of the screen will show you 2 buttons:
    • The 1st button with the megaphone icon is the Audio button. Select it to toggle the game’s music and sound effects “on” or “off.”
    • The 2nd button with the arrows pointing diagonally is the Full Screen button. Select it to play your game on full screen mode.
      • Select “ESC” or click the button again to go back to normal screen mode.
  • Game Controls
    • The goal of the game is to input the grocery all the items price and process the payment of each customer. Give the proper change within the time limit.
    • Mouse and Keyboard
      • Use the left mouse button to click on the calculator. You can also use the numerical numbers and math symbols on your keyboard to input the numbers.
      • Other keyboard equivalents are Enter for “Total” and/or “Pay” and Backspace for “Clear.”
    • Touchscreen
      • Since touchscreen devices doesn’t have a keyboard, you just need to tap on the calculator provided on the screen to input details in game.
  • In-Game Interface
    • On the top right corner of the screen there are 2 game elements available:
    • 1st one is the points indicator. It will show you the points accumulated by the player. Completely process each customer’s purchase to earn points.
      • In every game you play, the first customer will always be an introductory game. Here, you will not gain any points yet.
    • Selecting the 2nd button with the gear icon located on the top right corner of the screen will show you 3 buttons:
      • The 1st button with the megaphone icon is the Audio button. Select it to toggle the game’s music and sound effects “on” or “off.”.
      • The 2nd button is the Home button. Select it if you want to go back to the Main Page screen.
        • Pressing the Home button will reset all your progress in the game.
      • The 3rd one with the power icon is the Quit button. Select it if you want to abandon your current gameplay and go back to the welcome screen.
        • The Game will ask you if you want to quit the game. Players can answer with “Confirm” or “Cancel.”
  • Score Page Game Interface
    • Once you fail, you will be directed to the Results Page.
    • It shows your total points and the Tap to Replay button. Clicking on the Tap to Replay button will reset your points and let you play the game again.
    • There is also 3 social media links located on the bottom of the game :
      • 1st is an “F” button. It’s a sharable link for a Facebook post to tell your friends about the game.
      • 2nd is a “t” button. It’s a sharable link for a Twitter post to tell your friends about the game.
      • 3rd is a “phone” button. It’s a sharable link for a WhatsApp post to tell your friends about the game.
  • Strategy
    • This is a multi-process calculation cash register simulation game for kids and adults.
    • The game always begins at the introductory level. It lets you familiarize with the game process without the timer.
    • There is always a message prompt that will help you throughout all the process.
    • Players start with calculating all of the grocery items bought by the customer.
      • Having a wrong input will not register in the game. You can only move on to the next item once you place the right price on your cash register.
      • Once you’re done adding all of the items, click Total to move on to the next process.
    • Sometimes the customer will cover some of their cost by using vouchers. Input the right voucher price and select the Minus “-” symbol to process the customer’s voucher.
      • If the voucher amount is higher than the customer’s total bill, it pays all of it. Click Done to finish processing the current customer.
      • If the voucher amount is less than the customer’s total bill, the customer will need to pay an additional amount to cover the total cost.
    • If the voucher doesn’t cover the total bill of the customer, he/she will pay an certain extra amount.
      • You need to input that said amount and click Pay to process it.
    • The last stage of the transaction is the change dispense process. Here you need to emulate being in front of a cash register and select the right bills to give to the customer.
    • Select the appropriate bills and pennies to reach the target change amount. You must give it to the customer before the timer runs out.
      • If you make any mistakes, just select Clear to reset any cash you have placed so far.
      • If the voucher given by the customer is higher than the bill, just select Done. It will successfully process the customer’s purchase.
    • Players need to be calm and collected. Doing each process is a bit daunting but having a clear mind will help you make fewer mistakes. It will also be faster.
    • Process each customer as efficiently as possible to achieve a higher score.
      • This is a fun and educational grocery simulation game that gives actual experience of processing purchases. It’s a good way to practice your accounting skills if ever you have to manage a cashier at any store.

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Grocery Cashier: Customer Check Out Register Simulator Practice Game
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4 comments on "Grocery Cashier: Customer Check Out Register Simulator Practice Game"

  • Joey says:

    This endless simulation game puts you in the position of a cashier at a retail store. The first round is a tutorial. It gives the player a rundown of the basics of gameplay at their own pace. After the tutorial round, players must solve the puzzles within the time limit. The clock resets once you finish a round. The game ends when you don’t finish a transaction in time.

    Use the tutorial to familiarize yourself with the interface before jumping in. The game is optimized for tablet users and is quite hard to play on a PC. There’s no option to use the keyboard to do the calculations. You must tap at the interface to calculate. Unless you want to play with a handicap, I suggest you play on a phone or tablet.

  • Kriima says:

    It would be cool to be able to play with the numpad, as if typing on a real cash register 🙂

  • mark says:

    its realy nice game

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