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Nick Arcade: Virtual Arcade Minigame Collection

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Play through a colorful virtual arcade themed after the famous kid’s channel. Young and old fans alike will have a lot to do. Earn tickets and win collectibles or just stroll around and look for homages and memes based on classic Nick shows.

  • Play various arcade games themed for Nickelodeon characters and shows.
  • Spot the many references and homages to modern and classic Nick shows.
  • Buy collectibles with the tickets you’ve earned.





Play Nick Arcade Game Online

Children and parents can play this arcade simulator game by clicking in the window below.

Alternatively kids and adults can play this arcade simulation video game for free as a web application here.

Nick Arcade Game for Kids Video Game Play Instructions

How to Play

Play through several minigames in a Nickelodeon-themed arcade.

  • Starting the Game
    • Select anywhere on the welcome screen to begin.
    • Your web browser automatically saves your game progress.
  • Game Controls
    • Desktop
      • Using your mouse, left click to select.
    • Touchscreen devices
      • Tap the screen with your fingers and use them as a mouse.
  • Game Play
    • Basic
      • Explore an arcade dedicated to Nickelodeon shows both old and new.
        • Left click and drag to move around using a mouse.
        • Tap and swipe to move around using your fingers.
      • Play various minigames featuring characters from hit Nickelodeon series.
        • Each time you play again, you gain a bonus change in game play:
        • Win tickets to buy various collectibles.
      • Search for interactive elements and shout-outs to other Nick shows not featured in the minigames.
    • Interface
      • Look for various interactive items and select them to see what happens.
      • View your collection of Nick memorabilia on the collection button on the upper right corner.
      • In the minigames, you can pause by selecting the button on the upper right corner.
    • Tickets
      • Tickets come in 3 colors:
        • Silver
        • Gold
        • Green
      • Many higher-value items cost 2 or 3 types of tickets.
      • You can see the type of tickets dispensed by the game by looking on top of it.
  • Minigames
    • Loud Laughs (gold tickets)
      • Instructions
        • You have 30 seconds to hit as many of the loud siblings as you can.
        • Select a pie from the bottom row.
        • Drag and drop the pie on the Loud sibling whose outline matches the color of the pie.
          • Non-colored pies can be hurled at any of the siblings.
          • When a colored pie hits a sibling of the wrong color, it counts as a miss.
          • A colored pie hitting the sibling of the correct color will leave the sibling’s face covered in goo.
      • Replay modes
        • 2x points: Hitting targets are worth twice the points.
        • Pie Explode: If you land a successful hit with a colored pie, it will also hit the other surrounding siblings.
        • Rush Mode: The siblings pop up fast. Hit them as fast as you can.
      • Tips
        • Focus on the pies you can hit any sibling with.
        • Reserve the colored pies for when the sibling in question appears.
    • Rock’em Sock’em (silver tickets)
      • Instructions
        • As SpongeBob, beat Sandy before she beats you.
          • View your hit points at the top corner of the screen.
        • Controls
          • Select the P button to punch.
          • Select the B button to block.
          • Use the fist button to activate your special attack.
            • You must hit Sandy a few times before you can use your special attack.
            • If Sandy hits you, you lose the ability to use the attack.
      • Replay modes
        • 2x points: Earn twice as many points.
        • Extra Health: You can take more punches.
        • Mega Punch: End the fight in a single finishing blow.
    • Krabby Patty Toss (green tickets)
      • Instructions
        • You have a limited number of Krabby Patties (12) as ammo.
        • Fire the patties into the hungry mouths of customers.
          • Select and drag to fling the patties upwards.
          • Hint: don’t fling too hard, or you’ll miss the mouths or splatter the heads of the customers with patty.
          • To count, patties must reach the mouths of the customers (the anchovies and Patrick)
        • Pelt Squidward with the patties while he plays the clarinet.
      • Replay modes
        • 2x points: Doubles the amount of points you earn from feeding the customers.
        • Extra ammo: Get 18 patties instead of 12.
        • Rush mode: Feed Patrick as much and as fast as you can.
      • Scoring
        • Each customer you feed successfully is worth 800 points in regular games.
          • The maximum score you can get in a level is 9,600 points.
          • In 2x points mode, you can earn up to 19,200 points.
    • Danger Lasers (gold tickets)
      • Instructions
        • Select as many of the lasers that appear onscreen as you can within 30 seconds.
        • Use power up lasers to improve your game:
          • Blue power up: Selects all the lasers currently onscreen.
          • Red power up: Slows down the lasers and makes them easier to collect.
          • Yellow power up: Activate the surrounding lasers.
          • White power up: Selects all the lasers within its surroundings.
        • Do not select the green laser icon.
          • It summons a goat that covers the entirety of the screen.
          • The goat and its insults will confound your ability to collect the lasers.
          • If a goat laser icon appears, avoid hitting the blue or white power-ups.
      • Replay modes
        • 2x points: Doubles the value of the lasers you select.
        • Extra time: You play for 45 seconds.
        • Rush mode: Only one power up (randomized) appears is available. Thus, you encounter it more frequently.
      • Scoring
        • Each laser is worth 100 points.
        • In 2x points mode, the lasers are worth 200 points.
    • Skee Ball (green tickets)
      • Instructions
        • Shoot the ball with enough force to reach the numbered holes.
          • Select and pull back the ball to launch it.
          • Always aim for the numbered holes. If your ball rolls to the non-numbered holes, you get no points.
          • You can only shoot the numbered holes once.
