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Tower Pizza

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This is an idle clicker game where you build a tower in the sky dedicated to the mighty pizza pie.

  • Select the chefs on each floor to upgrade them.
  • Upgrade the operations floor and hire more delivery bikes.
  • Unlock additional floors to make more expensive pizzas and earn faster.
  • Upgrade through level 50 to beat the game.





Play Tower Pizza Game Online

Children and parents can play this idle clicker pizza business game by clicking in the window below.

Alternatively kids and adults can play this pizza business sim video game for free as a web application here.

Tower Pizza Sim Game for Kids Video Game Play Instructions

How to Play

Upgrade each floor to add more chefs and increase your pizza prices. Upgrade your operations floor to deliver faster. Build more floors on your tower to increase your total income potential.

  • Starting the Game
    • Tap anywhere on the game loading screen to bring up the welcome screen.
    • If you have played the game before you will be offered the option to continue your prior game or start a new game.
    • If you start a new game tap on the first pizza chef to start working.
  • Game Controls
    • Desktop
      • Use your mouse left click button to interact with upgrade menus, and to select pizzas to send the elevator to that floor.
    • Touchscreen devices
      • Tap the screen with a finger to select floors to grab pizzas from or to select upgrade menus to interact with.
    • Controls & indicators
      • Across the top the game shows your coin savings, level number, and a sound control button. The level number has a green status bar behind it indicating how close you are to leveling up again.
      • The right side of the screen has white up and down arrows to scroll up and down through floors.
      • The unlock cost of a new floor is shown on the new floor.
      • Each floor (and the operations room) shows the cost of the next upgrade, or the word MAX if it has been fully upgraded.
      • The operations room shows how much income you have which will be earned when the delivery drivers have caught up with your production.
  • Game Play
    • Basics
      • Level up each floor to add more chefs, have chefs cook quicker, and earn more per pizza.
      • Add more floors to increase your throughput capacity and how much your delivery drivers can deliver.
      • Upgrade the operations room to have delivery drivers appear faster & make the elevator move faster.
      • Move the elevator to floors one at a time to pick up their prepared pizzas for delivery.
    • Floors
      • The first floor is automatically unlocked, but you need to select the chef to get them to start cooking.
        • All subsequent floors start off locked, but have the chef work immediately after you unlock them.
      • Each floor shows the pizza price, total chefs, cooking time, and move time.
        • Initially you start off with a single chef, a 3 second cooking time, and a 4 second move time.
          • As you upgrade a floor the number of chefs goes from 1 to 2 at level 10, and 2 to 3 at level 25.
          • Cooking time and move time decrease by 5% on each upgrade.
          • Your pizza price increases by 3% on each upgrade.
          • Fully upgraded your pizzas take 1 second to cook and 1 second to move.
        • Each floor can be upgraded a total of 50 times.
          • Each time you upgrade a level the cost of subsequent upgrades increases.
      • The cost of unlocking floors, upgrading the level of each floor, and the amount earned for each pizza sold goes up as you go up the building.
        • Floor 2 costs 100 to unlock. The initial pizza earns 30 and a fully upgraded one earns 131.5.
        • Floor 3 costs 600 to unlock. A fully upgraded pizza earns 92.1.
        • Floor 4 costs 3,600 to unlock. A fully upgraded pizza earns 414.3.
        • Floor 5 costs 10,800 to unlock. A fully upgraded pizza earns 1,700.
        • Floor 6 costs 32,400 to unlock. A fully upgraded pizza earns 6,200.
        • Floor 7 costs 97,200 to unlock. A fully upgraded pizza earns 22,400.
        • Floor 8 costs 437,400 to unlock. A fully upgraded pizza earns 78,300.
        • Floor 9 costs 1,300,000 to unlock. A fully upgraded pizza earns 268,500.
        • Floor 10 costs 3,900,000 to unlock. A fully upgraded pizza earns 906,000.
        • Floor 11 costs 19,700,000 to unlock. A fully upgraded pizza earns 3,000,000.
