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Warriors vs Evil Spirits Game

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>Guess who’s all out of pity? Join a ruthless soldier of fortune as he steps into the zombie infested jungles to kick the keisters of the magically reanimated undead.

  • Kill as many zombies as you can until you run out of health.
  • Use the money you’ve earned killing zombies to buy better weapons to kill zombies.
  • Fight zombie hordes in the





Play Warriors vs Evil Spirits Game Online

Children and parents can play this fighting game by clicking in the window below.

Alternatively kids and adults can play this fight survival video game for free as a web application here.

Warriors vs Evil Spirits Beat ‘Em Up Game for Kids Video Game Play Instructions

How to Play

As a soldier of fortune, shoot down as many zombies as you can. Use the money you earned from killing zombies to buy better weapons and more ammunition.

  • Starting the Game
    • Press the green play button on the loading screen to open the welcome screen.
    • On the welcome screen, select the bloodied Play button to begin.
    • At the bottom row are the following buttons:
      • Bottom left
        • Enlarge button: Lets you switch between windowed and full screen modes
        • Information button: Provides a summary of the game’s lore and shows you the game’s controls.
      • Bottom right
        • Music button: Toggles the game’s music
        • Audio button: Toggles the game’s sound effects
    • Your web browser automatically saves your progress and best score.
  • Game Controls
    • Desktop
      • With your keyboard
        • Use the W, A, S, and D keys or the arrow keys to move.
        • Attack using the space bar.
        • Use the R button to reload your weapons.
        • Use the Q button to switch weapons.
      • With your mouse
        • Left click on any of the weapons to switch.
    • Touchscreen devices
      • Although the game might load on touchscreen devices, it was optimized for desktops with keyboards.
  • Game Play
    • Basic
      • Fight off waves of zombies.
        • Each time you kill a zombie, you gain
        • Your zombie kill count is used to unlock new levels.
      • Switch between various weapons to deal with specific situations.
        • Short-range weapons like brass knuckles are good for closer quarters.
        • Some weapons like guns have a range, but are less effective point blank.
        • Most weapons need reloading.
      • Survive for as long as possible.
        • You have a limited amount of hit points before you die.
        • If the zombies finish off all your hit points, it’s game over.
      • View your stats at the end of each game.
        • Your web browser saves your data from previous games, letting you examine your current, previous, and all-time statistics.
        • The end game screen also shares a few tips on improving your long-term survival in each game.
        • You can also share your game results on social media.
    • Interface
      • See your health next to your character’s portrait at the top left corner.
      • Pick your weapon from the top row.
      • Be prepared to switch weapons when things get heated.
    • Safe Zone
      • Use the Safe Zone to buy new weapons and replenish ammunition.
      • Enter the Safe via the following routes:
        • You can click on the weapon commission from the overworld.
        • After a level ends, you enter the shop again.
      • Weapon prices
        • Brass Knuckles: free
          • great to use early in the first round, though after you make around 70 kills it makes sense to switch to a knife or a gun
        • Pistol: free
          • ammo: 80 for 50 pieces
          • max 350 capacity, with 7 in each clip
        • Butterfly knife: 1,520
          • grindstone: costs 250 & works for 25 hits
          • max 300 hits capacity
        • Machete: 2,350
          • grindstone: costs 400 & works for 20 hits
          • max 400 hits capacity
        • Sword: 3,500
          • grindstone: costs 400 & works for 20 hits
          • max 500 hits capacity
        • Machine gun: 7,800
          • bullets: 120 for 50 pieces of 9×19 bullets
          • max 1200 capacity, with 20 in each clip
        • Shotgun: 9,550
          • bullets: 600 for 25 pieces of 32 caliber
          • max 300 capacity
          • this gun takes a while to reload after every few shots
        • Mini laser: 10,000
          • batteries: 100 for 10 pieces
          • max 1,000 capacity
        • Assault rifle: 13,800
          • bullets: 150 for 50 pieces of 5.56×45
          • max 600 capacity
        • Sniper rifle: 15,640
          • bullets: 540 for 20 pieces of 12.7×99
          • max 200 capacity
