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Classic Solitaire: Free Online Klondike Solitaire Card Game

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When people mention the game solitaire without any modifier this is the game they are referring to. It uses a single deck. Players stack cards in descending order while alternating suit color on the tableau and build 4 ascending suit-based foundations starting from the ace and working up to the king.

  • Select cards to lay on other cards when they are sequentially lower and of the opposite suit color.
  • When you can not lay any additional cards, deal again from the stock a new set of cards atop the waste pile.
  • Place the aces on the foundations and build the foundations by suit in ascending order.
  • This game has a hamburger menu in the upper left corner which brings out the game menu. That menu allows you to restart the game, track your aggregate play statistics, or shift between turn 1 and turn 3 play.





Play Classic Solitaire Game Online

Kids and adults can play this online Klondike Solitaire card game by clicking in the window below.

This game defaults to turn 3 play mode. If you would like to play turn 1 click on the menu icon in the upper left corner & deselect the “draw 3” option (this setting can also be adjusted in the middle of the game).

Alternatively children and parents can play this free online card video game as a web application here.

Classic Solitaire Game Play Instructions

How to Play Classic Solitaire

Stack cards on the tableau in descending order while alternating suit color. Build suit-based foundations in ascending order starting with the aces. Deal cards from the stock when no more moves can be made. Repeat the process until all cards are on the foundation or no more plays can be made.

