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Escape Platform Puzzle Game

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This is a seemingly simple alien-themed platform puzzle escape room game. Your goal is straightforward enough; pick up all three keys scattered around the level to open the exit door. But not everything in the level is as it seems.

  • Dodge various hazards that you might encounter.
  • Think way outside the box. Not every solution to a puzzle can be solved like a platform game.
  • Play through 30 mentally engaging levels.





Play Escape Platform Puzzle Game Online

Children and parents can play this simple platforming game by clicking in the window below.

Alternatively kids and adults can play this retro platformer video game for free as a web application here.

Escape Platform Puzzle Game for Kids Video Game Play Instructions

How to Play

As an alien, collect all 3 keys and avoid any hazards you might encounter.

  • Starting the Game
    • At the center of the welcome screen:
      • Use the arrows to the left and right to browse for a character.
      • Select the play button to begin.
    • On the top right corner of the welcome screen are the following controls:
      • Select the music button to turn the game’s music on or off.
      • Select the speaker button to turn the game’s sound effects on or off.
    • Your web browser automatically saves your game progress.
  • Game Controls
    • Desktop
      • With your keyboard:
        • Use the left and right arrows to move.
        • Use the up arrow to jump.
    • Touchscreen devices
      • With your fingers:
        • Tap on the left and right arrows to move.
        • Tap on the up arrow to jump.
    • Controls and indicators (left to right)
      • Top row:
        • Hint button
        • Timer
        • Keys collected
        • Home button: Pauses the game
      • Left center edge
        • Level number
      • Bottom row (touchscreen controls):
        • Left and right arrows
        • Up arrows
  • Game Play
    • Basic rules
      • Pick a character from the welcome screen. There are 5 to choose from.
      • Collect all the keys on the level.
        • Make sure to collect all the keys in the right order.
          • Sometimes, you start on a platform higher up than you can jump.
          • If you miss the key nearest to you, you will not be able to backtrack to get it.
        • When you’ve collected all three keys, the door will open.
      • Avoid various level hazards.
      • Move to the door to exit the level.
      • The game records the following statistics after finishing each level.
        • The time it took to finish the level from start to finish.
        • The number of times you died and restarted.
        • Starting over from the level selection screen will let you begin with a clean slate.
    • Level hazards
      • Spikes are permanent hazards you can readily see.
        • Touch them and you die.
        • Sometimes, the only way you can get past them is through the
      • Rock falls appear without warning.
        • Make sure you aren’t close to where they’ll fall.
        • Once the rocks have fallen, you can walk past them without issue.
      • Some hazards move.
        • A few are spikes that move up and down.
        • Others resemble evil birds and move from side to side.
        • A few resemble fish and move about freely.
        • In most levels, these moving spikes are quite easy to get around. However, some levels make them part of the challenge:
          • The keys can be destroyed by these hazards in one level.
          • In another level, they become invisible. You risk hitting them them if you didn’t memorize where they were.
    • Tips
      • While the basic controls are essential, they are not the only way to interact with the game environment.
      • We recommend clicking or tapping on various objects in the level to see what happens:
        • These include in-game mechanics such as keys or buttons.
        • You can also sometimes touch interface items like the hint box, level numbers, or level title.
      • The obvious choice isn’t always the correct one. Think outside the box.
      • When in doubt, check out our walkthrough.
    • Levels
      • The game has 30 levels, which are unlocked sequentially.
      • If you want to solve the puzzles by yourself, do not read our walkthrough.
      • You can replay any of the levels you’ve already unlocked.
  • Target Audience
    • The game is suited for players who like simple platformer games and out-of-the-box puzzle games.
    • The game has no adult themed content.

Walkthrough (Spoiler Warning!)

Due to our current policy on ads, we have disabled the ad-dependent hint button for now. Use this walkthrough to guide you through all 30 levels.

