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Frozen Rush: Disney Princess Running Game

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Frozen Rush is a beautiful and fun online run and jump platform game based on the popular Disney movie, Frozen.

  • Run through the icy Kingdom of Arendelle collecting crystals and leaping obstacles.
  • Play your favorite characters including Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and Elsa.
  • Restore the majesty of the Northern Lights by collecting all the crystals and finishing all the levels.





Play Frozen Rush Game Online

Children and parents can play this beautiful run & jump platformer game by clicking in the window below.

Alternatively kids and adults can play this Disney running game for free as a web application here.

Frozen Rush Game for Kids Game Play Instructions

How to Play

Use the arrow keys to run and jump across the frozen landscape. Collect crystals and advance through the 12 levels.

  • Starting the Game
    • Click on the game screen to start.
    • On the main menu screen, click the blue play arrow to launch straight into the game.
      • The help button will explain the options.
      • “Play Story” mode, which is the only option available until you complete three levels, involves collecting crystals to unlock the Northern Lights.
      • “Endless” Mode is open-ended. See how far you can get and beat your own high score!
      • You can check your progress on the scoreboard as you reach your goals. Your goals are described at the beginning of each round.
      • Once you’ve reviewed the modes, click the X button to return to the main menu screen.
  • Game Controls
    • After you’ve pressed the blue arrow button, the game will start.
    • You can press the pause button, in the top right hand corner, at any time.
    • Desktop
      • Your character automatically runs. The main thing you control is whatever else your character is doing.
      • The game uses the up arrow key to jump. Most characters use the Enter key to invoke special powers. Anna is the only character which uses the same button for jump and their special power as her special power is a double jump, which you can activate by pressing the up arrow twice or left clicking your mouse twice.
      • Press the enter key to have Kristoff swing his ice axe, Olaf roll into small spots, or have Elsa make a bridge in the air.
      • Instructions are also available at the start of the game, in the help files & when you unlock new characters there is often a mini tutorial showing you their moves.
    • Mobile
  • Game Play
    • The game begins at the top of an icy mountain in the Kingdom of Arendelle.
    • You play Anna in the first level.
      • As she runs, use the up arrow to jump over obstacles and pits. If she falls down a pit or hits an obstacle, the game ends.
      • Collect the crystals and snowflakes by jumping through them. The more snowflakes you collect, the more upgrades you can buy.
      • Use your special abilities to collect crystals. In the case of Anna, she can double jump. To double jump, hit the jump button twice.
      • Earn style points by holding down the jump button.
      • The trolls will guide you to crystals. Follow their directions.
      • As you collect crystals, you’ll see a scoreboard showing you how many you’ve collected so far.
      • You can use troll magic to make you invincible for a few seconds. For example, jumping through the troll magic will enable you to bash through ice obstacles without losing the round.
      • At the end of each level, you will be shown your score and the number of crystals you have collected. A new character will be unlocked periodically.
    • In Level Two, you can choose to play Kristoff.
      • Kristoff’s special power is that he can bash through ice. Press the enter key just before the ice.
      • You can also choose to play Anna by using the arrow scroll button.
        • You can also choose to upgrade each characters skills. Click the + next to their characteristics to purchase. Characteristics include tumble speed, snow magnet and troll magic.
        • You can earn extra points by fulfilling the goals shown at the beginning of each level. For example, Anna gets extra points for making three tumbling jumps.
    • At the beginning of Level Four, you will unlock Olaf. Olaf can roll along the floor to get into tight spaces. Press the enter key to help him roll down into tight areas.
      • You can also choose to play previous characters by using the arrow scroll button.
    • At the beginning of Level Six, you will unlock Elsa. Elsa can use her ice magic to create bridges in the air. Press the enter key on your keyboard to make a bridge in the air.
      • You can also choose to play previous characters by using the arrow scroll button.
      • After you make it to level 6 the Endless Mode of the game is unlocked.
    • Once you complete the final Level Twelve, you find Grand Pabbie!
      • You can unlock him once you’ve collected all the crystals in all the levels.
      • Each level has 3 crystals for each character.
        • You can see how many crystals you have obtained for each character from the character select screen after you have opened a level.
        • If you have obtained all 3 crystals for a character in a level that crystal type will show on the overview map. Anna is pink, Kristoff is green, Olaf is blue, and Elsa is purple.
  • Game Codes
    • The game has a keypad where you can enter codes.
    • Enter 5555 then press enter to get 500 free snowflakes.
    • Enter 615431 then press enter to get 5,000 free snowflakes.
    • When you spend a big haul of snowflakes be careful not to click multiple times in a row or it can mess up the snowflake counter.
  • Upgrades
    • The snowflakes you collect in the game can be used to upgrade the tumble speed, snow magnet, and troll magic for each character.
    • Upgrades are on a per-character basis & include 3 tiers for each attribute.
    • Snowflake attraction costs 250, 500 and 750.
    • Tumble Speed and Troll Magic cost 500, 1,000 and 1,500 to upgrade.
    • Upgrade multiples
      • The game starts with a default attribute value of 1 for each of the 3 attributes.
      • Tumble and Magic go from 1 to 1.5 to 2 to 2.5 as you upgrade 3 times.
      • Magnet goes from 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 as you upgrade 3 times.
    • Since the trolls come rarely & snowflakes are how you afford all other upgrades my general priority is to do at least 1 or 2 snowflake upgrades, then work on the tumble speed upgrades and save the troll upgrades for last.
  • Game Goals
    • If you click left on the welcome screen you will see a list of game goals. You get rewarded 50 to 500 snowflakes for each goal you reach.
      • Run 200 meters
      • Collect 1 crystal
      • Collect 50 snowflakes
      • Land 10 jumps
      • Slide 20 meters
      • Collect 3 crystals
      • Land 5 tumble-jumps
      • Use troll magic 1 time
      • Land 5 jumps in a single run
      • Ride 50 meters on a sleigh
      • Collect 25 snowflakes in a single run
      • Land 3 double tumble-jumps
      • Get Marshmallow to help you 1 time
      • Land 3 tumble-jumps in a single run
      • Ride 100 meters on Sven
      • Slide 25 meters in a single run
      • Land 3 triple tumble-jumps
      • Run 1,000 meters
      • Land 50 jumps
      • Collect 200 snowflakes
      • Slide 100 meters
      • Use troll magic 2 times
      • Land 30 jumps in a single run
      • Ride 200 meters on a sleigh
      • Land 10 tumble-jumps
      • Collect 100 snowflakes in a single run
      • Land 5 double tumble jumps
      • Get Marshmallow to help you 3 times
      • Land 10 tumble-jumps in a single run
      • Ride 500 meters on Sven
      • Slide 100 meters in a single run
      • Land 5 triple tumble-jumps
      • Run 5,000 meters
      • Land 200 jumps
      • Collect 500 snowflakes
      • Slide 500 meters
      • Ride 500 meters on a sleigh
      • Land 50 tumble-jumps
      • Land 100 jumps in a single run
      • Use troll magic 10 times
      • Land 10 double tumble-jumps
      • Ride 500 meters on Sven
      • Get Marshmallow to help you 5 times
      • Land 10 triple tumble-jumps
      • Run 10,000 meters
      • Land 500 jumps
      • Collect 1,000 snowflakes
      • Slide 1,000 meters
  • Target Audience
    • This game is suitable for children of all ages.
    • There are no adult themes in this game.

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