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King Rugni Tower Conquest: Fun Base Defense Strategy Game

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We’ve published hundreds of games on this site since it was founded & this game is easily the favorite of the founder of this site. This is a 30-level tower defense game which has an amazing amount of strategic depth to it.

  • Place towers in the spots where a tower can be built.
  • Use the earnings from defeating enemies to build more towers.
  • Prevent too many enemies from leaving the game or else you lose the level.
  • Each level is scored & you can use earnings from the score to unlock additional towers and upgrade them.





Play King Rugni Tower Defense Game Online

Children and adults can play this challenging but fun base defense game by clicking in the window below.

Alternatively kids and parents can play this 30-stage tower defense strategy as a web application here.

King Rugni Base Defense Strategy Game Play Instructions

How to Play

Build towers to defeat enemies which enter the screen & do not let 10 leave the level alive or it is game over.

  • Starting the Game
    • When you go to play the first level of the game it helps guide you through the game mechanics with a hand pointer that first has you select the first level from the world overview map.
      • Inside the first level the hand also guides you on how to lay down your first tower.
      • After the first level when you return to the overview map the first tier Bombard tower is available, which the hand also guides you on.
      • In the second level the game teaches you about the tsunami of tar which can slow down enemies.
      • In the third level you start without enough money to buy any towers, so it teaches you about the pig carrying dynamite which crashes into enemies.
    • Your level ratings, unlocked levels, treasure, and unlocked towers are stored in your local web browser.
  • Game Controls
    • Desktop:
      • Overview map:
        • From the overview map click on the level you would like to enter or the tower you would like to upgrade.
        • The overview map also contains buttons in the upper right corner for controlling sound and special effects.
      • Individual levels:
        • Click where you would like to lay a tower to set a tower down & choose the type of tower you would like to lay there.
          • When a tower is laid you can click on it again and then click on the upgrade price to upgrade it.
          • Alternatively, if you laid the wrong tower you can remove it and place something else there, though selling a tower back costs you roughly a 20% loss of the purchase price.
        • After playing for a couple levels the tar tsunami and the pig with dynamite are available.
          • General advice
            • These features recharge, though they take a good bit of time to recharge.
            • On some levels you will need to use these on early waves of enemies to build up savings to build your tower defenses.
            • On some levels there are particular attack waves (and portions thereof) which are difficult & you need to ensure these capabilities are available for those encounters.
          • Pig
            • Click in the pig to have him rush the screen to attack whichever enemies are furthest along and blow them up along with any enemies near them.
            • This works best when many enemies are crowded together in a bunch. It is ideal to time it so the pig runs into a big group of enemies stuck near a Tar Pump.
          • Tsunami of tar
            • This will slow down all enemies on the screen momentarily.
            • Use this when enemies are near one of your most powerful towers to extend the amount of time they get hit by it.
      • If you beat a level there is a hamburger menu button on the level beat screen then the overworld map shows the next level unlocked.
        • If you did not score as high as you would like you can replay a level.
        • Each time you beat a level you score more points which can be used to unlock towers.
      • If you lose on a level you can replay it.
    • Mobile: Use your finger like a mouse. 🙂
  • Towers
    • The game has 8 different towers you can purchase.
      • Each tower can be upgraded twice to make them more powerful.
      • In most levels when a tower is in place you will rarely change or remove it, however on the final level you need to remove some towers you laid down earlier in the level to defeat the boss.
      • When you right click on a tower to remove it you.
      • If you have enough money to upgrade a tower inside the level the tower will have an up arrow showing near it.
      • If you have enough experience to unlock new tower upgrades the game overview map will show a white exclamation point on a red badge to indicate an upgrade you can afford.
      • Towers are reviewed in depth above the game strategy guide.
  • Worlds
    • The game has 5 different world with 6 levels each. Some levels are detailed below in our game walkthrough section.
  • Level Interface
    • Across the top of the level it shows:
      • What enemy wave number you are on out of how many total waves there are in this level
      • Hearts represent how many lives you have left. you lose one for each enemy that makes it through the level without dying. One exception is on the final level if you let the end boss reach the end of the level you still lose even if you had 10 hearts remaining.
      • How much treasure you have to buy or upgrade towers.
      • A pause button for pausing the game. When the game is paused the pause screen offers the following
        • X in upper right corner to return the game.
        • FX and music buttons to control special effects and game music.
        • Rounded arrow button to restart the level.
        • Hamburger menu to return to game overview.
    • Across the bottom of the level there are buttons for activating the tsunami of tar and the pig with dynamite. If they are grayed out the green circle around them show the recharge progress.
    • In the bottom right corner of the screen there is a fast forward button you can use to speed up the game when you know you will not be too active. And you can press it again to slow down game play.
    • On the left side of the screen when there is an approaching wave of enemies there will be red circles representing them along with a circle around it showing how close they are to appearing.
      • You can earn extra money to buy towers by clicking to initiate the next wave of enemy attacks earlier.
    • Enemies have a health bar which shows how many hits they have left. This can be useful for determining where to lay new towers, when to use the tsunami of tar, and when to call on the trusty dynamite pig.
    • Flags in the game represent where you can place towers. If a tower has an arrow near it that means you have enough savings to pay for the next level of upgrades.

