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Parking Toy Story: Car Parking Simulator Game for Kids

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This fun and challenging toy car simulator game with colorful and quirky graphics designed for kids. Players must maneuver the car to collect stars and drive around obstacles safely. Collect 3 stars each level and avoid bumping into all sorts of objects and toys scattered around the floor. Head to the specified parking space to complete a level. Enjoy playing as many levels as you can.

  • Maneuver the car as needed to the right parking space.
  • Collect 3 stars each level to unlock the target parking space which appears in white chalk.
  • Control your car around the map and avoid bumping into different objects.
  • You complete a level once you’ve safely parked the toy car on the target parking space.
  • It’s game over if you bump the car. You must restart the level to play again.





Play Parking Toy Story Car Parking Simulator Game Online

Children can play this immersive interactive car parking game by clicking in the window below.

Kids and adults can play this endless car parking simulator game for free as a web application here.

Parking Toy Story Multi-level Car Parking Game Play Instructions

How to Play

Control the car and avoid bumping into objects around the room. Collect three stars and park at the designated parking space to complete each level.

  • Starting the Game
    • Click or tap on the play button on the bottom right side of the screen to begin the game.
    • There is no level selection menu for the game. Players will always start on the 1st level when they play.
      • Unless you replay an advanced level after you lose, once you stop playing, you will always start at the first stage when you play.
  • Main Menu Screen Interface
    • There are a couple of game options available in the main menu:
      • The top right button with the sound icon can toggle the sound “on” or “off”.
      • There is no visual indication if the sound is “on” or “off” though. You will hear the sound removed once you select it. Simply select it again if you want to put back the sound.
      • The bottom left button with the controller icon is a game links button. Select it to redirect you to a page with more games.
      • The “choose control” button is on the bottom left of the screen. This is beside the game links button. Press the choose control button to select from “keyboard” for desktop PC or “touch” controls for any touchscreen device such as mobile phones or tablets.
    • Click or tap on the appropriate controls. You cannot maneuver the car well if you choose the opposite controls. So make sure you make the right selection.
  • Game Controls
    • Mouse and Keyboard
      • The game primarily uses directional arrow key buttons to accelerate and navigate the car..
      • Press up to make the car accelerate forward.
      • Press down to make the car decelerate or go on reverse.
      • Press left or right to make the car go toward your preferred direction.
        • You can hold up while maneuvering left or right, or reverse and left or right.
        • Pressing left and right or up and down simultaneously will do nothing and will just stop your car. You must press up (forward) or down (backward) to accelerate your car so it moves toward your preferred direction.
    • Touchscreen
      • On the bottom left side of the screen, there is a steering wheel icon.
      • Turn Left: Tap and hold slightly left of the steering wheel to turn your wheels towards the left side.
      • Turn Right: Tap and hold slightly right of the steering wheel to turn your wheels towards the right side.
      • On the bottom right side of the screen are the Reverse and the Accelerator icons.
        • Tapping on the reverse icon will move your car backwards.
        • Tapping on the accelerator icon will move your car forward.
        • You can simultaneously tap the accelerator and the reverse while steering from left or right to control the car.
  • Other In-Game Options
    • On the top left corner of the screen is the control toggle button. Selecting it will change the control feature while you are playing the game. This is useful if you happen to select the wrong controls on your device.
    • On the top left corner of the screen is the sound icon. Clicking it will toggle the sound “on” or “off”.
    • The life counter is indicated by the 3 car icons beside the control toggle button. This located ay the top left corner of the screen.
      • The life counter will diminish when you bump into an object or a corner on the screen.
      • If you lose all 3 life counters, it’s game over.
    • The star counter is displayed on the top right corner of the screen.
      • Collecting all 3 stars while parking to unlock the designated parking space. This let’s you finish the level.
      • Failure to collect the 3 stars per level will hinder you from finding the parking space. It only appears if you collect the three stars.
  • Game Over Screen Display
    • Once you’ve lost, you will be re-directed to the Game Over Screen. There will be 3 available buttons:
      • 1st button is the home button. Clicking or tapping it will redirect you back to the home screen.
      • 2nd button is the restart button. Clicking or tapping it will restart your current level.
      • 3rd button is the game links button. Clicking or tapping it will redirect you to a page with more games.
  • Level Complete Screen Display
    • Once you’ve finished a level, you will be re-directed to the Level Complete Screen. There will be 3 available buttons:
      • 1st button is the home button. Clicking or tapping it will redirect you back to the home screen.
      • 2nd button is the restart button. Clicking or tapping it will restart your current level.
      • 3rd button is the next level button. Clicking or tapping it will redirect you to the next level.
    • Try to play as many levels as you want, for as long as you can. If you die, you can replay the current level to move on to the next level. But if you stop playing and decide to play the game again, you will always start at the first level.
  • Strategy
    • This is a pretty straightforward driving and parking game with challenging controls and obstacles. Try to master the controls to maneuver your car with ease through tricky levels with lots of obstacles.
    • Players must commandeer the toy car to collect stars then park it on the specified location.
      • You must first collect 3 stars before being able to access the parking space to finish each level.
      • Bumping onto other objects or corners around the map will decrease your life counter. You only have 3 instances to bump objects before it’s game over.
        • But if you directly crash into a wall or a solid railing, it automatically drains your 3 life counters to zero.
    • Controlling the Car
      • It’s easier to control the car while moving. Plan your route and collect stars as you go through each level in search of your parking space.
      • With practice, you’ll feel more comfortable with the controls. Practice reverse driving so you can maneuver your car on tricky spaces.
      • To avoid bumping on anything, it’s best to accelerate slowly. Driving fast in a parking lot is a disaster waiting to happen. You’ll likely bump or crash. With slow movements, you can avoid scattered toys or barricades that line each level.
      • Expect to drive through tight corners and spots with scattered toys. You’ll need to maneuver your car precisely within a small space to make it to a star or a parking space.
    • Levels get harder as you play through the game. There will be no level select option so you will always start on the 1st level. You can replay and advanced level after you lose. But once you stop the game and play again, expect to always start at the 1st level.
      • Play as many levels as you can complete. The game has numerous levels with tricky courses that will test your patience, hand-eye coordination, and precision. Enjoy playing through each level over again to relive the challenge.

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Parking Toy Story: Car Parking Simulator Game for Kids
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Parking Toy Story Welcome Screen Screenshot.
Parking Toy Story Game Screen.
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This game is rendered in mobile-friendly HTML5, so it offers cross-device gameplay. You can play it on mobile devices like Apple iPhones, Google Android powered cell phones from manufactures like Samsung, tablets like the iPad or Kindle Fire, laptops, and Windows-powered desktop computers. All game files are stored locally in your web browser cache. This game works in Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and other modern web browsers.

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One comment on "Parking Toy Story: Car Parking Simulator Game for Kids"

  • Joey says:

    This is a complicated parking game where you play as a toy car. Your job is to collect the stars across a messy playroom littered with toys. Move either with the touchscreen or the directional keys on a keyboard. Be careful when moving, though. If you hit your on anything three times, it’s game over and you must start the level all over again.

    The playroom is littered with obstacles to avoid. Meander through the obstacles by adjusting the angle. Pay close attention to the way in front of your vehicle to avoid colliding with anything. Once it’s time to park, move toward the parking space. This is often as hard as retrieving the stars themselves. The car must fit into a specified area within the space to clear the level.

    This is a game of precision, not speed. Slow, careful movements are the key to clearing the levels. Expect to spend a lot of time adjusting the angle of your car. But if you think this is hard, just wait until driver’s ed.

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