        • Floor 12 costs 59,000,000 to unlock. A fully upgraded pizza earns 10,000,000.
        • Floor 13 costs 177,100,000 to unlock. A fully upgraded pizza earns 32,600,000.
        • Floor 14 costs 531,400,000 to unlock. A fully upgraded pizza earns 106,000,000.
        • Floor 15 costs 1,600,000,000 to unlock. A fully upgraded pizza earns 342,500,000.
        • Floor 16 costs 4,800,000,000 to unlock.
        • Floor 17 costs 14,300,000,000 to unlock.
        • Floor 18 costs 43,000,000,000 to unlock.
    • Parking & delivery
      • Delivery drivers
        • You start off with a single delivery driver & can have up to 5 on staff.
        • Drivers work automatically.
        • The amount of income your driver can drive depends on both the driver level AND how many floors you have active in your tower.
          • Initially a driver can move 50 currency worth of pizza at a time.
          • Add a second floor and the driver can pick up 150 worth of pizza.
          • Add a third floor and the driver can pick up 450 worth of pizza.
          • Add a fourth floor and the driver can pick up 1,400 worth of pizza.
          • With a delivery level of 6 and 4 floors active a driver can move 4,000 at a time.
          • With a delivery level of 6 and 5 floors active a driver can move 12,200 at a time.
      • Elevator
        • Unlike the drivers the elevator does not work automatically.
        • You have to select the pizzas on each floor – one floor at a time – for the elevator to collect the pizzas for delivery.
        • As more pizzas pile up you have to visit each floor one at a time.
      • Upgrades
        • Like the floors, the operations floor can be upgraded 50 times.
        • The first upgrade costs 20, then subsequent upgrades cost 420, 840, 1,300, 1,700, 2,100, 2,500, 2,900 and so on.
          • The above cost schedule presumes you have a single operational floor.
          • The cost of subsequent upgrades changes depending on how many floors you have active in your pizza tower.
          • For example a level 48 upgrade would cost:
            • 76,100 with 4 floors
            • 94,900 with 5 floors
            • 113,700 with 6 floors
        • You can get up to 5 total delivery drivers with the second added at level 10, the third at level 20, the fourth at level 35, and the fifth at level 50.
        • Deliveries take 4 seconds each off the start & get 5% faster each upgrade.
        • The elevator time starts out at 2 seconds and gets 3% faster each subsequent round.
    • Levels
      • In this game levels are somewhat arbitrary, as the gameplay is basically the same throughout.
      • After you play through 50 levels the game is beat.
    • Tips
      • Off the start of the game it makes sense to get the first floor at least to level 10 so you have 2 chefs on it, and then keep building floors higher so that you quickly increase how much your delivery drivers can carry.
        • Initially adding more floors gives you a bigger boost than upgrading your parking and delivery, though when you get to level 10 on the parking and delivery it adds a second delivery driver.
      • If you find yourself stacking coins on the ground floor then you likely need to build more floors or upgrade your operations room to increase your throughput out the end of your store.
      • Since it takes the elevator the same amount of time to move from the ground to any floor, if your bottom floor is stuck at zero you are best off leveling up your highest up floors so that you can regularly grab large sums of income from them & only rarely grabbing pizzas built up on lower floors.
        • While the game shows a limited number of pizzas on each floor the math between how many pizzas are on each is a function of how long it was since you last picked up pizzas from that floor & how quickly they are produced there. You can hold dozens of pizzas on a floor even if fewer are displayed.
      • While this is an idle clicker game, you do not earn any income if the browser window is not open.
        • The game operates like it is paused if it is not displayed.
      • Some idle business games allow you to sell the business to investors and then play through another level again with higher income levels.
        • This game forces an ending after level 50 & only offers a single playthrough, then you start back at the beginning if you would like to play again.
  • Target Audience
    • The game is suited for players who like idle clicker business sim games.
    • The game has no adult themed content.

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