King Rugni Tower Options

Ballista Tower

This is the initial tower you have available at the beginning of the game. It shoots arrows at enemies & is not that powerful, though is precise. The increased shooting speed at level 3 turns this from a weak weapon into a formadble one which does a great job wiping away the remaining health of enemies which have already been weakened by more powerful towers like the Rocket Launcher or Flamer.

Level 1 2 3
Damage 45 50 55
Reload 1.1 0.8 0.5
Range 2.5 2.75 3
Buy Price 50 100 (150) 200 (350)
Sell Price 40 120 280
Sale Loss 10 30 70

Bombard Tower

This is an ariel weapon which shoots stone balls at passing enemies. The Rocket Laucher is a much upgraded version of this with greater range and damage.

Level 1 2 3
Damage 55 70 90
Reload 1.5 1.4 1.35
Range 2.75 3.05 3.35
Exp. Range 1.6 2.2 3
Buy Price 75 160 (235) 350 (585)
Sell Price 60 188 468
Sale Loss 15 47 117

Tar Pump Tower

This is not directly a weapon, though it allows other weapons to do more damage by slowing down enemies. Placing a Flamer tower near one of these and having a Rocket Launcher in the background can do a lot of damage to enemies in a short period of time.

Level 1 2 3
Intensity 2.5 3 4
Duration 2 2.5 3
Reload 2.15 2.65 3.15
Range 1.6 1.8 1.9
Buy Price 60 100 (160) 120 (280)
Sell Price 48 128 224
Sale Loss 12 32 56

Storm Caller Tower

This tower is similar to a Tesla coil in how it shoots electricity at nearby enemies. When enemies are hit by this they also temporarily slow down.

In most cases the Flamer tower is a better choice to use if you can afford the additional cost. The one spot where this beats the Flamer tower without a doubt is the final boss of the game. The final boss is fire based, so this tower does more damage to it than the Flamer tower does.

Level 1 2 3
Damage 110 220 330
Reload 1.75 1.7 1.65
Range 2.5 3 3.3
Slowdown 5 6 7
Buy Price 140 240 (380) 400 (780)
Sell Price 112 304 624
Sale Loss 28 76 156

Rocket Launcher Tower

This tower is like the Ballista tower, except it has much more range and a more powerful shot. The load time is slightly slower, but that is more than made up for by the higher damage level combined with the vastly extended range.

Level 1 2 3
Damage 90 105 125
Reload 1.7 1.65 1.6
Range 4 5 6
Exp. Range 1.5 2 2.8
Buy Price 120 240 (360) 480 (840)
Sell Price 96 288 672
Sale Loss 24 72 168

Flamer Tower

This is the singular most powerful tower in the game. When you put one or two of these near a Tar Pump it can do a lot of damage to most opponents which are slowed down by the Tar Pump as they burn to a crisp. These towers work well almost everywhere except for one spot: they do not work too well on the very last end boss of the game, as he is fire based.

Level 1 2 3
Damage Per Second 350 700 1100
Range 1.5 1.75 2
Buy Price 160 300 (460) 700 (1160)
Sell Price 128 368 928
Sale Loss 32 92 232

Mine Dropper Tower

This tower does an amazing amount of damage, however it has a couple big problems in terms of a slow reload time and questionable accuracy (sometimes the mines will fly on a neighboring path rather than the path you intended them to land on).

You can compensate for the two weaknesses in levels where there are many places to build towers by placing many of these fairly inexpensive towers near each other. In fact, on a level like #28 you could almost use nothing but Mine Dropper towers in almost all placements other than setting up Tar Pumps with Flamers near the beginning and end of the level.

Other than the strong damage done, one other benefit of Mine Dropper towers is the last round of mines dropped still stay in place even if you remove the tower and replace it with something else. Given that a fully upgraded mine tower costs 550 and you get 440 of that back when you sell it, you would be able to buy a near end level insurance policy for an outlay of only 110.

Level 1 2 3
Damage 300 500 800
Reload 2.5 2 1.5
Range 2.5 3 3.3
Exp. Range 1.7 2.2 3
Buy Price 70 130 (200) 350 (550)
Sell Price 56 160 440
Sale Loss 14 40 110

Teleporter Tower

This tower is one you should place near the end of some levels. It sucks nearby enemies in and places them back to an earlier part of the level, forcing them to walk through the same path again. This tower is needed to beat the end guy of the game on level 30.