  • Level 1: “Very Simple”
    • Due to our current policy on ads, we have disabled the ad-dependent hint button for now.
    • Use this walkthrough to guide you through all 30 levels.
    • If you want to solve the puzzles by yourself, we recommend looking away now.
  • Level 2: “The Spikes Will Destroy You
    • Jump to the bottom and move to the left. Pick up the key there.
    • Move to the right and stop next to the spikes.
    • Wait for the moving platform to get close, then jump on it.
      • While on the platform, jump up to collect the next key.
      • Make sure you land on the platform after.
    • Once the platform gets near the right side, hop off.
    • Pick up the last key and move to the door.
  • Level 3: “Be Careful”
    • Jump up to collect the first key from your starting platform.
    • Jump off the platform and move right to approach the key, then immediately move left as fast as you can.
    • Rocks will fall at this point.
    • Once the rocks have fallen, you can pick up the next key.
    • Hop onto the bumper jump to pick up the last key.
    • Once you’re done, move to the door.
  • Level 4: “You Need Help”
    • With your mouse or fingers, select the hint button on the top left corner.
    • Put the box next to your alien, then have them hop onto it.
    • Move the box around with your mouse while the alien is on it to collect the keys.
    • Have the alien hop off the box and move to the door.
  • Level 5: “Hero?”
    • This one is particularly challenging to figure out for newcomers.
      • The hero is not present in the level and there is no in-level way of bringing them there.
      • It introduces them to how the levels are not always solved in a straightforward manner.
      • This theme recurs throughout the game.
    • To add the hero into the level requires some literal out-of-the-box thinking.
      • Quit the level and return to the level selection screen.
      • Select the hero on the top left corner and drag them onto Level 5.
      • Select Level 5’s icon to return to the game.
    • The hero will now be present. Play as you would normally:
      • Move to the left to pick up the first star.
      • Jump or hop onto the horizontal moving platform to pick up the second star.
      • Hop onto the vertical moving platform to pick up the last star.
      • Dodge the moving blade and move to the door.
    • If you’re replaying the level, the alien is already there. There’s no need to repeat the opening mover.
  • Level 6: “Where are the Keys?”
    • Hop onto the button 3 times to bring down the keys.
    • Pick them up and move to the door.
  • Level 7: “Push the Button, Open the Chain”
    • Pick up the other keys as you would with any other level.
      • Jump off the platform and move to the left edge to collect the first key.
      • Move close to the button and jump up to pick up the second key.
    • Pressing the button raises the chain. Releasing it will bring it down again.
      • However, you cannot move fast enough to reach the chain before it drops.
      • With your mouse or fingers, select the button yourselves rather than have the alien do it.
      • While your fingers or cursor hold down the button while your alien runs to the last key and the door.
  • Level 8: “Mario”
    • As the name suggests, this is a homage to our favorite Italian plumber. No, not his brother.
      • Hop onto the brick platforms and move under the crates.
      • Jump under the crate to hit it. This will release the keys.
    • Despite the level’s theme, you cannot Goomba stomp the birdlike hazard moving back and forth. Dodge them.
    • Move to the door and jump. This will reveal the hidden box.
    • Pick up the key above the now-unhidden box. You can now enter the door.
  • Level 9: “Be Brave”
    • Walk toward the edge of your starting platform and pick up the first key.
    • On the surface, you appear to be in front of an unpassable, uncrossable pit full of spikes.
      • Jump forward anyway. If you jump far enough, you’ll see brick cubes appearing nearby.
      • If you hopped on to the brick cube, keep moving forward. More will appear
  • Level 10: “How Fast Are You?”
    • This level’s rules are simple. Run to the right, then to the left, then to the right.
      • Stop only to jump.
      • Do not run into the edges (the arrow on the right edge of the center row is lying to you.
      • The obstacles will actually disappear as you run.
    • You will pick up the keys as you run.
    • Keep running until you reach the door.
  • Level 11: “L=B, R=G, U=R, D=Y”
    • The level’s name acts as a guide to the colored buttons:
      • The yellow button brings the keys down.
      • The red button moves the keys up.
      • The blue button moves the keys to the left.
      • The green button moves the keys to the right.
    • First, use the yellow button to bring the keys into view.
    • Don’t let the moving hazards touch the keys.
      • Use the red button to move them up slightly so they’re just above where the upward-moving hazard can get them.
      • Use the blue button or green button to bring them to the sides.
      • Bring them down while the sideways-moving hazard is away. Stop just above the hazard if you need more time.
    • Once you’ve brought the keys down to a level you can reach, pick them up and move to the door.
  • Level 12: “Swimming Lesson”
    • From the starting platform, jump into the water.
      • You automatically sink down.
      • You can move to the left or right and swim back up.
      • Pick up the keys while swimming.
    • You do not need to worry about air in this game.
