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Soaring Over Summer Arcade

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This is a arcade compilation game featuring 7 minigames, each themed after a different Disney Junior show. All of the games have been rendered in a blocky retro-inspired hybrid 2D/3D aesthetic reminiscent of pixels.

  • Earn as high a score as you can from every game.
  • Earn coins from each game.
  • Use the prize wheel to unlock power ups.





Play Soaring Over Summer Arcade Game Online

Children and parents can play this cartoon compellation game by clicking in the window below.

Alternatively kids and adults can play this Disney cartoons video game for free as a web application here.

Soaring Over Summer Arcade Game for Kids Video Game Play Instructions

How to Play

Play one of 7 arcade games themed after a Disney Junior show.

  • Starting the Game
    • On the welcome screen, left click or tap anywhere to begin.
    • Your web browser automatically saves your game progress and high score.
      • Your best score in any game is shown on the home screen.
      • Your best score for a specific game is shown on the bottom right corner of the game’s menu.
  • Game Controls
    • Desktop
      • With your mouse, left click to select and navigate.
    • Touchscreen devices
      • Tap on the screen with your fingers to select and navigate.
  • Navigation
    • Game and character selection
      • On the home screen, choose a character:
        • Goldie and Bear
          • Goldie Locks
        • Miles from Tomorrowland
          • Miles Callisto
        • The Lion Guard
          • Kion
          • Bunga
        • Doc McStuffins
          • Doc McStuffins
        • Jake and the Never Land Pirates
          • Captain Jake
        • Sofia the First
          • Princess Sofia
        • Henry Hugglemonster
          • Henry
      • Each show has its own specific game and set of power ups.
      • Select the power ups at the beginning of the game to equip them.
    • Wheel of Prizes
      • Access the wheel of prizes by selecting the coins button on the top right corner of the home screen.
      • Move to the wheel of prizes and spin it to win power ups for your games.
        • Each spin costs 5 coins.
        • Each time you return to the Wheel of Prizes, you spin for a new game.
        • Keep spinning until you win all the power ups.
    • Layout and common settings
      • All games have the controls and indicators located on the top left corner:
        • Pause button: Pauses the game and lets you exit to the home screen
        • Your current score
        • Your lives, if applicable
        • The completion meters, if applicable
      • Each time you reload the game, you start again from the first level.
        • This also applies when you end a level in a game over.
        • The exception is the Sofia the First tile matching game, which replays the latest level if you end with a game over.
  • Mini Games
    • Goldie and Bear
      • Basic rules
        • This is a standard brick breaker game.
          • Launch the kickball anywhere on the field.
          • The ball will bounce around the field and destroy any of the haystacks in its path.
          • If it hits anything, it will bounce back.
          • Catch the ball with Goldie and Bear to redirect it toward the haystacks again.
        • Clear all the haystacks in the field to win.
        • After winning, you see the 3 little pigs build a taller wall for Humpty Dumpty.
      • Materials
        • Each of the materials must be hit a set number of times to clear them from the field.
          • Hay bales take 1 hit
          • Wood piles takes 2 hits
          • Bricks stacks take 3 hits
        • You win the level when the last of the material piles is gone.
      • Level features
        • Later levels show a river. Hit the fish that jump from these with the ball for extra points.
        • Also in later levels is Big Bad Wolf. He’ll place in rocks to make your bounce back.
          • It takes 6 hits to take out a rock.
          • You still earn points from destroying them, though they are not necessary to clear the level.
        • Some levels have crates.
          • These also take several hits to destroy.
          • They yield a token when destroyed.
      • Scoring
        • Each haystack costs 100 points.
        • Items that need to be destroyed over several consecutive hits (e.g. wood, brick, rocks) yield 10 points each time they are hit. They yield 100 points after they’re finally destroyed.
        • Fish give a bonus of 50 points when you hit them.
    • Miles from Tomorrowland
      • Basic rules
        • As Miles, illuminate all the hexagon platforms by stepping on them.
        • Avoid getting hit by the monsters that appear among the platforms.
        • When you illuminate all the platforms, make your way back to the orb of light to finish the level.
      • Health
        • Your remaining health is measured on a meter found on the top left corner of the screen.
        • Each time you get hit, you lose health.
        • You will fail the level if you lose all your health.
      • Level features
        • Pink platforms
          • These act as teleporters.
            • Step on one pink platform to make your way to the other one a cross the level.
            • It will only activate when you move toward it.
          • Use these to reach distant platforms unconnected to where you are.
            • You can also use these to create distance between yourself and the monsters.
        • Green platforms
          • These elevators connect a pair of otherwise isolated platforms.
            • Step on them to activate them,
            • Elevators can only be used one way. They can only go the other direction when you step on the same tile again.
          • Use the elevators to reach one end of the level.
          • You can also use the elevators to leave monsters behind.
        • Rainbow platforms
          • These tend to come and go.
          • They act as disappearing bridges. Time your moves so you’re across before it disappears.
