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Virus Attack: Level Splitting Logic Puzzle

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Our hero Brainy goes into a fantastic voyage to the human body to stop a horde of disease causing viruses. Help him avoid the viruses while healing the body enough to fend them off.

  • Mark off a part of the playing field to heal it.
  • If a small germ gets trapped behind the healed area, they perish.
  • Don’t let the germs touch you or the healing string you are on or else you lose a life!





Play Virus Attack Game Online

Children and parents can play this fun immune defense puzzle attack game by clicking in the window below.

Alternatively kids and adults can play this virus fighting puzzle video game for free as a web application here.

Virus Attack Game for Kids Game Play Instructions

How to Play

As Brainy, claim areas of the body to restore it to health while avoiding incoming viruses.

  • Starting the Game
    • Once the game loads, select Start to go to the welcome screen.
    • On the welcome screen, select the green play button below the title of the game to begin.
      • If it is your first time playing the game only the first level is unlocked.
      • The game will flash its instructions before the start of the first round.
    • Your web browser automatically saves your level progress, high scores and star ratings.
      • If you have already played the game before then when you click the play button on the welcome screen it brings up the level select screen and allows you to go back to previously beat levels to try to earn a higher star rating on them.
  • Game Controls
    • Desktop
      • Use the arrow keys to navigate. Using the arrow keys without the spacebar will allow you to navigate around the perimeter of the cell or around the borders of the parts of the cell you have already healed.
      • Use the arrow keys along with the space bar to branch out and try to heal other areas.
        • When you return to the cell wall or a part of the cell you have already healed the enclosed area is also healed.
        • If a virus is about to hit you or the line connecting you to the healed part of the cell release the space bar to quickly move back.
    • Touchscreen devices
      • Although the game might load on touchscreen devices, its controls are optimized for desktops with keyboards
  • Game Play
    • Interface
      • The game controls are located at the top right corner of the screen.
        • The sound button toggles the game’s audio.
        • The x button pauses the game and lets you choose if you want to quit.
    • Level selection
      • The game has 4 levels, which must be unlocked in sequence.
      • Each level has 3 stages, for a total of 12 stages.
      • Initially only the first stage is unlocked. Beating a stage unlocks the next stage.
    • Basics
      • Move around and claim areas of the playing field to heal it.
        • To claim an area, form a set of connecting lines around it.
        • Once you’ve closed off an area by returning to the cell border or another healed part of the cell, that extra part of the cell is healed.
        • Heal at least the percentage of the area shown at the top left corner of the screen to clear the level.
          • Healing a greater area will help you earn more points.
          • The first stage has a goal of 50% which escalates across the game to where the final stage has a goal of 85%.
      • You can not be healed when you are sitting on the edge of the cell or are on the healed edge of a cell. When you are out on the white wire you are a sitting duck. Do not allow the viruses to touch you or your line when you are extended & release the spacebar if they come close to you.
        • Each time they touch you while you are not on a healed part of the cell, you lose a life.
        • You start the game with 4 lives. You can see the number of lives you’ve got left on the top left corner of the screen.
        • Once you’re out of lives, it’s game over (though you get unlimited continues starting on the level you just played).
        • If you run out of lives, you can exit to the welcome screen or start the level all over again.
    • Virus attacks
      • The viruses bounce around the play area. If they attack you or the line you for, you will lose a life.
      • You start off with one large virus, which will produce several more.
      • If you trap a virus behind a healed area, it dies. You gain bonus points for every virus killed this way.
    • Scoring and strategy
      • Earning points
        • You gain points in 2 ways
          • Heal an area.
          • Trap the smaller virus behind a healed area.
            • Each level has 8 to 12 small virus in addition to the large virus.
            • After you trap small virus the large virus will quickly create more small virus.
            • Each small virus trapped is worth 500 points.
        • When you heal an area the level splits in such a way that the side the big virus is on is not yet healed and the other side is healed, even if it has smaller viruses in it.
        • The more areas you heal and viruses you trap, the higher your points.
          • Each level has a percent goal. As soon as you reach that goal the level ends.
          • If the level goal is 60% and a move you make takes you to 60.1% or takes you to 94.6% then the move that clears more of the level will lead to a higher score.
        • The higher your score, the better your level rating.
          • The highest level rating you can receive is 3 crosses.
          • You can replay previously beat level to improve that level score and cross rating and to boost your overall game score.
          • If you beat a level with any score you get at least 1 cross. Score at least 3,000 points for 2 crosses. Score at least 6,000 points for 3 crosses.
      • Avoiding the viruses
        • The viruses bounce around. You must close off an area before the virus reaches you or your line.
        • Clear as large an area as you can before the big virus splits.
        • See if you can split the area by half early in the game.
      • Trapping behind enemy lines
        • Viruses can be tricky to trap. They often bounce out faster than they get in & as you advance through the game the viruses get smarter and some are faster than you are.
        • The key is to create an area to corral most of the viruses in a single corner.
          • The best way to do this by my experience is to halve the playing field first.
            • This way, you reduce the attack angles the virus have on you by having corners that block their straight path to you and increasing the distance they need to travel to reach your.
            • You also can trap several of them at once this way (see the screenshots below for an example of level halving).
          • Since the puzzle is taller than wider it can make sense to create a small inlet in the middle starting from the top or bottom & then keep adding on to it incrementally until you have the main virus on one side then cut across to block it.
            • When breaking the level into subcomponents it can be helpful to NOT fully close off a section, but instead have a sort of stair-like roadblock running across the cell & try to get the main virus positioned to where it can’t easily traverse the level, or even create a narrow passage it can’t fit through.
            • Why not complete the heal of a big chunk of the cell early? The big reason is when you trap smaller virus the main virus will quickly shoot out more. And if you take away most of the playing field then you have a lot of fast moving virus in a small area which makes it easy for you to get hit repeatedly, so the goal should be to try to create an area where the bigger virus is stuck in, then seal off and beat the level.
        • Work fast, as they can still get to you if you don’t make it to the other side on time.
  • Target Audience
    • The game is suited for logic puzzle players of all ages.
    • The game has no adult content.

The Real Deal in Action

The body is protected from bacteria and viruses by various kinds of white blood cells, such as this neutrophil. They eat the invading germs and remember their DNA signature. This makes it harder for you to get sick from the same type of germs afterward. When you get vaccinated, your body receives dead or weakened germs. They can’t get you sick, but your white blood cells remember them anyway!

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