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Crescent Solitaire: 2 Deck Online Playing Cards Video Game

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This solitaire game uses 2 decks. Players attempt to complete 8 foundations with 4 foundations dealt with the ace in place and the other 4 foundations dealt with the kings in place. The remaining 96 cards are dealt on the tableau in 16 stacks which are 6 cards deep.

  • Stack cards sequentially on the foundations if you can lay them there.
  • Cards which can not yet be stacked onto the foundations can be placed in sequential order on other cards in the tableau provided they are suited.
  • Most solitaire card games have a reserve which is played into the tableau. This game does not have a reserve but instead allows you to shuffle the tableau.
  • When no more moves can be made the player can shuffle the deck to bring the bottom card to the top. Players get up to three shuffles per game.





Play Crescent Solitaire Game Online

Kids and adults can play this online solitaire card game by clicking in the window below.

Alternatively children and parents can play this free online card game as a web application here.

Crescent Solitaire Game Play Instructions

How to Play Refuge Solitaire

Stack suited cards sequentially on the tableau and build up the 8 foundations.

  • Starting the Game
    • Cards are automatically dealt when the game loads.
      • The game starts with a 20-minute countdown timer. If you switch to a different browser it pauses the game.
      • If the 20-minute countdown goes to zero the game automatically ends in a loss.
      • Your local web browser automatically stores your best time.
  • Game Controls
    • Mouse
      • Click on a card to select it.
      • Drag the card to where you want to place it.
    • Touchscreen
      • Use your finger like a mouse.
    • The upper left corner has sound control and help play instructions buttons.
    • The upper right corner has buttons to resign from the current game or save the current game.
    • The bottom of the game has three buttons: arrow to undo most recent move, hint to highlight a play you can make, and reshuffle.
      • Players get up to three hints and three reshuffles per game.
  • Game Play
    • The name of this game is to quickly build up your foundations as fast as you can so that it leaves more cards potentially playable.
      • Quickly building your foundations means a broader range of cards will be playable between the tableau and the foundations, while you will also work through the cards in your reserves.
    • Try to create an empty column on the tableau.
      • An empty column on the tableau provides you a lot of flexibility to reorganize your remaining cards.
      • Normally you can only lay cards in ascending or descending order as they are stacked, but if you have an empty column you can reverse their order.
        • For example, let’s say you have king through jack of hearts on one foundation and ace through 3 of hearts on another foundation. If you have a column of cards on the tableau which is a descending stack of hearts from 10 to 5 you would not be able to play that. But if you had an empty column you could lay the 5 of hearts onto that, build up to the 10, then lay from 10 down to 5 on the king through jack foundation.
    • Build in the correct direction
      • If you have the king and queen of spades on a foundation and have the 10 and 9 of spades on the tableau you typically would want to lay the 10 on top of the 9 so that if you can find a jack you can lay all three cards onto the foundation.
    • Undoing moves
      • When you pick up a card and begin to move it you can see the card underneath it, so it gives you options when considering which card to lay if you have
        • two of the same card showing
        • a sequential run of suited cards in the middle (e.g. 6-7-8) and you are trying to determine if you want to stack them in ascending or descending order
      • This game also contains an undo button in the lower left corner, however it can only be use one move at a time. You can not undo multiple consecutive moves after the card has already been laid, which is why it is important to use the above mentioned drag and reveal technique.
    • Suited sequential order
      • When you place cards on the tableau they need to be of the same suit as the card you are laying them on.
      • They also need to be sequentially above or below the prior card.
      • You can create a run of cards which moves in both directions, meaning you can have cards go 7-8-9-8-9-10 as long as they are all the same suit.
    • Work your foundations together
      • Each suit has 2 foundations with one going from ace up and the other going from king down.
        • Do not complete a foundation prematurely if the other associated foundation in that suit is far from completion or else you limit the ability to have the foundations work together.
        • You can NOT lay cards from the foundation back onto the tableau, but you can move them across from one foundation to the other.
      • Other than the ace and king you can move cards back and forth between the foundations to use additional cards from the tableau.
        • For example, if you have king down to 8 of clubs in one stack and ace up to 7 in another stack and you want to get rid of the 6 of clubs from the tableau then you would move the 7 on the 8 and then put the 6 on the 7.
        • When you have a choice to lay cards counting upward or downward you often want to go middle out.
          • Higher cards: If you have a 9-10-jack of spades available and the king of spades is already on a foundation then you would generally want to stack the cards in the tableau with the jack as the bottommost card so when you get a queen of spades you can quickly lay the jack, 10, then 9 on that foundation.
          • Lower cards: For lower cards near the bottom end of the run you want to stack cards on the tableau sequentially with the lowest card at the bottom.
  • Audience
    • This game has only 3 reshuffles, so it is best for players who are meticulous and have a great attention to detail.
      • We also offer another Crescent Solitaire Game, which starts off easier than this version but gets harder by the time you get to the final level.
    • There are no adult themes, but most adults other than Tom Hanks will like this game.

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