          • Make sure you cross this platform before it disappears.
        • Dropping objects
          • Orange blobs will drop from the ceiling.
          • You will know that the blobs are coming if the platform starts to flicker.
          • Be sure Miles isn’t anywhere near those blobs to avoid getting injured by them.
      • MERC
        • Select MERC to let Miles get away from monsters quickly.
        • You can only use MERC once in each level.
      • Enemies and hazards
        • Bugs
          • A swarm of bugs will appear somewhere in the level to gather around the platforms and turn them back off.
          • Whenever this happens, you must turn the platforms on again.
          • Over time, the bugs disappear. This will prevent all your work from getting undone.
          • Touching the swarm will cause you to lose health.
        • Monsters
          • Monsters will chase after you in the game.
          • You will lose health if you touch them.
          • Keep your distance from the monsters for as long as you can.
          • Monsters disappear when all of the platforms are lit.
      • Scoring
        • Every platform you step on yields 100 points.
    • Lion Guard
      • Basic rules
        • Stun all the hyenas and take them out.
        • Clear out all the hyenas in the level to clear it.
        • Pick up fruits for extra points or lives.
        • Avoid hitting the hyenas, porcupines, or crocodiles.
      • Navigation
        • Left click or tap on the left side of the screen to jump left.
        • Left click or tap on the right side of the screen to jump right.
      • Lives
        • You only have 3 lives. These are represented by hearts on the top left corner of the screen.
        • Touching an enemy will take out one life.
        • It’s game over if you lose all your lives.
        • Grab fruits to replenish your lives.
      • Stunning
        • You can only attack a hyena when they are stunned.
        • To stun the hyena, hit the platform beneath it or hit the token to evoke the Roar of the Elders.
          • You can only use the Roar of the Elders twice. Don’t use it until all the hyenas in the level have appeared.
          • The Roar also removes the porcupines but does nothing to the crocodiles.
          • When playing as Bunga, instead of the Roar, you become invincible.
        • The hyenas are stunned for a long time, allowing you to attack them.
      • Scoring
        • Taking out hyenas gives you 250 to 450 points.
        • Taking out porcupines gives you 350 points.
        • Collecting fruits gives you 100 points.
    • Doc McStuffins
      • Basics
        • Select a group of 2 or more blocks with the same color to clear them from the field.
        • Collect all of the items Doc’s friends need to help them get better.
          • To collect the items, remove the blocks below them until they reach the bottom of the screen.
          • The list of items you need to collect is shown on the bottom right corner.
          • Coins, whenever they appear, are also collected the same way.
        • Don’t let the stack of boxes go up all the way to the top. If it does, it’s game over.
      • Special blocks
        • Special blocks are marked by symbols in front of them.
        • These have special powers you can use to help you remove more blocks.
          • Blocks with a horizontal or vertical arrow will clear the entire line of blocks they’re in.
          • Blocks with a plus-shaped arrow will clear all the blocks of the same color in the field, even if they’re not connected.
        • You can activate the special blocks when at least one more block of the same color appears next to them.
      • Scoring
        • Each box is worth 50 points. The smallest amount you can remove is 100 points.
        • Each item you bring down is worth 100 points.
    • Jake and the Never Land Pirates
      • Basic rules
        • Captain Jake automatically moves forward.
          • He automatically climbs ladders and vines when they’re in front of him.
          • He cannot turn around unless he is stopped by an object he cannot hit (e.g. the wall, metal boxes).
        • Guide Captain Jake through the platforms to confront Captain Hook.
          • Jump to avoid obstacles.
          • Reach the top of the platform to confront Hook.
        • Collect as many of the coins along the way.
      • Level features
        • Boxes
          • Captain Jake will automatically use his sword to take care of wooden boxes.
          • You can also jump over them and walk on top of them.
          • Metal boxes can’t be destroyed by Jake’s sword, so you must
        • Waterfalls
          • Waterfalls will send Jake down a level if he walks past them.
          • To avoid it, jump over the waterfall.
        • Leaf Trampolines
          • Walking past leaf trampolines will let you cross large distances that you can’t normally jump over.
          • Make sure to walk rather than jump over the leaf trampolines as jumping might make you miss it.
      • Enemies
        • General
          • Enemies are activated each time you approach their level. If you fall down, you will have to dodge their attacks again.
          • You can only dodge enemy attacks by jumping.
          • The only enemy you can defeat is Captain Hook.
        • Specific
          • Mr. Smee
            • Smee will occasionally appear out of nowhere to fire cannonballs at you.
            • If the cannonballs hit you, you lose a life.
            • Avoid the cannonballs by jumping over them.
          • Coconuts
            • Coconuts will fall off trees and roll down.
            • Avoid coconuts by jumping
          • Captain Hook
            • Captain Hook will occasionally attack you once he’s within your sights.
            • Jump to avoid his attacks.
            • When you reach him, he’ll give up and you’ve won the level.
      • Lives
        • You start the game with 3 lives, which are visible on the top left corner.
          • Each time you get hit by coconuts or attacks by Hook and Smee, you lose a life.