            • After that, any subsequent shot to that hole will get stuck.
            • You don’t get any points from stuck balls.
        • Avoid the tractor beams.
          • If the ball gets caught, it gets caught.
        • You only 5 chances to shoot.
      • Replay modes
        • 2x points: Gain twice as many points for each ball that scores.
        • Extra ammo: Start with 10 balls.
        • Magnet: Your ball always travels in a straight line.
    • Slime Blast (silver tickets)
      • Instructions
        • Allow the pump to charge up the slime pressure.
        • Once ready, select the green button on the lower center corner of the screen to fire.
        • Hit as many characters as you can in a single blast.
          • You automatically get two tries on your first go.
          • Earn a bonus blast by beating your previous high score.
          • If your score is lower than your previous high score, your get no other shots.
        • Replay modes
          • 2x points: Twice the point value for every character you slime
          • Slime Wave: A blast of slime that covers the entirety of the screen
          • Rush Mode: Only high-value characters appear, and they move faster
        • Strategy
          • Timing is critical.
            • Keep the machine charged and full of slime before firing.
            • Fire before the characters make their way to the center. This way, they are more likely to be hit when the slime blast arrives.
            • Hitting when the characters are in the center of the field makes it hard to hit any of them.
          • Do better than your last turn.
            • You earn an extra blast each time you surpass your previous score.
            • This can let you earn even higher scores.
        • Scoring
          • Your score depends on the characters you’ve slimed.
          • Point values are multiplied by 100.
          • The character’s score values are as follows:
            • Lincoln Loud: 1
            • Annie: 5
            • Brainstorm: 5
            • Pony: 5
            • Captain Man: 5
            • SpongeBob SquarePants: 10
            • Michelangelo: 10
            • Leonardo: 20
      • Basketball (green tickets)
        • Instructions
          • You have 30 seconds to shoot as many baskets as you can.
            • To shoot, left click or tap, then drag toward the direction of the hoop.
            • Each time you make a streak of 3 or more consecutive shots, you earn one more second.
              • You gain an extra second for every successful consecutive shot you make from the 3rd onwards.
              • By the 6th consecutive shot, you gain a massive ball that, when thrown, will always land.
            • The hoop moves, so you better act fast to maximize your chances of landing the basket.
        • Tips
          • Anticipate where the basket would move before making a shot.
          • Move fast to shoot several baskets while the basket is in one spot.
          • Aim for the center of the basket to ensure that the shot lands.
        • Replay modes
          • 2x points: Score twice as much with every shot.
          • Extra time: Play for 45 seconds.
      • Skate the Block (silver tickets)
        • Instructions
          • Use the arrow buttons to move Ronnie Anne back and forth.
          • Collect as many coins as you can.
          • Gain speed by collecting planks and sandwiches.
          • Avoid hitting obstacles.
            • Each time you get hit, you lose one of your hearts.
            • Hit 3 obstacles and it’s game over.
            • You can see the number of hearts you have left on the upper center corner of the screen.
            • Some items, like boards, can help you jump over obstacles.
        • Replay modes:
          • Shield: Protects you from damage for about two hits.
          • Magnet: Coins and powerups go to you, so you can focus on dodging obstacles.
          • Rush mode: You move faster.
      • Pack Maze (gold ticket)
        • Instructions
          • This game is heavily inspired by Pac Man.
          • As Ollie, navigate through a maze and collect all the pellets.
            • To clear a level, you must collect all the pellets
            • The red pellets are worth more points than the white pellets.
              • Except in extra snacks mode, there’s usually only one in every level.
          • Avoid the ghosts.
            • Eat the power up pellets to turn the tables on the ghosts and eat them.
            • You only get power up pellets on the first level unless you play in extra power ups mode.
          • You only have 3 lives.
            • Each time a ghost touches you, you lose one life.
            • Lose all your lives and its game over.
        • Controls
          • You automatically move forward.
          • Change direction using the arrow keys on your keyboard or W,A, S and D keys.
        • Replay modes
          • 2x points: Consuming pellets and deactivated ghosts net twice as much points.
          • Extra snacks: Adds more red pellets to the playing field.
          • Extra power ups: Gain more power ups in each level.
      • Hoof Machine (silver tickets)
        • Instructions
          • It’s a virtual arcade claw machine but with fewer chances of failure.
            • Pony acts as the claw.
            • Note that we said “fewer.” not “none.” The game can be frustrating sometimes, but you’re getting it for free. 🙂
          • Use the joystick to navigate. Left click or tap, then drag to move.
            • Move the mouse or your fingers left or right to move sideways.
            • Use an up or down motion to switch between prizes.
            • Press the button to grab items and try to gain prizes.
          • Win by grabbing items and bringing them to the chute.
            • If you manage to grab items, you win.
            • Each item you collect is worth 1,000 points.
            • You can collect up to 3 items.
            • You will still get tickets if you don’t get anything.
        • Replay modes
          • 2x points: Double the amount of points you get for collecting items.
          • Sticky mode: Prizes will stick to Pony’s hooves.
  • Collectibles
    • Exchange your tickets at the collectibles booth.
    • The collectibles booth refreshes each time you exit the game. Keep checking back for more items
  • Target Audience
    • The game is suited for Nickelodeon fans of all ages.
    • The game has no adult themed content.