    • The fish are your enemies here. Unlike most hazards that move in a single track, they move freely in the water with no pattern.
      • Float up or move to avoid the fish.
      • Move quickly to dodge the fish.
    • Swim to the door.
  • Level 13: “Mirror”
    • In this level, you and the spiked hazard move in sync.
      • Your movements are mirrored. If you move to the right, the hazard moves to the left.
      • The hazard cannot jump while you do.
    • At the start, you cannot jump over the hazard because the spot you meet is underneath the spikes.
    • The hazard actually has less room to move than you do. This is the key to your success.
      • Move as far to the left as possible and pick up the first key along the way.
      • Move back to the right and, when the hazard is close enough, jump over it.
    • Collect the second and third keys on your way to the door.
  • Level 14: “Traffic Light”
    • This version takes its cue from the classic schoolyard game Red Light, Green Light, albeit by way of Squid Game.
      • A button on top changes color from red, yellow, and green.
      • You can only move while the button is green.
      • If you move when the button is red, it’s game over.
    • You must also dodge the vertically moving spiked hazards.
    • Move slowly to the left to collect the keys.
    • Move slowly to the right to reach the door.
  • Level 15: “Memory”
    • Your starting platform has a switch on it.
    • When on the switch, select the switch button on the bottom right corner to switch between revealing the hazards and revealing the keys.
      • Memorize the location of the hazards and dodge them as best you can.
      • To save yourself the trouble, see if you can take a screenshot of the level.
    • Pick up the keys and move to the door.
  • Level 16: “Very High”
    • The one of the keys is too high for you to reach.
      • Drop the 6 in the level number by left clicking or tapping on it at least 2 times.
      • Jump onto the 6 and use it as a platform.
      • Make another jump to collect the key.
    • Don’t worry about the blue button; it does nothing.
    • Pick up the other keys by walking toward them, then move to the door.
  • Level 17: “Jigsaw Puzzle”
    • You cannot pick up the keys the regular way.
      • However, you can select the keys with your mouse or fingers directly.
      • Select, drag, and drop the keys to the key outlines on the top left corner to collect them.
    • After this, all the alien needs to do is walk to the door.
  • Level 18: “Precision Bridge”
    • This level comprises a log bridge spanning over the spikes.
      • You begin on a platform on the right side, close to the door.
      • A spiked hazard moves up and down near your side of the bridge.
      • The keys are on the log bridge.
    • Each time you walk on the bridge, the logs you step on disappear.
      • Thus, if you run through the bridge, you will not be able to move back where you started.
      • You must cross by making several jumps, taking care not to stay in the bridge too long.
      • Jump off the right side of the platform and move to the door.
  • Level 19: “Variable Steps”
    • The platforms in this game alternate from solid to intangible.
      • Land on an intangible platform and you fall into the spikes below.
      • When a platform disappears, you will not be able to jump.
    • To collect the keys, you must hop onto a platform, then jump just before the next one appears.
      • Collect the keys to the left first.
      • Pick up the last key to the right on your way to the door.
  • Level 20: “It Will Help You”
    • You start off on a platform on the left with a lever.
      • Activate the lever to make a platform with a key appear.
      • This platform will be somewhere to the right. It is too far for you to jump to.
    • The puzzle in this game is similar to Level 4’s.
      • The second key is hidden above the level title itself.
      • Select the game’s title and move it down. This will become a platform you can use to cross the gap.
      • Pick up the second key and hop onto the next platform.
    • Avoid the moving spiked obstacle on your way to the third key.
    • Pick up the last key and jump to the door on the bottom right.
  • Level 21: “Sorry Wrong Number”
    • This level is very deceptive.
      • The number shown on the side is *not* the number 21.
      • The level’s arrangement actually mirrors the first level, not the twelfth.
      • The only difference between this level and the first is the presence of a moving hazard near the door.
    • You cannot collect the keys to this level until you figure out the trick to the level.
      • This trick, of course, is in the number.
      • Select the number 2 and move it to the left of the number 1. This turns the 12 into a 21.
    • Play the level as you would in the first one. Watch out for the moving spikes.
  • Level 22: “Troublemaking Elevator”
    • You begin on the right side of the screen.
    • Two of the keys you must collect are above you.
      • Both are under a platform
    • The trick in this level is the elevator platform.
      • The first moving platform you encounter moves perfectly fine.
      • The second disappears when you try to make contact with it,
    • To actually reach the second key, you must jump underneath the first platform twice.
      • While the platform will remain unusable, you will gain the ability to double jump.
      • This will allow you to pick up the key.
      • The double jump function is unique to this level. You will not be able to double jump elsewhere.
    • Collect the final key and move toward the door.
