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Doc McStuffins Doc’s World

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Welcome to your first day as an intern at Doc McStuffin’s clinic for toys. Help Doc find and treat toy patients in the yard.

  • Heal all the toys in the yard.
  • Win Happy Hearts from every patient.
  • Use your Happy Hearts to earn more outfits and decorate your clinic.





Play Doc McStuffins Doc’s World Game Online

Children and parents can play this cartoon doctor game by clicking in the window below.

Alternatively kids and adults can play this doctor video game for free as a web application here.

Doc McStuffins Doc’s World Game for Kids Video Game Play Instructions

How to Play

As Doc’s assistant, look for toys to treat. Follow Doc’s instructions to heal the toys.

  • Starting the Game
    • Select the arrow button on the bottom right corner of the welcome screen to begin.
    • Select the speaker button on the top right corner to turn the audio on and off.
      • We recommend leaving the audio on as Doc’s voiceover acts as the game’s guide.
      • The game does provide a tutorial button (shown with a question mark) that lets you see the instructions if you turn off the sound.
    • Your web browser automatically saves your game progress.
  • Game Controls
    • Desktop
      • Left click with your mouse to select and navigate.
    • Touchscreen devices
      • Tap on the screen with your fingers to select and navigate.
  • Game Play
    • Edit your player character
      • Open the character editor by selecting the player character to the left:
      • Edit your character
        • Physical appearance
          • Gender (2 options)
          • Hair style (7 options for boys, 8 options for girls)
          • Hair color (6 options)
          • Skin tone (6 options)
        • Facial features
          • Eye color (4 options)
          • Nose shape (3 options)
          • Mouth shape (4 options)
        • Clothing
          • Hats
          • Glasses
          • Clothing
      • You can re-edit your character and their outfit later in the game.
    • Navigating the clinic
      • On the left side are the following:
        • Door to the garden
        • The player character
      • On the center are the following:
        • Bookshelf
        • Couch
        • Beanbag
        • Pictures
        • Side table
      • On the right side are the following:
        • Clinic door
        • Tool box
        • Aquarium
        • Reception desk
    • Editing the clinic
      • You can edit the following items in the clinic:
        • Walls
        • Rugs
        • Beanbag
        • Shelf items
        • Couch and throw pillows
        • Floor
        • End table
      • Use your Happy Hearts to buy more furniture and decoration options.
    • Use the navigation tool
      • The navigation tool is located on the bottom center of the screen.
      • This lets you navigate the game fast.
      • It has 3 options that let you access many of the game’s features.
        • Locations
        • Patients
        • Customization
    • Exploration
      • Going out
        • Select the door to visit the garden.
      • Look around
        • Once outside, look for toys that have adhesive medical strips. They’ll need your attention.
        • You can also click around to find Happy Hearts.
    • Doctor tools
      • Choose a helper
        • Select the clinic door or the doctor’s tools.
        • Once you enter this part of the clinic, choose from any one of Doc’s friends to help you out.
          • Hallie the Hippo Nurse
          • Lambie the Lamb
          • Stuffy the Dragon
          • Chilly the Snowman
        • Select any of the friends to test out the doctor’s tools.
        • The character you chose will appear in front of the door.
      • Test the doctor’s tools
        • Test out the doctor’s tools on any of Doc’s friends
        • Learn how various real-world doctor’s tools work.
          • Follow Doc’s instructions to know where the tool should go.
          • Place the tool in the right spot until the meter on the left fills up.
        • You can test out the following tools:
          • Stethoscope
          • Magnifying glass
          • Thermometer
          • Reflex hammer
        • Select the color wheel beside each tool to change the color and patterns on the doctor’s tools.
    • Patients
      • Once you select your patient, Doc will make a diagnosis.
      • Choose a difficulty level.
        • The medical strip with 1 heart indicates an easy difficulty. This is the first one available at the start of the game.
        • When you play again, you can play the harder difficulty (a medical strip with 2 hearts).
          • The patients are less cooperative and the issues take longer to fix.
          • When you finish, you get more happy hearts at the end of the level.
          • You also get a badge.
      • Follow Doc’s instructions to treat the patients.
        • In most cases, a timer appears during each action you make.
        • Continue the action until the timer is finished.
      • Each patient will have their own set of things you need to do to treat them.
        • Garden patients
          • Bronty
            • Bronty has salami stuck in his teeth that gives him bad breath. The treatment is to remove the stuck items and brush his teeth. This is one of the ways to stop bad breath in real life.
