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Hold Position 2 Medieval Castle Defense Game

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This is a gorgeous castle defense game.

  • Shoot waves of hoards of people storming your castle and air balloons shooting arrows at you.
  • The goal of the game is to withstand a 10-minute assault.
  • You earn money by killing enemies.
  • If you do not last the full 10 minutes you can buy upgrades which allow you to shoot with greater force and your castle to withstand more damage while remaining operational.





Play Hold Position 2 Online

You can play this beautiful medieval castle defense game inside this webpage below by tapping on the screen or clicking your mouse.

Alternatively you can play this game as a web application here.

Hold Position 2 Game Play Instructions

How to Play

Kill off the angry hoards attempting to siege the castle. Use experience from the game to purchase upgrades that strengthen your attack and the castle defense until you can last 10 minutes.

  • Starting the Game
    • Click on the green arrow to begin the game.
    • If you want to start from scratch after previously playing click on the red reset button in the upper right corner.
  • Shoot the Hoards With Arrows
    • Your castle will automatically shoot arrows at oncoming enemies, but you control the player atop the castle.
    • Aim your mouse in the direction you want to shoot and repeatedly click to fire arrows at them.
    • On the right side of the screen there is a green arrows button you can click on to have a sea of arrows fall from the sky. Once you use it you have to wait another 30 seconds to use it again.
    • As you kill enemies you earn money that can be spent making your arrow strength and castle defenses stronger.
    • Enemies which initially come slowly into the screen come faster as time ticks down.
  • Strategy
    • The goal of the game is to last 10 minutes.
    • If you do not last 10 minutes you can use your money earned to buy upgrades. In general, off the start it is better to increase your shooting strength before investing heavily in castle defenses because being marginally stronger with your shot can kill enemies just coming into the screen before they can harm your castle, which in turn allows you to earn more money faster.
      • I started off upgraded my own arrow strength a couple times, then the castle a couple times, then went back and forth on those two many times before upgrading the defense of the castle.
      • A stronger castle means you can last longer, but you are also killing enemies slower and your first few dozen plays through are going to be focused on earning more to power up anyhow.
      • A cheeseball strategy is to invest only in tower damage upgrade then let the game play in the background for a few dozen plays in order to build up points and the initial strength of the castle.
    • Each aspect of the game is upgraded separately. Tower attack strength, your attack strength and castle defense health.
      • Upgrades start off as costing 200 kills each.
      • Initial values and upgrades are shown in the table below.
  • Game Progress
    • Your game progress is stored in your local web browser, so you can continue later where you left off.
    • If you clear your browser cache you may lose your game performance data.
Attribute Initial Value Upgrade Upgrade Cost
Player Damage 5 5 200
Tower Damage 3 3 200
Castle Health 2000 300 200

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Hold Position 2 Medieval Castle Defense Game
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Hold Position 2 Game Screenshots

Hold Position 2 Game Welcome Screenshot.
Hold Position 2 Game Screenshot.
Hold Position 2 Upgrades Screenshot.

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This game is part of the Hold Position series. We also offer Hold Position and Hold Position 3. The game mechanics between the first and second titles in the series are quite similar, while the game mechanics are quite a bit different for the third game in the series.

  • Fighting: In the first two games you can control the center character who participates in the fighting. In the third game you simply continually upgrade the castle which does all the fighting automatically.
  • Upgrades: In the first two games you purchase upgrades after dying off, while in the third game you purchase upgrades in the middle of the game using gold and can purchase further upgrades with diamonds after dying.
  • Sustained Upgrades: The diamond-based upgrades last from game to game in the third edition of this series while the gold-coin purchased upgrades reset to zero. In the first two games all upgrades are sustained from round to round unless you reset the game data or play in a different web browser lacking your saved gameplay data.
  • Goal: In the first two games the goal is to last through a 10-minute siege. In the third game the goal is to last through as many waves of attacks as you can. There is no specific end to the third game and the enemies keep getting strong each round until you lose.

Mobile Friendly Cross Browser Support

This game is rendered in mobile-friendly HTML5, so it offers cross-device gameplay. You can play it on mobile devices like Apple iPhones, Google Android powered cell phones from manufactures like Samsung, tablets like the iPad or Kindle Fire, laptops, and Windows-powered desktop computers. All game files are stored locally in your web browser cache. This game works in Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and other modern web browsers.

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This game was published in these categories: Base Defense. You can visit any of them to select other fun games to play.

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This game was published using our teamwide account. If you have any comments, questions, concerns, or others (are there others even???) you can use the comments below to send along your 2 cents and help us improve the site further :) Your 2 cents plus 3 cents will buy you a nickel, but if your comments are genuinely useful and/or helpful and/or funny and/or memorable in a good way, we will probably say thanks :D

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2 comments on "Hold Position 2 Medieval Castle Defense Game"

  • Joey says:

    Hold Position 2 trades its old modern warfare theme for one set in medieval times. Like its precursor, your goal is to shoot, survive, and upgrade. Your final goal is for you and your castle to survive the siege for ten minutes. With each round you play, you earn money based on how many enemies you’ve killed in each round. You use these to upgrade your attack and defenses.

    Unlike the previous game, you only have three upgrade options. The only defensive upgrade you have is for the castle’s hit points. This streamlines the game and helps you build up a capable offensive force fast. Like its predecessor, it’s not a game for those who dislike farming. But if that’s not a problem, you can grind your way to a satisfying final victory.

  • Angela says:

    Hold Position 2 is a medieval-themed shooting game. Your goal is to defend your castle and last for at least 10 minutes. You shoot arrows from your tower to kill enemies attacking from the ground and on air. Watch out for archers on the hot air balloons as they can easily inflict damage. When you play this game, don’t expect to last 10 minutes on the first try. You’re meant to collect points, which are used for upgrades.

    The more you kill, the more points you obtain. After you die, you can play the game again and purchase the upgrades. Use it to improve player damage, towers damage, or your castle’s health. As a strategy, make sure to upgrade your player so you can inflict greater damage on your enemies. In return, you will score higher points, which you can use for further upgrades. You also need to be patient. It will take several tries until you can upgrade sufficiently to last for 10 minutes. The upgrades and the fun shooting provide enough motivation to keep playing the game.

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