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Exchange Student Zero Battle Day Brawl

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This is a turn-based, rock-paper-scissors style brawler based on the TV movie (and later series) from Cartoon Network. You fight as Hiro Karuta, an exchange student from a fantasy shōnen animé stuck in modern suburban Australia/America (it’s more vague in the actual show). Join him and his magical kitty confidante Amonsun as they stop rampaging villains from destroying South Port High. The game and its design are largely based on the movie, with elements of the series mixed in.

  • Use the turn-based battle system to charge attacks, fight, and counter.
  • Beat Hiro’s rogues gallery of animé-style villains before they beat you.
  • Draw cards to improve your stats in the following round.





Play Exchange Student Zero Battle Day Brawl Game Online

Children and parents can play this fun retro high school RPG fighting game by clicking in the window below.

Alternatively kids and adults can play this turn-based battle game for free as a web application here.

Exchange Student Zero Battle Day Brawl RPG Game for Kids Game Play Instructions

How to Play

As the shōnen protagonist Hiro Karuta, defeat a cavalcade of opponents terrorizing your high school.

  • Starting the Game
    • Left click or tap on the play button on the bottom center corner of the welcome screen to begin the game.
    • Left click or tap at the How to Play button to open the tutorial screen.
      • This plays a tutorial slideshow that analyzes the basic controls and strategies of the game.
      • At the end of the tutorial slideshow, you can left click or tap on the play button at the lower right corner of the screen to start the game.
    • There is no way to pause the game.
  • Game Controls
    • Desktop
      • Left click on any of the options to activate them before the time runs out.
    • Mobile
      • Use your fingers like a mouse.
  • Game Play
    • Premise
      • Principal Rogerson will appear, demanding that you clear off the villains appearing in the school on the threat of expulsion.
        • The game is a mix of the movie and the series; Some characters speak in an American accent while others, like the Principal, speak in an Australian one.
      • You must fight off the villains one-by-one, in no particular order.
    • Basic Controls
      • At the start, you have four options: attack, counterattack, charge attack, or charge counterattack.
        • You have 3 seconds to pick between either of the four actions.
          • You can change your mind and switch if the timer hasn’t reached 0.
          • If you didn’t pick anything at all, you will do a random action.
      • You must charge either your attack or counterattack before you can use them.
        • You can only use either option when they’ve been charged to at least one level.
        • Charging them up to the third level will deal the most amount of damage.
        • You are vulnerable to attacks while charging.
      • Keep attacking, charging, and countering until you or your enemy runs out of hit points.
        • If you end in a draw, the game restores some of your hit points and you start over.
      • The game over screen shows how many villains you fought and how points you’ve earned in the process.
    • Attacks vs. Counterattacks
      • Attacks interrupt charges and weaken an enemy. They’re you’re main offensive action.
        • Attacks are ideal if your enemy has not charged their defensive actions.
      • Counterattacks can be very useful if an enemy prefers to strike when their attacks are not fully charged.
        • If your counterattack equals or surpasses that of your enemy’s attack, you will not get harmed.
          • The damage you inflict on your opponent will be double
          • If it is less than that of your opponent, you will only minimize the harm done to you.
        • They can tip the odds to your favor if you use them at the right time.
        • They are very hard to use, however, as you can only see them work when the enemy attacks.
    • Hit points
      • You start off with 75 hit points.
      • Your enemies start off with lower hit points than you, but will increase in strength over time.
      • If you win a round, 35 of your hit points are restored for the next battle.
    • Cards
      • Each time you win, you can pick between one of three cards.
        • Charity Stitt: Normally she’s a cruel obnoxious bully. In this game, she lives up to her name and restores your hit points.
        • Max Cameron: A true best bud charges up both your attack and counterattack levels in the next round.
        • Zabooninin the Enlightened: This Australian-accented horse wizard gets you nothing.
    • Strategy
      • Predicting your enemy’s next move is a key aspect of this game.
        • The game works on a variation of rock paper scissors.
          • An attack interrupts charging.
          • Attacks will not stop another attack. When this happens, both parties will be damaged.
          • A counterattack interrupts and redirects an attack.
            • If the counter is at the same or higher level than the attack then it does double the damage of the opponent’s attack power.
            • If the counter is of lower power than the attack then the damage done is the difference between the attack strength and Hiro’s counter.
          • A counterattack vs. a charge does not cause damage. Instead, it charges up the target’s attack or counterattack, depending on what they chose.
            • Prepare for an attack if you miss a counterattack.
            • If your enemy misses a counterattack, you gain a critical bonus.
            • If it charged your attack, attack on the next turn for massive damage.
          • Charges do nothing to one another, but are vital for bolstering and enabling attacks and counters.
            • In most cases, you and your opponent will always start the game by charging.
        • Take advantage of your previous level’s bonuses to gain an opening advantage.
          • Getting the Max card allows you to attack immediately rather than charging.
          • Getting the Charity card bolsters your hit points to the fullest regardless of how bad your previous battle was.
        • Watch out for your enemy’s attack and counterattack levels.
          • Some enemies will not wait until they’re fully charged. They will attack even at level 1.
            • They will likely do so if you do not have a counterattack ready.
            • They will definitely do so if you miss a counterattack. Best hope you have an attack charged up to return the favor.
          • If you counterattack at the wrong time, you enemy will surely try to attack you on their next turn.
            • This goes double if you do not have any charged attack in reserve.
            • Before counterattacking, have your attack charged to at least level 1. This way, if they attack you, you can at least retaliate.
          • It’s as tactically inopportune not to have a counter as it leaves you vulnerable to aggressive opponents.
  • Target Audience
    • This is a game suited for older children to adults and fans of the Cartoon Network series.
    • There is no adult content in this game.

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Mobile Friendly Cross Browser Support

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