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Gamer’s Guide How to Win at High School

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This is a retro-styled RPG game featuring the characters from the 2017 Disney XD series Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything. You play as an up and coming Let’s Player who wants to join Conor’s e-sports team. One opening faux pas and you’re off to a crazy adventure to try and bring back the team in time for the tournament.

  • Create your own protagonist.
  • Play Chad’s arcade game challenge.
  • Bring Conor’s team back together and get them to the tournament in time.





Play Gamer’s Guide How to Win at High School Game Online

Children and parents can play this adventure game by clicking in the window below.

Alternatively kids and adults can play this retro pixelated video game for free as a web application here.

Gamer’s Guide How to Win at High School Game for Kids Game Play Instructions

How to Play

Reunite Conor’s game team and get them to their tournament in time. Fulfill various side quests along the way.

  • Starting the Game
    • On the welcome screen, select the play button to begin.
    • Select the trophy button to view the achievements you unlocked.
    • Your web browser automatically saves your game progress and achievements.
  • Game Controls
    • Desktop
      • With your mouse, left click to select.
      • With your keyboard:
        • Use the arrow keys to move.
        • Use the space bar to interact.
    • Touchscreen devices
      • Tap on the screen with your fingers to select and move.
  • Game Play
    • Character creation
      • Create a high school student. This will be your player avatar for the entire game.
      • Use the following customization options
        • Gender (2)
        • Skin tone (3)
        • Hair color (6)
        • Hair style (3 per gender)
        • Top (3 per gender, 3 available recolors)
        • Bottom (2 per gender, 3 available recolors)
      • Type in your character’s name on the pop up text box.
    • Interface
      • The game’s main controls are located on the top left corner of the screen. From left, they are as follows:
        • Pause button: Opens the pause menu
        • Map button: Shows the game’s map and lets you navigate around the game world
        • Objectives button: Shows your current objectives
      • The interaction button is shown at the bottom right corner.
        • Select it whenever it appears to interact with the characters and get clues.
        • There are 2 types of interaction buttons:
          • Text balloons allow you to talk to characters.
          • Magnifying glasses lets you touch and move objects.
    • Basic rules
      • Walk around and interact with people.
      • To move the plot forward, talk to the characters with a red exclamation point hovering above them.
      • Visit the characters as indicated by the game’s goals.
        • Leave each building by walking out the door.
        • Find out where you should go next by looking at the map.
        • Once you enter a building with a task, you can’t leave until you finish.
      • Interacting with some pedestrians and looking at the icons on the street can help you find places faster.
      • Each time you fulfill a teammate quest, the teammate disappears. They reappear in the arcade.
    • Game plot (Spoiler alert)
      • Your character is a video game let’s player who interacts with Conor and his crew. After you ask if you could ever join their team, Conor’s teammates end up in a fight and leave before the tournament begins. You volunteer to help Conor convince them to go back.
      • Choose which character to search for:
        • Ashley: Billy the Squid’s
        • Wendell: The Old Factory
        • Franklin: The School
    • Adventure quests
      • Note: Our guide presumes the following cardinal directions:
        • Top is north
        • Bottom is south
        • Left is west
        • Right is east
      • The arcade
        • The arcade is located on the southwest corner of the map.
        • This is your starting point. Meet up with Conor and Chad.
        • Each time you finish the other events, move back to the arcade to talk to Conor.
        • You can also play various minigames here. Play all the minigames to win Chad’s challenge.
      • Billy the Squid’s
        • Getting there
          • Billy the Squid’s (a terrible restaurant) is in the northwest part of the map directly north of .
          • To get there, follow the trail of vomit littering the city’s streets.
        • Help Billy cook
          • Ashley can’t come until Billy finishes his chum. Talk to Billy to get started.
            • Billy can be found on the northeast part of the building near the counter.
          • Follow Billy’s instructions to cook the chum.
            • To succeed, you must put in the ingredients in the precise order Billy mentions.
            • Memorize the order of the ingredients.
            • Move to the cooking pot and interact with it.
