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Teen Titans Go Jump Jousts: 2 Player vs Battle Fighting Game

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This is a fun martial arts fighting game based on the popular cartoon series Teen Titans Go. Engage in combat with various opponents, each tougher than the last. This game could be thought of as a simplified low fidelity version of games like Street Fighter with more beautiful & colorful graphics. We also offer the sequel to this game.

  • Avoid your opponent whilst looking for the right time to attack.
  • Use your special attack, when available, to inflict even more damage on your opponent.
  • Play through the game in one player mode to unlock additional characters, or play against a friend in 2 player vs mode.





Play Teen Titans Go Jump Jousts Game

Kids and adults can play this online Teen Titans Go fighting game by clicking in the window below.

Alternatively children can play this free online Teen Titans Go cartoon battle game as a web application here.

Teen Titans Go Jump Jousts Fighting Game Play Instructions

How to Play

Land blows on your opponent whilst avoiding their attacks. Jump to attack, then retreat and defend.

  • Starting the Game
    • Once the introduction animation has completed, select the green Play button to start the game.
      • Select one or two players.
      • Select your preferred character. Each character has a different form of attack.
        • Initially Robin, Starfire, Raven, Cyborg and Beast Boy are available.
        • After you beat the game (beat 5 battle matches with a particular character) you unlock other characters.
          • Robin unlocks Gizmo.
          • Starfire unlocks Jinx.
          • Raven unlocks mammoth.
          • Cyborg unlocks Pain Bot.
          • Beast Boy unlocks Terra.
          • Even in 2 player vs mode these characters remain locked until they unlocked in 1 player mode.
          • When you unlock all 5 villains it also unlocks survival mode.
            • In survival mode you play each opponent for up to 2 rounds before moving on to the next opponent.
            • If you lose any individual round in survival mode it is game over.
        • After selecting a character, click the green button to start.
        • You can also use direction arrows and space bar to select options.
        • Your web browser automatically stores your unlocked characters and survival mode record.
  • Game Controls
    • For one player, the game control keys are:
      • Left arrow key or F key: move left
      • Right arrow key or H key: move right
      • A key: launch attack
      • S key: launch special attack, when available
    • For two player:
      • Same as above, but second player uses left arrow, right arrow, up arrow and K key, respectively.
    • You can pause at any time by selecting the pause button. This will also allow you to turn the sound off and on, quite the game and will remind you of the control keys. Hit the play button again to start.
  • Game Play
    • Match set up
      • The computer will select your first opponent.
      • Each match set consists of a best of three rounds.
      • You and your enemy get 10 hit points per round.
        • Your damage meter will show the blows you’ve endured, and those you’ve landed on your opponent. These are indicated as a series of green blocks. The first person to land ten blows on their opponent, wins.
        • The winner of each round is whoever has health remaining if one player runs out of health, or whichever player has more health remaining at the end of a minute.
      • Normal attacks are worth a hit point.
      • Special attacks are typically worth 3 or 4 hit points, though in some cases a special attack executed perfectly may hit twice doing 6 damage.
        • Landing a number of regular attacks charges your special attack.
        • If your special attack is almost charged or fully charged from a match in a set then it will remain so for the next match within that set.
        • Your special attack shows as the word “Go!” partially filled in yellow as you charge it. It changes size and bounces when it is fully charge.
        • In some cases you can counter a special attack with another special attack, leading your opponent to burn their special attack and lose three hit points without hitting you.
          • It is a good practice to know how full your special attack it, how full your opponent’s special attack is and how much health each player has.
      • If you beat 5 enemies with one of the Teen Titans it will unlock another character.
        • Each Teen Titan unlocks a specific villain character.
        • If you lose you can play the match again without having to start from the beginning of the game.
        • You get unlimited continues.
    • Moving
      • Your opponent will be either advancing, retreating or, less likely, standing still.
      • Use the direction keys to get close to, or dodge, your opponent.
      • Whenever you move left or right you do so by jumping.
        • This can make timing attacks difficult as opponents can jump backward away from you and then shift toward an attack that comes at you in the middle of a jump.
    • Attacking
      • Attack when you’re close to your opponent. Your opponent will attempt to dodge, but if you’re close enough and quick enough, you’ll inflict damage.
        • In many ways this game can be a game of rhythm where repeatedly doing the same move can work in certain scenarios. If an opponent keeps using a specific attack try to figure out which moves you can do to defuse or counter it.
          • Each character has a different form of attack and defense.
          • Learn and take advantage of their vulnerabilities in order to win the game.
          • If you are moving backward then attack, are moving forward then attack, or are standing still and attack each of these has a different format and timing to master.
        • Occasionally, you will earn a special attack. You’ll see an S appear at the bottom of the screen. Use the special attack mode when you are close to your opponent to inflict significant damage on your opponent.
    • Defense
      • There isn’t really a block or defense button in this game. You can push backward to move away from the opponent, but typically when they jump forward they move faster than you do when you jump backward, so the best defense is being unpredictable and aggressive on offense & if you land a blow or sequence of blows keep attacking until it stops working.
        • If you win a round using a special attack and start the next round with the computer having a fully charged special attack it can be helpful to stay far away from them at the back edge of your screen so they burn their special attack without hitting you.
      • If you have a hit point lead on the opponent you can try to keep your distance to run the clock out.
        • You can do this with even only a single hit point lead and 50 seconds left in the round if the opponent does not charge you aggressively & does not have a fully charged power attack.
    • Winning rounds
      • Each joust consists of up to 3 rounds. The winner of each joust is indicated below the damage meter.
      • If you win 2 of the jousts, you advance to the next round and play against a fresh opponent.
        • After 5 rounds each Teen Titan unlocks another playable character, which is the villain faced in the fifth round.
      • If you lose 2 of the jousts, you can replay the level again.
  • Audience
    • The game is a fighting game and requires skill in order to advance. The vibrant colors make it aesthetically pleasing to all ages, but the difficulty level makes it suited to older children and adults.

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Teen Titans Go Jump Jousts: 2 Player vs Battle Fighting Game
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Mobile Friendly Cross Browser Support

This game is rendered in mobile-friendly HTML5, so it offers cross-device gameplay. You can play it on mobile devices like Apple iPhones, Google Android powered cell phones from manufactures like Samsung, tablets like the iPad or Kindle Fire, laptops, and Windows-powered desktop computers. All game files are stored locally in your web browser cache. This game works in Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and other modern web browsers.

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