  • Level 23: “Invisible Keys”
    • The level’s arrangement is similar (but not identical) to the first level.
      • There are three moving platforms. Two move horizontally and one moves vertically.
      • There are no hazards in this game.
    • The keys here are intangible. You cannot touch them.
      • The level name is a misnomer; the keys are visible (you can see where they are) but cannot be touched (intangible).
    • Like in Level 4, the hint button is crucial here.
      • You can move the button horizontally throughout the topmost row.
      • With your mouse or fingers, select the hint button and drag it to the title of the level.
      • Once the title says “Visible Keys,” the keys become tangible.
    • Collect all the now-tangible keys and exit the level.
  • Level 24: “Pixel Error”
    • In this level, your alien character flickers. This renders them invisible from time to time, but not intangible.
      • There will be visible signs that your character is still moving onscreen, even if you can’t see them.
      • Because you can’t see them, it becomes difficult to avoid nearby hazards.
      • Wait it out. They become briefly visible again.
    • Move slowly and be patient.
      • Visibility is the key to dodging hazards. Once you’re visible, move as fast as you can.
      • Once you get invisible, stop moving. Stay in one place for as long as you need to.
      • Repeat the process until you’ve collected all the keys and are close to the door.
  • Level 25: “You are Hero”
    • You start once again on a platform to the left. The area to the right of you is covered with spikes until just near the door.
      • Hazards patrol the area near the keys, though you only need to worry about the first one.
      • You can jump onto the box, but can’t any further than that.
    • To clear the level, you must “change your identity,” or take control of the box.
      • The box has a movable label (“BOX”) that you can select and move.
      • Drag and drop the label to the word “HERO” on the title. You’ll end up renaming the level “You are Box.”
      • The controls now move the box instead of the alien.
    • Move toward the other keys and stop at the now-open door. Be careful around the hazards.
  • Level 26: “Portal”
    • You begin with a level with a pair of blue portals.
      • These portals are the only way you can go from one side of the level to another.
      • Jump onto one portal and come out on the other end.
      • You cannot move the first portal.
    • At the start of the game, the right portal is located above spikes.
      • Entering it will immediately kill you.
      • To prevent this, move the second portal away from the spikes.
    • The second portal can only move horizontally. It is located too high up for you to jump onto; you cannot backtrack.
      • Before entering the first portal, make sure you collect both keys before entering the second portal.
      • Pick up the last key on the other side and move toward the door.
  • Level 27: “Math Quiz”
    • An equation appears at the center of the screen.
      • Each time you move a specific direction, the values of the equation change.
        • The left number changes when you move left.
        • The center number changes when you move right.
        • The right number changes when you jump.
      • When the numbers are equal, the keys are tangible.
      • If the numbers aren’t identical, the keys are intangible.
    • You must jump over the spikes and collect the keys in the right number of moves.
      • Move under or next to the key will all moves equal.
      • Move slightly to the opposite direction you plan to move to increase its value by one more than your desired direction.
      • Simultaneously jump and move in the desired direction to collect the key while it’s tangible.
  • Level 28: “Be Brave 2
    • Collecting two of the keys here is pretty straightforward. Walk to them while jumping over the spikes.
    • To bring down the last key, you must bring its platform down using the orange button.
    • Hitting the orange button yourself, however, will trap you in the pit.
      • You can’t jump out without dying because of the spikes beneath the platform.
      • The platform moves too fast for you to try to evade it.
    • To bring down the platform, you need an object to weigh it down.
    • The last row of spikes to the right will not hurt you. Stand on them to loosen them from the bottom
  • Level 29: “Where is the Key?
    • You start the level with only 2 keys visible. Collect these as soon as you can.
    • The key you need to search for is one of the words in the title.
    • Select “KEY” in the level title twice to drop it on the floor.
    • Pick it up as you would the other keys, then move toward the door.
  • Level 30: “You Need the Hint”
    • You begin on a platform on the left side.
      • Jump off the platform to collect the first key. The platform will tilt.
      • The second key is above a row of spikes that is too wide to jump across.
    • The last level once again uses the hint box in a literal manner.
      • Double click or tap on the hint box to bring it down.
        • Unlike all the other times you had to use the box, this hint box tilts but can’t be touched.
        • Make sure you’ve already moved off the platform when you bring the box down. The now-tilted platform will roll
      • Hop onto the box while it crosses the spikes and jump off it.
    • Pick up the keys and make your way to the door. Congratulations, you’ve finished all 30 levels.

Walkthrough Video

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