          • When you lose a life, you start over from the bottom of the level.
        • Lose all your lives and it’s game over.
        • You recover one of the lives you lost in the next level.
          • After losing two lives in a single level, you only regain one life.
      • Scoring
        • Every coin you collect is worth 100 points.
    • Sofia the First
      • Basic Rules
        • Connect groups of 3 of the same gemstones together to have Sofia move.
          • The gems can be connected in a horizontal or vertical line.
          • They can also be connected in L shapes.
        • Keep clearing groups of gems within a predetermined number of turns..
          • Sofia can only take a limited number of steps (turns) as shown on the top left corner.
          • In some stages, you must clear all the gems listed on the left side of the screen to win.
        • The game will provide you hints if you’re ever stuck.
        • In later stages, you must also clear ice gems.
          • Ice gems are cleared by forming a group of 3 or more gems that include the gem stuck inside them.
          • When you clear gems below the ice gem, the gem inside it falls down.
            • The ice gem itself remains in place.
            • You can use this to your advantage if you can’t form a line through the ice gem with the gem currently inside it.
        • Receive coins by bringing it down to the bottom row.
        • The game ends when you run out of turns.
          • The game automatically shuffles the gems if you run out of possible moves, so you only fail when you run out of turns.
          • Unlike the other mini games, you can continue this game from the last level you’ve unlocked if you’re still playing the same session.
          • If you reload the game or exit to the home screen, you will start over from the very beginning.
      • Special gems
        • Special gems form when you clear a row longer than 5 or more.
          • These appear at the very end of the chain that forms them and are the same color.
          • These can be a problem if you can’t remove them right away, as they may prevent new chains of a different gem from forming.
        • Special gems are distinguished by their sparkle. They have special powers that can help you win the game:
          • The gem with a large glow will remove all the gems in a row. These appear if you clear 5 gems in a row.
          • The gem with a small glow will remove all the gems of its color from the field. These appear after you clear 7 gems in a row.
        • You can activate these gems’ special powers by the following means:
          • Include a gem with a large glow on a row of gems to remove it from the screen.
          • The gem with a small glow will automatically activate if you select it.
      • Levels and stages
        • Levels are grouped into 5 stages.
          • Finish one level to unlock the next.
          • There are 4 levels per stage.
        • At the end of each stage, you must collect a treasure.
          • To collect the treasure, clear all the gems below the treasure chest to bring it down.
          • Once down, the treasure will reveal itself.
      • Scoring
        • Each gem removed nets you 100 points.
        • You earn at least 300 points in each move. The longer the chain of gems, the higher the points you earn.
    • Henry Hugglemonster
      • Basic rules
        • Fire small furry monsters at the pellets.
          • You start with 11 of these monsters.
          • You can fire more than one monster around the field.
          • You can also get Henry’s brother Cobby to fire more monsters by having one of the fluffy monsters hit his token somewhere in the level.
        • As the monsters bounce around, the pellets disappear.
          • Some pellets take more than one hit to disappear.
          • Each time the fluffy monsters hit the pellets, you earn points.
        • If you encounter a coin, you can collect it by having the small fluffy monsters hit it.
        • The monsters will keep bouncing around until they fall into one of the containers.
          • If they fall into a container, it turns blue or pink.
        • Your goal is to fill up the meter on the top left corner of the screen.
          • The meter also has a number showing how many more pellets you need to hit to clear the level.
          • Once you fill up the meter and the last monster you launched falls into the container, the game fires all your remaining monsters at random.
          • Once they all fall, you will earn whatever points they’ve gained from hitting things.
      • Level features
        • Assistance tokens
          • Hit the assistance tokens to summon Henry’s brother to fire other small fluffy monsters on the field.
          • Cobby fires 2 more fluffy monsters, giving you 3 in total.
        • Spinning coins
          • Spinning coins appear in later levels, starting from level 6.
          • These coins change the direction your fluffy monsters bounce.
          • The coins can effectively keep them bouncing for a long time if the monsters find their way back after bouncing around.
        • Giant fluffy monster
          • A giant fluffy monster appears from Level 2 onward.
          • Free the giant monster and have them fall into the containers to gain a massive score bonus.
        • Walls
          • Some pellets take the shape of circular walls.
          • Consider firing into these enclosures first as the fluffy monsters will likely bounce around for a bit before falling in.
      • Scoring
        • Each pellet you take out is worth 50 points. Pellets that take longer to remove take 50 points for every hit they take.
        • Each time you hit the spinning coins, you earn 50 points.
        • Each fluffy monster that falls into the containers is worth 50 points.
        • A giant monster is worth 500 points.
        • Collecting Cobby’s token nets you 500 points.
        • Collecting the coin nets you 1,000 points.
  • Target Audience
    • The game is suited for players who like Disney cartoons.
    • The game has no adult themed content.