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Nick Arcade Game Welcome Screen Screenshot.
Nick Arcade Game Stage Select Screenshot.
Nick Arcade Game Stage Select Loud Laughs How To Play Screenshot.
Nick Arcade Game Stage Select Loud Laughs Screenshot.
Nick Arcade Game Stage Select Rock'em Sock'em How To Play Screenshot.
Nick Arcade Game Stage Select Rock'em Sock'em Screenshot.
Nick Arcade Game Stage Select Krabby Patty Toss How To Play Screenshot.
Nick Arcade Game Stage Select Krabby Patty Toss Screenshot.
Nick Arcade Game Stage Select Danger Lasers How To Play Screenshot.
Nick Arcade Game Stage Select Danger Lasers Screenshot.
Nick Arcade Game Stage Select Skeeball How To Play Screenshot.
Nick Arcade Game Stage Select Skeeball Screenshot.
Nick Arcade Game Stage Select Slime Blast How To Play Screenshot.
Nick Arcade Game Stage Select Slime Blast Screenshot.
Nick Arcade Game Stage Select Basketball How To Play Screenshot.
Nick Arcade Game Stage Select Basketball Screenshot.
Nick Arcade Game Stage Select Skate The Block How To Play Screenshot.
Nick Arcade Game Stage Select Skate The Block Screenshot.
Nick Arcade Game Stage Select Pack Maze How To Play Screenshot.
Nick Arcade Game Stage Select Pack Maze Screenshot.
Nick Arcade Game Stage Select Hoof Machine How To Play Screenshot.
Nick Arcade Game Stage Select Hoof Machine Screenshot.

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