Each enemy can only go through a Teleporter tower once. After they have went through their hue changes to a purplish color. Some enemies start as a giant and then break apart into smaller enemies after losing health. When an enemy which went through the Teleporter Tower breaks apart then its subcomponent pieces can go through the Teleporter Tower again.

Level 1 2 3
Distance 5 10 18
Reload 3.5 3 2.5
Range 3.5 4 4.5
Buy Price 90 360 (450) 650 (1100)
Sell Price 72 360 880
Sale Loss 18 90 220

King Rugni Game Walkthrough and Level Strategy Guide

Below is a level strategy guide. You get a 3-star rating on a level provided you allow 3 or fewer enemies through to the end of the level & do not allow the end boss to reach the end of the level.

If you get less than 3 stars on a level you can still unlock other levels, unlock upgraded towers & then come back and get 3 stars on the levels you had fewer stars on earlier.

Strategy guides are organized by map. I did the first and final maps, but if you want any other levels done just ask. 🙂

Meadowfalls Campaign

  • Level 1: Place the tower where the finger pointer points. When you have 50 points place a tower on the second flag.
  • Level 2: Place a Bombard tower in the first upper left slot. You can then place a Ballista tower in the adjacent spot to the right, or in one of the places further to the right. As you score points fill up the playing field with Bombard towers.
  • Level 3: Use the pig to rush the enemies with dynamite to score points. Also if you exit this level back to the map and then re-enter the map the enemy countdown will appear on the left side of the screen and if you press that to bring the wave of enemies into the screen sooner you score points from that as well, enabling you to afford a Bombard tower and a Ballista tower. You could theoretically use the Tar Pump tower in the are where there are three flags close together and build Bombard towers on either side of it, or you could keep using points to build more Bombard towers.
  • Level 4: Place Bombard towers on the leftmost place one row up from the bottom and then click on the enemy logo to initiate the first wave of attacks.
    • Place a Bombard tower at the rightmost place on the top of the second row.
    • Use the pig and tar as needed to slow down enemies.
    • Save the rightmost tower placement on the bottom row for a Ballista which can now be upgraded to level 2.
    • Place a Ballista on the topmost tower placement.
    • As you build up savings build more Bombard towers across the top of the bottom row and place a Tar tower between them to slow down enemies.
  • Level 5:
    • This level introduces the annoying alien enemy which periodically restores its own health. If it is near any other enemies when it does a health refresh it also restores their health. The key to beating the aliens is to be able to do a lot of attack damage in a short period of time, so you can fully deplete their health before they have a chance to charge back up.
    • On this level I place a bombard to the left side of the center, then click to bring the enemies into the screen.
    • Next I put a tar pit in the dead center of the screen & use the pig to help slaughter the first wave of enemies so I can afford to put Ballista towers at the top and bottom of the center column.
    • Upgrade the bottom Ballista then the top Ballista.
    • Then I place another Bombard on the right side of the center column.
    • To finish the round out I place a Ballista in the right-most placement & two Bombards at the left most placements on the screen.
  • Level 6:
    • Early on in this level you do not have much money relative to the strength of the enemies, so you have to use calling the first wave of enemies early to generate extra income & then leverage the tar and pig to help compensate for the strength of early waves until you build up your defenses.
    • Place a Storm Caller tower in the lower left corner of the screen then click the button to start the first enemy wave.
    • On the bottom row I then like to include a Rocket Launcher tower and a Bombard which I later upgrade to level 2.
    • I like to place a Ballista in the rightmost bottom position & upgrade it when I can.
    • On the inside wrap around path I like to place a Tar Pump tower to slow down enemies so they absorb the Storm Caller for an extended period of time. For most the other placements I use a combination of Rocket Launcher and Bombard towers throughout.

Direwoods Siege

  • Levels 7 through 12: If you need help with any of these ask in the comments section below.

Harshpeak Crowning

  • Levels 13 through 18: If you need help with any of these ask in the comments section below.

Quarry Prospecting

  • Levels 19 through 24: If you need help with any of these ask in the comments section below.

