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Hold Position 3 Medieval Castle Defense Game

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This is a gorgeous castle defense game.

  • Shoot waves of hoards of people storming your castle.
  • Your castle automatically shoots at enemies, but you have to upgrade the offensive and defensive attributes throughout the battle.
  • You earn money by killing enemies. The ability to earn money is yet another thing you can upgrade.
  • Gold coins can be used to buy in-game upgrades, and diamonds can be used to buy upgrades after the game has ended. Diamond upgrades carry across from game to game while gold upgrades do not.





Play Hold Position 3 Online

You can play this beautiful medieval castle defense game inside this webpage below by tapping on the screen or clicking your mouse.

Alternatively you can play this game as a web application here.

Hold Position 3 Game Play Instructions

  • Basic Gameplay
    • Your castle automatically tries to defend itself.
    • You do not control the shots or defense, but instead upgrade your castle’s attributes.
    • The castle can be upgraded during battle with gold, and after you have died with diamonds.
    • Each of the upgrade categories are listed below.
  • Attack Upgrades
    • Damage – how hard you hit
    • Attack Speed – how quickly you shoot
    • Critical Chance – the odds of an attack being critical / heavy
    • Critical Multiple – how much harder critical hit attacks are than ordinary attacks
    • Range – how far you shoot
  • Defense Upgrades
    • Health – the number of hit points your castle has
    • Regeneration – how quickly the castle health restores during and after battle
    • Vampire – scares some opponents, making them less aggressive
  • Money Upgrades
    • Gold Bonus – how much extra gold do you get when you defeat an enemy
    • Diamond Bonus – how much extra diamond do you get when you earn diamonds
    • Boss Bonus – extra earning power for defeating bosses
    • Random Gold – gold which you obtain randomly throughout the game
  • General Strategy
    • Upgrades start off cheap and then get progressively more expensive as you keep upgrading the same attribute.
    • Early in the game it can make sense to upgrade gold bonus and random gold so you are making more gold which can then be used to buy other upgrades.
    • After doing a couple rounds of each of those I then upgrade attack strength and attack range.
    • Then I like to do a few attack speed, castle health, and castle regeneration.
    • Throughout the game you typically have one of the upgrade windows open at all times and keep spending to make your castle stronger as the game progresses.
  • Game Progress
    • Unlike prior games in this series this game does not have an end. You play until you die out as the enemies get more difficult in each subsequent wave. The current wave number is shown at the top center of the screen.
    • Your game progress is stored in your local web browser, so you can continue later where you left off.
    • You start the game at the beginning in terms of the gold upgrades not carrying over, but the diamond upgrades do last from game to game.

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Hold Position 3 Medieval Castle Defense Game
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Hold Position 3 Game Screenshots

Hold Position 3 Game Welcome Screenshot.
Hold Position 3 Game Screenshot.
Hold Position 3 Game Instructions Screenshot.
Hold Position 3 Gameplay Instructions Screenshot.
Hold Position 3 Attack Upgrades Screenshot.
Hold Position 3 Defense Upgrades Screenshot.
Hold Position 3 Money Upgrades Screenshot.

Related Games

This game is part of the Hold Position series. We also offer Hold Position and Hold Position 2. The game mechanics between the first and second titles in the series are quite similar, while the game mechanics are quite a bit different for the third game in the series.

  • Fighting: In the first two games you can control the center character who participates in the fighting. In the third game you simply continually upgrade the castle which does all the fighting automatically.
  • Upgrades: In the first two games you purchase upgrades after dying off, while in the third game you purchase upgrades in the middle of the game using gold and can purchase further upgrades with diamonds after dying.
  • Sustained Upgrades: The diamond-based upgrades last from game to game in the third edition of this series while the gold-coin purchased upgrades reset to zero. In the first two games all upgrades are sustained from round to round unless you reset the game data or play in a different web browser lacking your saved gameplay data.
  • Goal: In the first two games the goal is to last through a 10-minute siege. In the third game the goal is to last through as many waves of attacks as you can. There is no specific end to the third game and the enemies keep getting strong each round until you lose.

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2 comments on "Hold Position 3 Medieval Castle Defense Game"

  • Joey says:

    In this game, you must withstand an onslaught of marauding enemies. You gain money for each enemy you kill. You can then use this money to build up defenses and bolster your attacks. The one difference that sets this game apart is continuity. You don’t need to wait until you’ve lost a round to make upgrades. The moment you’ve earned enough money, go to the shop and start making improvements pronto.

    Your enemies arrive in waves. With each wave, your enemies become stronger and arrive in greater number. Without prodigious upgrades, you will not last long after the first few waves. Another key difference with the previous Hold Position games is in game time. There’s no defined end-goal of surviving for ten minutes. You keep playing until your castle can withstand no more. These major changes doesn’t detract from the series’ main appeal. You don’t need to farm anymore, though.

  • Angela says:

    Unlike previous Hold Position games, this version does not require you to last for 10 minutes. The main goal is to keep your castle alive for as long as you can. The castle automatically shoots enemies and defends itself. You don’t have to worry about shooting. At it’s core, it’s a defense strategy game that relies largely on upgrades. You earn more gold the more enemies you kill.

    What’s unique about this version is the live upgrades. Where other versions only allow you to upgrade when you die, this let’s you upgrade while fighting. You can make attack upgrades, defense upgrades, and even money upgrades. As a strategy, try to prioritize upgrading your gold bonus first so you can earn more coins. Once you have enough coins, you can fortify your castle health and defense strategies. The game goes on and on. It’s great that it saves on your browser. You can pause and pick up where you left, any time.

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