            • Answer each of the questions that appear onscreen to place in the ingredients.
          • Once you’ve succeeded, bring Billy’s chum to Ashley to finish the quest.
        • Retrieve Conor’s Lucky Joystick
          • A definitely not suspicious stranger hangs out at the northeast corner of the store.
          • She will give you Conor’s lucky joystick if you answer her trivia questions.
          • The trivia questions and their answers are as follows.
            • What is the color of the wizard’s hat in the Wizard minigame? (Red)
            • How many flower pots are there in Billy’s? (6)
            • How many icons are there on the street? (14)
            • How many cars are parked on the abandoned factory? (7)
            • What color are the wings of Mondale High mascot? (Red)
          • Most of these questions can be found by exploring the game world.
      • Old Factory
        • Getting there
          • The old factory is at the north center of the map, east of Billy the Squid’s and directly north of the school
          • This place is swarming with jocks, who will act as obstacles throughout the game.
          • The old factory only has one quest.
        • Blow up the factory
          • Once you get there, you can interact with Dwayne, Wendell’s brother. He and Wendell plan to detonate stink bombs in the factor.
            • You have 30 seconds to flip all the switches in the factory floor.
            • Flip all 4 switches to activate the bombs.
            • Avoid the jocks.
          • When you’re finished, you, Wendell, and Dwayne will be outside the building. Interact with them to finish this part of the game.
      • School
        • Getting there
          • The school is located to the east of the arcade. It is at the very center of the map.
          • The school has the most number of side quests and is also the largest building you can explore.
        • Retrieve the test
          • Upon arrival, you must talk to Franklin. Franklin will saddle you with the task of retrieving his test paper from his rather angry teacher Mr. Spanks.
            • The test is located in a classroom to the northwest of the main hall.
            • You must sneak past the hall monitors to get to the classroom.
              • To avoid the hall monitors and the teacher, avoid their line of sight. This is represented by a line in front of them.
              • Wait for the hall monitors and Mr. Spanks to move away before moving to avoid getting caught.
          • Once you reach the classroom, retrieve the test from the top of the desk.
        • Retrieve the treasure
          • Talk to a student on the southwest part of the main hall to get this side quest.
          • The treasure is also located in one of the desks in the south part of the classroom.
          • It’s a wad of gum. Talking to the student that gave you the quest will reveal that they’ve been trolling you.
        • Escape detention
          • After reuniting Conor’s e-sports team, you bring them back to the school to access the sewer tunnels in the school’s basement.
          • Not long after, you get caught by Mr. Spanks, who sends you to detention in the classroom.
          • Use Conor’s drone to activate the fire alarm.
            • You switch over to Conor’s drone.
            • Fly the drone as you would navigate with your player character.
            • Fly toward the fire alarm near the hall at the southeast corner of the game.
        • Get to the sewer tunnels.
          • Look for a way to the sewers from the basement.
            • The best way to get there is a vent to the north.
            • You must collect several items to open the vent.
          • Look around the basement for items you’ll need to reach the vent.
            • Clear obstacles using the terminals across the room
            • Franklin found a drum to the southeast.
            • Ashley found a cube of polystyrene (“Styrofoam”) to the northeast.
            • There is a handle at the south of the basement behind a large pipe.
          • Bring the 3 objects to Conor and Wendell at the vent.
        • Traverse the sewers
          • Navigate through the sewer tunnels.
          • Avoid making contact with the pigs.
          • You have 3 tries and 5 minutes to navigate through the sewers.
    • Arcade minigame challenge
      • General rules
        • Help the hero survive the horde to win.
          • Left click or tap on the approaching bad guys to defeat them.
          • Don’t let any of the bad guys reach the hero
        • Each new wave of enemies move faster than the others.
      • There are 3 minigames in Chad’s challenge:
        • A wizard game. Defeat the goblin army.
        • A ninja game. Defeat the enemy samurai.
        • A space flight game. Defeat the enemy ships.
      • Once you’ve played and won all 3 games, talk to Chad.
      • Winning all the games grants you the pants of victory.
  • Target Audience
    • The game is suited for Gamer’s Guide fans of all ages.
    • The game has no adult content.

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