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Magikmon: Magic Monsters Battle RPG Game

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This is a twist to the fighting monster genre where you play as Anders, a new student enrolled in Ogdoad’s Magic School. He arrived late in class and had to get to the school via the grounds by the back entrance. Before he can train to be a mage, he must fight against and alongside magical creatures called Magikmon.

The game is a 2D role playing game inspired by mons series like Pokémon and Digimon as well as the Harry Potter series. Its aesthetics, meanwhile, parallel those of the Earthbound games.

  • Explore a colorful 2D magical world populated with creatures evoking mythology, primal fear and pop culture.
  • Train various Magikmon by battling their wild fellows.
  • Craft items from magical energy you collected after battles.
  • Impress the school faculty and the snobbish student body.





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Children and parents can play this RPG game by clicking in the window below.

Alternatively kids and adults can play this online roll playing game for free as a web application here.

Magikmon RPG Game Play Instructions

How to Play

As Ander, harness the power of Magikmon and impress the faculty and students of a magic school.

  • Starting the Game
    • Start a new game by selecting one of three game slots on the lower part of the screen.
    • From there, the game will begin in earnest, starting with a cut scene of your character Ander arriving at the grounds of a magic school he enrolled in.
    • Your browser automatically saves your game data in your local browser.
  • Interface
    • On the top right corner are two control buttons:
      • The speaker button toggles the game’s audio.
      • The flag button lets you choose the game’s language. Three are available:
        • English
        • Spanish
        • Catalan
      • On the upper left corner is the credits button. Selecting this button will take you to the credits screen.
      • Once you start the game, clicking on the home button on the upper right corner will open the game’s welcome screen menu.
        • From here, you can load any of your save files or choose an empty slot to start a new save.
  • Game Controls
    • Desktop
      • Move, select, and interact by left clicking on the mouse.
    • Touchscreen devices
      • Tap on the screen to move and interact.
  • Game Play
    • Lore
      • You play as Ander, a kid on his way to a magic school. Along the way, he encounters strange creatures called Magikmon roaming around the campus grounds. Together with his magic wand, he explores his new school and encounters all sorts of strange and wonderful things.
      • The three categories of Magikmon are associated with the development of human culture and technology
        • Spectre Magikmon represent primal fears
          • They originated before language and were a bane to prehistoric people.
          • They still linger today even in the presence of technology.
          • These Magikmon use a purple color scheme and have an eldritch appearance to them.
        • Classic Magikmon represent the divine power of ancient gods.
          • They emerged in the heyday of the first great civilizations.
          • They banished fear, but were supplanted by cult objects from technology.
          • They come in amber hues and have an ancient aesthetic to them.
        • Tech Magikmon represent modern humanity’s dependence on technology.
          • They arose during the technological revolution of the past 200 years.
          • The development and eventual worship of machines caused a decline in the old gods’ power.
          • In general, they have a teal, 21st century technology aesthetic. How do you do, fellow kids?
      • Your journey as a mage in training with Magikmon on tow spans 8 chapters. Each chapter has a boss, usually a member of the school’s faculty.
        • Introduction: First Day at School / Vero Sapientis
        • Chapter 1: Selene da Lúa and the Classic Rituals
        • Chapter 2: Joel Mars: celebrity teacher
        • Chapter 3: Lugh, familiar spirits instructor
        • Chapter 4: Professor Chetverg and Paleomagic
        • Chapter 5: Freja and Tecnomagic’s hype
        • Chapter 6: Principal Leon Toeides’ final evaluation
        • Final Chapter: Hidden in the shadow
      • Exploration and dialogue play a key part of the game. Pay close attention; the dialogue, especially those from the wand, reveal a lot about the way the game works.
    • Opening
      • As soon as the bus leaves you in front of the school, you arrive at the gates of the academy grounds.
        • This will trigger a battle sequence. Naturally, your first instinct is to run.
        • You will encounter the Magical Wand shortly after.
        • The Magical Wand is a character in their own right and will act as your tutor.
      • Your starting Magikmon as determined by the Magical Wand depends on your answer to one question: which occupation do you prefer.
        • Picking the teacher grants you Cernunnos, a Classic Magikmon.
        • Picking the scientist grants you Selfaholic, a Tech Magikmon.
        • Picking the fireman grants you Trapptor, a Spectre Magikmon.
    • Magical Wand
      • The Magical Wand serves as your guide in more ways than one.
      • They serves as a game encyclopedia and a means of storing, healing, and managing your Magikmon
      • Your Wand can hold up to 6 Magikmon at a time, and only 3 can attack at once.
      • The Wand also shares information about the Magikmon you encounter throughout your journey.
    • Navigation
      • Walk by clicking or tapping on the area around you.
        • You will move through routable terrain automatically.
        • Look for logs before crossing the river.
        • Read the signs to get an idea of what to look for.
      • Upon defeating the Professor Sapientis at the end of the first level, you receive a map.
        • The map icon will appear at the top center corner of your screen.