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Soaring Over Summer Arcade Game Goldie & Bear Play Screenshot.
Soaring Over Summer Arcade Game Sofia The First Screenshot.
Soaring Over Summer Arcade Game Sofia The First How To Play Screenshot.
Soaring Over Summer Arcade Game Sofia The First Play Screenshot.
Soaring Over Summer Arcade Game Miles From Tomorrowland Screenshot.
Soaring Over Summer Arcade Game Miles From Tomorrowland How To Play Screenshot.
Soaring Over Summer Arcade Game Miles From Tomorrowland Play Screenshot.
Soaring Over Summer Arcade Game Doc Mcstuffins Screenshot.
Soaring Over Summer Arcade Game Doc Mcstuffins Start Screenshot.
Soaring Over Summer Arcade Game Doc Mcstuffins Play Screenshot.
Soaring Over Summer Arcade Game Jake Neverland Pirates Screenshot.
Soaring Over Summer Arcade Game Jake Neverland Pirates Start Screenshot.
Soaring Over Summer Arcade Game Jake Neverland Pirates Play Screenshot.
Soaring Over Summer Arcade Game Jake Henry Hugglemonster Screenshot.
Soaring Over Summer Arcade Game Jake Henry Hugglemonster Start Screenshot.
Soaring Over Summer Arcade Game Jake Henry Hugglemonster Play Screenshot.

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