Furious Furnace

  • Level 25: This level is quite difficult based on two different limitations. One is you only have 5 spots to place towers and the second is your funding is quite limited.
    • Put a rocket launcher in the upper left tower placement, click the button to start the first wave of enemies, then click to put a rocket launcher in the lower left tower placement.
    • Time using the pig and the tar so that you let one or no fire enemies past the center part of your base & then use the next income to set a Ballista in the lower right placement then the upper right placement.
    • Place a Bombard in the center tower placement. Then upgrade it to level 2.
    • After the center bombard placement has been upgraded you can upgrade the lower and upper Ballista placements to level 2 then level 3.
    • Toward the end of the level you can upgrade both of the Rocket Launchers, or one of the Rocket Launchers and upgrade the Ballista to level 3.
    • The timing with the pig and tar need to be impeccable in this level as there are rapid waves of enemies with few tower placements and limited money to spend.
  • Level 26: This level is far easier than level 25. 🙂
    • Place a Flamer in the left center placement & call the first wave of enemies.
    • After an enemy gets past the Flamer use the pig to hit them, then set a second flamer at the other center position.
    • Then I alternate between top and bottom putting 3 sets of Mine Droppers on the top and bottom right & I upgrade these as well. If any of the mass waves of enemies get past the Flamers they will then run into the mines and die.
      • The major weakness of this weapon is it is slow, but by combining 3 consecutive sets of upgraded ones right next to each other it is strong.
    • Then you can upgrade each of the Flamers in the center of the screen and start placing Flamers on the left side of the screen.
    • If you prefer you can mix on the left side of the screen between Flamers and a Tar Pump on each side to slow enemies down.
  • Level 27: This one is easy so long as you get the start correct and skew heavily toward Rocket Launchers.
    • Enemies first enter the level through the upper left & then power regenerating aliens enter through the lower left.
    • Put a Flamer tower in the upper left most placement, then click to initiate the first wave of enemies. Next place a Tar Pump below the Flamer and Rocket Launcher two placements below where you just placed the Flamer.
    • By the time the aliens have entered the screen you should be able to afford a second Flamer tower. Place it in the placement which is slightly right of the dead center of the screen. After killing off the aliens place a Tar Pump left of that flamer.
    • In the upper right tower position place a Teleporter tower.
    • From here on out you will mostly upgrade your Tar Pumps and place Rocket Launchers in the remaining placements. At the end of the level there are 2 fire enemies which are quite powerful & break into smaller enemies not once but twice.
      • As soon as both are visible in the screen use the tsunami of tar.
      • When they are the only enemies left on the screen use the pig.
  • Level 28: This level has many tower placement locations and a variety of paths for enemies to travel, giving you many options for ways to beat it. Two different strategies are described below.
    • Put two Rocket Launchers in the leftmost placements.
    • In the placements near the narrow passage on the right side place a Flamer and a Tar Pump across from each other.
    • I then filled up the rest of the remaining placements with Rocket Launchers.
    • Upgrade the Tar Pump twice, then continue to spend upgrading whatever you earn on improving your Rocket Launchers.
    • When the final wave of enemies comes don’t forget to use the tsunami of tar to slow them down and use the pig when only the few big remaining enemies are left.
    • For the final placements to the right side of the level at the top and bottom you can either make those Teleporter towers, or you can make them Rocket Launchers. When the last few enemies are left if you did not use Teleporters then you can sell off some of the Rocket Launchers on the left side of the screen to further upgrade the Rocket Launchers near the exit.
    • Another approach to this level (though one which is super duper cheesy!) is to use the two left Rocket Launchers and then place Mine Droppers everywhere else except for the bottom rightmost placement, which you make a Teleporter.
  • Level 29: This level has a bit of everything. There are: horses which regenerate their energy like the aliens do, strong rock enemies, strong fire enemies, and mass waves of weaker enemies including many fire-based enemies.
    • Place a Tar Pump in the center one placement in from the left 3 tower placements.
    • Place a Flamer across from it, then place Flamers above and below that Flamer.
    • Place Rocket Launchers on the next column behind that initial set of defenses.
    • Upgrade the central Flamer & the Tar Pump.
    • Eventually you can place a Flamer and Tar Pump on the other side in a similar position & fill out the rest of the placements with Rocket Launchers.
      • Another option which could work would be relying heavily on a massive series of Mine Droppers on the right side of the screen.
  • Level 30: This is the final level & it might only be marginally overstating to say the end boss requires about 50,000 hits to defeat. Worse yet, if the final boss makes it to the end of the level and still has health left the game is over even if you did not let any other enemies through the level. Luckily you start this level with 3,000 treasury.
    • In the narrow passage in the center of the left side of the screen place a Tar Pump at the top and two Flamers below it and upgrade these.
    • Then throughout the remainder of the level you will mostly place Rocket Launchers on the upper half of the screen and Storm Callers on the lower half of the screen.
      • The final boss is a fire-based enemy and fire attacks do not work great on him. Before the fifth and final wave comes replace the Flamers in the left center of the screen with more Storm Callers.
      • In the narrow passage on the right side which mirrors the one on the left side once again place a Tar Pump at the top and two Storm Callers
      • On the right side of the screen at the center placement place a Teleport tower. Make sure this is fully upgraded before the fifth and final wave. The boss takes so many hits you need him to traverse the screen twice.
      • Keep using the tar tsunami and the dynamite pig repeatedly on the end boss to further damage his health.
      • At the bottom right corner of the game there is a button which is sort of like a fast forward button which allows you to increase the speed of the game during periods where you are not active with tower changes.

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