    • Combat basics
      • The game’s monsters follow the rock, paper, scissors logic. The Magikmon symbol seen in and around the campus represents this.
        • Spectre Magikmon (purple) are strong against Tech Magikmon (teal).
        • Tech Magikmon (teal) are strong against Classic Magikmon (amber).
        • Classic Magikmon (amber) are strong against Spectre Magikmon (purple).
      • The battle system is turn based, and you always go first.
      • You have the option of healing, powering up, or attacking during your turn.
        • You and your opponent can only do one action per turn.
        • This includes healing
      • Select attacks from the bottom right corner of the screen.
        • Some attacks can only be used once 2 or 3 turns, but they’re quite effective.
        • That said, they might still miss.
      • Select actions from the student icon on the bottom left corner of the screen.
        • This will open up the Magic Wand menu.
        • Here, you can do the following actions.
          • Swap out Magikmon
          • Use power up items
          • Run away
      • Some attacks can lower your defenses and aim.
      • Sometimes, attacks will miss. Temporarily boost your aim to reduce the likelihood of missing.
      • Unlike other mon games, Magikmon has no equivalent to XP share. The only Magikmon that receive experience during a battle are those who participated in it.
    • Wild vs. Wizard Battles
      • Wild battles are random encounters you get while walking around the school’s grounds.
        • You only face off against one Magikmon at a time.
        • Wild battle encounters are random and frequent.
          • Just by navigating, you can expect to fight several Magikmon on the way to your destination.
          • Level grinding becomes near-automatic and easy to do.
        • You can capture wild Magikmon midway through the battle.
      • Wizard battles pit you against a student or teacher.
        • They will typically have more than one Magikmon, often of a higher level than yours.
        • You cannot capture Magikmon belonging to other wizards.
        • Sometimes, wizards of rank can have more Magikmon than you can have at any given time.
        • Beating them allows you to proceed with the game.
    • Status effects
      • The game has two status effects that interfere with battle: poison and hack.
        • These come as an after-effect of some attacks.
          • The poison status emerges from the despair attack.
          • The hack status comes from the malware_trojan attack.
        • A poisoned Magikmon will lose hit points in each turn.
        • A hacked Magikmon will have a slight chance of attacking themselves in their own turn.
          • Hack has a greater effect on you than it does on your opponent. 😀
      • Status effects only last through the current battle. However, they can still cause a lot of damage.
      • Use the appropriate power up to remove the effect through the battle.
    • Capturing Magikmon
      • Magikmon tend to appear periodially in a lot of places.
      • You are more likely to capture Magikmon in areas that sparkle.
      • Craft magic traps out of magical energy you collect after each battle.
        • Magic Wand gives you one for free alongside your starter Magikmon.
      • Select the capture button next to the student icon on your turn to capture a Magikmon.
      • You have a greater chance of capturing a Magikmon if they’ve been significantly weakened in a battle.
      • Arrange your newly found Magikmon according to their priority in the capture screen.
        • Active battlers will appear on the wand’s hilt and pommel, on the upper portion.
        • Inactive Magikmon will appear in the shaft of the wand.
        • You can only release Magikmon upon capturing another one.
      • You can hold and train up to 6 Magikmon at any given time. You cannot catch them all. 😀
    • Crafting
      • After each battle, you earn magical energy. You can craft this into various items and other power-ups for your game.
      • Craft magic traps to capture more Magikmons to add to your team.
      • Power ups can give you an edge in battle when your Magikmon’s stats aren’t up to the task.
        • These include the following:
          • Full life: Restores your Magikmon’s health bar in full
          • Antidote: Cancels the venom state
          • Focus: Cancels the hack state
          • Attack: Gives your Magikmon a brief increase in offensive power
          • Defense: Gives your Magikmon a temporary resilience against attacks
          • Aim: Briefly increases the accuracy of your Magikmon’s attacks
        • The effects of power ups only last for the battle.
    • Healing
      • Over time, your Magikmon heal by themselves.
        • It takes several seconds to a minute for a Magikmon to heal by themselves, depending on the severity of their damage.
        • You can speed up the process by accessing your Magic Wand and pressing the healing boost button. This will shorten the time you need to wait.
        • You can press the instant heal to get them ready in one click, but this has a 10 minute cooldown.
        • It’s more practical to use healing boost over instant heal.
  • Hints and Tips
    • Keep a store of power ups throughout your game. They can spell the difference between victory and defeat.
    • Take advantage of status effects; they’ll make winning against combatants easier.
    • Level grind to boost your strength.
      • Level grinding allows you to bolster your Magikmon’s strength.
      • It also lets you collect more energy to craft power ups, vital to surviving trainer battles.
      • Wander around. You’re likely to encounter wild battles a lot.
    • Don’t be afraid to run away when the battle seems hard to win.
  • Target Audience
    • This is a game suited for older children, teenagers, and adults. We especially recommend it for fans of monster collecting (mon) games and retro 2D roleplaying games.
    • This game does not have any adult content.

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