  • Starting the Game
    • Cards are automatically dealt when the game loads.
      • Time plays a part in your score, but time does not start until you make your first play after the deal is done.
    • Your web browser automatically stores your game play statistics.
  • Game Controls
    • Mouse
      • Click on a card to select it. Drag the card to where you want to place it.
      • Alternatively you can double click on a card to have the game move it to the position where it should go.
        • If the card can be played on a foundation a double-click will play it there.
        • If the card can be played in multiple locations on the tableau the card will be played on the leftmost stack.
      • When no more cards can be played, deal additional cards from the stock (also known as the reserve).
      • When the waste pile is full and the stock is empty click on the location where the stock pile was to move the cards over and deal again.
    • Touchscreen
      • Use your finger like a mouse.
    • The upper left corner has a hamburger menu button. When you click on it that offers the following features: new game, sound control, play using draw 3 or draw 1 play mode & statistics.
      • Stats show games played, games won, win percentage, shortest play time, longest play time, highest score, and lowest score.
      • You can reset the statistics at any time inside that statistics menu by clicking on the green “Reset stats” link.
  • Game Play
    • General
      • This game is dealt using a single 52-card deck with no jokers.
        • Cards are dealt into 7 columns on the tableau with each row having 1 more card than the prior & only the top card showing and playable.
        • 28 cards are shown on the tableau and the other 24 cards are in the stock.
      • The goal of the game is to build suit-based foundations in ascending order starting with the aces and ending with the kings.
      • Players can move cards on the tableau to other columns on the tableau if they are in numerically next to each other, in descending order, and of opposite suit color.
      • When no more moves can be made on the tableau or with the current card showing on the top of the waste pile the player can click on the stock stack to deal the next cards from the stock onto the waste pile.
        • When the player has reached the end of the stock (or reserve) stack they can click on the blank spot where the stock was to move the cards from the waste pile back to the stock and deal through them again.
        • This game defaults to dealing 3 cards per turn. If you would like to play turn 1 mode instead you can click on the menu button in the upper left corner and de-select the “Draw 3” option.
        • Dealing 1 card at a time makes it easier as you have an option to play every card from the stock on each shuffle, whereas on turn 3 mode you can only lay every third card & have to lay one of those to be able to access the remaining 2/3 of the stock.
    • Scoring points
      • This game has a timer and subtracts 2 points from your score every 10 seconds.
        • The timer does not start until after you lay your first card after the deal.
        • Even if you open up the game menu the time keeps going. This game does not have a pause button.
      • You score 10 points for moving a card from the tableau or waste pile to a foundation.
      • You score 5 points for moving a card from the waste pile to the tableau.
      • You score 5 points for every card on the tableau you turn over.
      • Movement order tip:
        • Rather than playing cards from the waste pile to the foundation, if you can first lay them on the tableau then move them over to the foundation you score a total of 15 points.
      • When you move a card from a foundation onto the tableau you lose 15 points.
    • Undoing moves
      • At the top center of the game there is an undo button.
      • Using the undo button does not cost you points.
    • Basic Gameplay
      • All cards on the tableau are dealt face-down other than the bottom-most row.
        • They can only be played after the cards underneath them have either been moved to another row or moved to a foundation.
        • The process repeats until either you can not make any moves or all the cards are turned face-up one at a time.
      • Only the top card from the waste pile can be played.
        • Cards under it can only be played after it has been laid.
        • You can repeatedly shuffle through the stock by clicking on the blank spot where the stock originally was, then clicking on that spot again to deal the first set of cards from it.
      • Stacks of cards can be moved around the tableau.
        • If you turn over a black king and have red queen, black jack, red 10 elsewhere you could move that entire stack of cards onto the black king.
        • If you create an empty column on the tableau you can only move kings or rows of cards with a king in them to the empty column.
    • Strategy
      • In general players typically want to play cards from the tableau more than from the stock.
        • A player can keep shuffling through the stock and have an opportunity to lay at least 1/3 of the stock on each shuffle, whereas the rightmost column on the tableau has 6 cards face down, meaning a player must first play 6 cards from that column before they can even see what the seventh card is.
        • If a player has a choice of pulling a card from a tableau stack with few hidden cards or many hidden cards one is typically best off pulling the card from the column with many cards hidden so they make progress on clearing out that deep stack.
          • The exceptions to the above rule are:
            • If the other stack has a great card you need that can be played elsewhere
            • If moving from the column with no cards underneath it allows you to move a king stack from another column with more cards hidden underneath
            • If moving from the column with no cards underneath it allows you to make a chain reaction of plays across other columns and/or allows you to subsequently immediately lay from the other column you were considering
      • While you can only lay the topmost card showing atop the waste pile, you can still see what the other two cards are in between. You can use this information (particularly when you are near the end of the game) to determine if it makes sense to skip making one lay in order to play a different card and change the shuffle.
      • If you care deeply about winning the games be sure to take advantage of the undo button to allow you to see under different rows and play through various play combinations.
    • Winning vs Losing
      • You win the game by placing all cards on their foundations.
      • You lose if you have shuffled the cards to where you can not make any more plays and you still have cards remaining in the stock or waste pile and/or on the tableau.
        • You can make the odds of winning higher by opening up the game menu and deselecting the “Draw 3” option.
      • When you have uncovered all the cards on the tableau the game automatically places all cards on the foundation if you are playing in turn 1 mode.
        • In turn 3 mode this feature is disabled because you may not be able to complete the game if the card order is wrong, or completing the game could require moving pieces off of the foundations.
      • When you beat the game or can not make any more moves you can either refresh the page, or open the game menu by clicking on the hamburger menu button then click on “New Game.”
  • Klondike Solitaire Trivia
    • Advanced mathematicians have not been able to calculate the precise odds of winning an ordinary game of Klondike Solitaire.
    • Hoyle’s Rules of Games estimates winning odds at about 1 in 30 games.
    • Thoughtful Klondike is a version of this game where players know in advance where all cards are.
      • Mathematicians have calculated the odds of winning Thoughtful Klondike at 82%. This 82% serves as an upper bound on the odds of winning regular Klondike Solitaire.
      • A player could theoretically emulate Thoughtful Klondike by memorizing where the cards are in the stock and leveraging the undo button in the game to get multiple opportunities to work through the stock and the cards hidden in the tableau.
        • Using the option to deal one card at a time rather than three also makes the game far easier to beat.
    • Inside the United States Classic Solitaire is also called Klondike Solitaire. In the UK this game is called Patience or Canfield. In other parts of the world it may be called American Patience, Fascination, Triangle or Demon Patience.
  • Audience
    • This game is a classic which is loved by millions and something relaxing almost anyone can do to take a break from life.
    • There are no adult themes, but most adults other than Tom Hanks will like this game.
    • If there is some feature you do not like about this version of the game we also offer another version of Klondike Solitaire. Note the other version does not automatically move your cards to the foundation at the end of the game & it does not have an undo button.

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Classic Solitaire: Free Online Klondike Solitaire Card Game
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