        • Laser: 20,000
          • batteries: 200 for 20
          • max 2000 capacity
        • Grenade launcher: 20,000
          • grenades: 500 for 12 pieces
          • max 120 capacity
        • Chainsaw: 23,500
          • bensin: 500 for 500 ml
          • uses a few units each time you use it, though can kill over 100 enemies between reloads making it great
          • can load up to 500 ml at a time with a max carrying amount of 3000
        • Flamethrower: 50,000
          • 5500 for 500 ml balloon of fuel
          • max 5000 capacity
        • Minigun: 75,000
          • bullets: 2000 for 500 pieces of 7.62×51
          • max 5000 capacity
        • Rocket Launcher: 100,000
          • ammo: 1000 per rocket
          • max capacity 30 rockets
    • Level selection
      • The overworld screen shows all the available levels in the game.
      • Levels are unlocked based on the number of zombies you kill. Each level has a different quota of zombies killed in total to unlock them.
      • At the start of the game, only the first level is playable. Keep playing to unlock more levels. There are a total of 5 levels in this game.
      • Unlocks are at the following total cumulative death counts
        • Village: automatically unlocked
        • City: 2500
        • Bridge: 5000
        • Jungle: 7500
        • Jail: 10000
      • After a level is unlocked you can replay it any time.
      • The enemies within each level come more frequently and become harder as your kill count goes up, but the enemies across levels are the same & only the background changes.
    • Strategy
      • Stay informed.
        • The information button on the welcome screen provides comprehensive details on each of the zombies you fight.
        • Stats for each enemy are published below
      • Keep your distance.
        • Most ranged weapons need some distance between you and the enemies to be effective.
        • Guns need to be reloaded periodically.
        • Some guns (like the machine gun) allow you to shoot while staying in motion, though most guns will require you slow down or pause while firing.
        • The game has hard left and hard right edges to each level. It makes sense to walk back and forth while fighting to give yourself more space, but try to limit the time you spend near either the hard left or hard right edges of the screen.
      • Fight to one side.
        • If enemies are on both sides of you rush one side or the other to either defeat those enemies or to get around them.
        • Fighting in one direction allows you to hit many zombies with each attack, whereas if zombies have you crowded then it is easy to get hit from behind.
      • Switch weapons fast.
        • Situations can change at the drop of a hat.
        • Use weaker weapons earlier in the level and switch to stronger weapons as you progress through the level and enemies become harder while appearing more frequently.
        • Try to remember roughly when various enemies appear in the level (in terms of kill counts) and use that to switch to stronger weapons before zombies are piled in close upon you.
        • Reload your weapon whenever there are few enemies around.
    • Maximize bang for your buck.
      • Some weapons have expensive ammo and may cost as much as you can earn when you use them.
      • When you are early in the game and need to save up to purchase weapons it is best to get the weapons which have the most cost efficient ammo.
      • The starting pistol offers cheap ammo, with most early enemies taking 2 or 3 shots to kill and offering 35 or more coins each.
      • Ammo for the chainsaw is quite cheap and powerful & when you account for in-level refills the chainsaw can hold enough ammo to be able to beat over 800 zombies.
  • Target Audience
    • The game is suited for gamers who like zombie fighting games.
      • The game has cartoon blood and weapons in it.
    • Other than the above this game has no other adult themed content.

Zombie Statistics

The following table shows the attributes of zombies you will fight in this game.

Zombie Aesthetics Health Coins Speed Attack Strength
1 Grass skirt 100 35 3.5 3
2 Gold hat 125 75 3.5 5
3 Purple face mask 165 90 2 12
4 Leaning forward, black hair 110 50 5 5
5 Musclebound with leopard attire 250 100 2.5 15
6 White paint on face & holding yellow snakes 165 70 4 5
7 Frankenstein hybrid with purple shirt 100 45 3.5 3
8 Skull showing atop head and around mouth 250 85 5.5 7
9 Adventure explorer like Indiana Jones 250 80 3 10
10 Striped white and black prisoner outfit 330 95 3.5 15
11 Muscleboud with beard & holding a dagger 500 110 2.5 15
12 Patterned skirt, black hair, yellow eyes, dagger and gold earing 1,000 200 2 25

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