            • Ease Bronty by patting his head long enough to ease his anxiety and make him open his mouth.
            • Help Doc remove the salami using the tweezers.
            • Brush Bronty’s teeth.
          • Hermie
            • Hermie’s claw got detached from his body. The treatment is to pop it back in and make sure it’s attached strong enough. This is similar to real-world physical therapy.
            • Attach the missing claw to Hermie’s arm claw.
            • Move Hermie’s arm up and down and in circles. Just like in real life, this will help Hermie move his arm better after the injury.
            • Test Hermie’s strength by giving him pencils to crush.
          • Bobby
            • Bobby fell on a bunch of prickly plants and has holes. You and Doc need to patch them up.
            • Use the magnifying glass to identify the holes.
            • Pick a medical strip that matches the shape of the holes you find.
            • Watch out! You might find even more holes, which you’ll also need to patch up.
        • Playground patients
          • Professor Hootburgh
            • Professor Hootsburgh lost her glasses and needs a new pair. The game plays out similarly to how people get glasses in real life.
            • Select and drag various glasses and see if the Professor likes them.
            • Once the Professor receives her glasses, she’ll need them adjusted so she can see better. Move your cursor or fingers around until the lenses are properly adjusted.
          • Lenny
            • Lenny is out of water. Try filling him up again.
            • Fill some water into the glass. Make sure to angle the pitches or it meets the lip of the glass.
            • Place Lenny’s hose on the glass.
            • Test out Lenny’s fire hose on a toy fire. Left click or tap on Lenny to release water and sound his siren.
            • Just like with Lenny, people need to have water. Drink plenty of water, especially during a hot day, to make sure your body has enough water.
          • Xyla
            • Xyla is out of tune. You’ll need to remove and replace the keys to have them re-tuned.
            • Put back Xyla’s keys. They’re the ones whose screws are the same color as the others in her back.
            • Test out the keys to make sure they’re in tune.
            • In the 2-heart version of the game, you must play a more complex melody.
              • Follow the keys as they light up.
              • The keys will make a broken sound if you don’t hit them in the correc order.
              • Once you’re done, you can play the tune again or play on your own.
              • If you want to move on, select the arrow button on the bottom right corner.
      • Doc will store each of your cases on your file.
      • If you took the 2-heart route, each patient will give you a badge.
        • Bronty will give you the Dentist Badge.
        • Hermie will give you the Sports Doctor Badge.
        • Bobby will give you the Emergency Rescue Badge
        • Professor Hootsburgh will give you the Optometrist Badge
        • Lenny will give you the Nutritionist Badge.
        • Xyla will give you the surgeon badge.
    • Happy Hearts
      • Happy Hearts are the game’s currency.
        • You start off with 10 happy hearts, enough to buy an outfit.
        • You can use your happy hearts to buy more outfits and accessories and decorate your clinic.
      • You earn happy hearts by helping the patients. You can also sometimes find happy hearts around the garden.
      • Move to the desk to spend your Happy Hearts on items for your character or clinic.
    • Book of Boo Boos
      • Select the book from a shelf near the door.
      • The Book of Boo Boos catalogs all the toys you’ve helped out.
      • Each page in the book contains the following:
        • A cartoon image of your patient and how they got
        • The badge they gave you after you treated them.
    • Music player
      • The music player can be found on a shelf near the door, beside the Book of Boo Boos.
      • In the music player are 7 songs from the show.
        • At the start of the game, only 3 songs are unlocked.
        • Unlock the other songs by buying them with Happy Hearts.
      • Select the play button to listen to the song.
      • Use the arrow buttons on either side to pick out a song you want.
    • Make a clinic poster
      • Choose from one of 12 posters to edit or make one from scratch.
      • Once you’ve selected, begin editing and coloring your poster.
        • On the left are the following options:
          • Coloring tools:
            • Paintbrush
            • Pencil
            • Highlighter
            • Crayon
            • Glitter Pen
            • Eraser
          • Color palette (12 colors)
        • On the right are the following options:
          • Stickers (pick from 35 options)
          • Backgrounds (pick from 12 options)
          • Messages (pick from 10 options)
      • Select the following buttons on the bottom right corner when you’re done.
        • If you’re happy with what you’ve made, select the check button.
        • If you want to start over, select the trash button.
  • Target Audience
    • The game is suited for children who like the Doc McStuffins animated series.
    • The game has no adult themed content.

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