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We Bare Bears Develobears: STEM Software Game for Kids

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Developbears is a fun, educational game that introduces kids to software development. Undertake a wide variety of tasks to build and play computer games. At the risk of sounding excessively meta, this is a video game where kids play a video game where they make a video game that they test the gameplay on as part of the game. 😀

  • Design your game.
  • Solve software problems you encounter while building your game.
  • Play and test the games you make. As you progress through game development raise funding to fund further game development.
  • Become the next Electronic Arts, Nintendo or alt-hipster basement hacker studio.





Play We Bare Bears Develobears Game Online

Kids and adults can play this online We Bare Bears game development & computer programming training game by clicking in the window below.

Alternatively children can play this free online We Bare Bears cartoon programming and game dev simulator game as a web application here.

We Bare Bears Develobears Game Play Instructions

How to Play

Complete a variety of game development puzzles and test-play your game to earn cash.

  • Starting the Game
    • Select the yellow Play button on the bottom of the screen to start.
      • You’ll be forwarded to a cute introduction cartoon where the bears try to decide what work they can do to make money and get famous. They choose video game software programming, design & development.
      • The game starts as the bears huddle around a table, hard at work.
  • Game Controls
    • The game controls will change depending on the context.
    • Sometimes, you’re playing the game you build using the left mouse button. At other times, you’re challenged with a design task where you drag items around the screen, solving a puzzle.
    • For gameplay:
      • Left click on the mouse.
    • For tasks:
      • Use your left mouse to drag or select items from the task list on the lower left corner of the game’s overview screen.
    • Press the pause button to pause or toggle the sound off and on.
  • Game Play
    • This game has many mini-games and a bit of everything in it. It has jumping platformers, slide puzzles, beat makers, painting, etc.
    • On the first run through, click the yellow button in the lower right corner to undertake the first task.
      • The tasks cycle around between art, sound, design and character building aspects, similar to the processes used in software design.
      • The first task is to add an animated character. Drag the blocks around until they are in the right order. The level will unlock.
      • Press the yellow button to advance.
      • Play the game that you’re building. Click in the game screen to bounce your character up the maze. As you complete software development puzzles, the results get added to your game.
      • Next up, arrange the blocks to form a picture.
      • Replay the game. You’ll see the art has been integrated into the game.
    • You’ll earn cash with each completed task.
      • The top of the screen shows how much cash you have.
      • If you do not have enough cash to select anything from the left menu then you have to play through the game again using another scenario to earn more money.
        • The platforming game playthroughs get more difficult as the game progresses with more spikes and spinning blades that can hit you.
        • The development cost of launch new features increases toward the end of the game.
    • Select a task on the to-do list on the left. The next task should be background art.
      • Design a background by left clicking to color it it. The level will unlock.
    • Choose another task. The next task should be sound.
      • Arrange the cassettes into their respective players. The level will unlock.
    • In between each play of the game you’re developing, you’ll see a computer screen. Select unhighlighted items to integrate these items into the game project. You can rotate which combinations you like to have the music loop you create match the aesthetic design of a level.
      • The game then cycles around these common development tasks. The tasks get more complex as the game progresses. For example, the music task moves from arranging cassettes to making beats.
      • If you accidentally skipped through a mini-game you can highlight it in purple from the laptop screen and then click the rounded circle button at the bottom center to replay it.
    • As each task is completed, the bears the office gets upgrades to reflect their growing success.
      • The in-game game must be replayed periodically to earn enough money to afford more mini-games.
      • The things you create (music, sounds, drawing, etc.) end up inside the playable game you are creating and testing.
    • Tips on beating the main game
      • The game does not have a final boss. Simply upgrading all aspects of the game content completes the game.
      • As you progress through the main game the difficulty level increases.
        • Toward the end of the game there may be over 100 spikes and blades inside the level.
      • Movement strategy
        • Your bear automatically runs back and forth until it hits something, so if you are on a level that is flat across with no dangers take your time to consider the best route through a tough sequence.
          • The game is full of double and triple jumps. You not only can jump off walls you literally must.
          • In many cases it matters which side you approach the sequence from.
          • If you are jumping from a ledge to the next level up in some cases your head can hit the spikes on the next level above that, which is super annoying.
        • Getting coins
          • Some coins are not worth getting as they require getting hit to get. Adjust your level of aggressiveness based upon how far you are in the level and how much health you have remaining.
          • Most coins are easy to get if you strategize the path in advance.
          • The game has a lot of repetitive patterns in it, so if you know as you slide down a wall that you hit something 2/3 the way down you can know to change sides the next time you see that pattern.
  • Audience
    • This game will suit older children. Younger children will likely enjoy the cute visuals, however the development concepts are more suited to older children.
      • This is a popular STEM game which introduces children to (a simplified version of) the software development process in a fun and exciting way.
        • This game does not have the depth of Psychonauts, but the game-inside-a-game motif reminds me of the Fred Bonaparte level of Psychonauts or the arcade inside the Super Nintendo game The Legend of the Mystical Ninja.
      • You have to do 3 mini games each for character, building, furniture, background, music, sound, drawing, end guy. This can make the game that started off as cute feel a bit repetitive for adults by the time they have done twenty minigames.
        • The game offers infinite continues, but the difficulty of the in-game game increases the more you play.
        • You get 3 heart containers and each hit takes a half of a heart container. In some spots taking hits is unavoidable.
    • There is no adult imagery in this game.

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We Bare Bears Develobears: STEM Software Game for Kids
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We Bare Bears Develobears Game Screenshots

We Bare Bears Develobears Welcome Screen Screenshot.
We Bare Bears Develobears How To Play Screenshot.
We Bare Bears Develobears Game Screenshot.
We Bare Bears Develobears Level Complete Screenshot.
We Bare Bears Develobears Painting Screenshot.
We Bare Bears Develobears Running Puzzle Screenshot.
We Bare Bears Develobears Game Testing Screenshot.
We Bare Bears Develobears RGB Screenshot.
We Bare Bears Develobears Koala Screenshot.
We Bare Bears Develobears Beat Maker Screenshot.
We Bare Bears Develobears Task List Screenshot.
We Bare Bears Develobears Testing Configuration Screenshot.
We Bare Bears Develobears Level Replay Instructions Screenshot.
We Bare Bears Develobears Final Studio Layout Screenshot.
We Bare Bears Develobears All Tasks Complete Screenshot.

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This game is rendered in mobile-friendly HTML5, so it offers cross-device gameplay. You can play it on mobile devices like Apple iPhones, Google Android powered cell phones from manufactures like Samsung, tablets like the iPad or Kindle Fire, laptops, and Windows-powered desktop computers. All game files are stored locally in your web browser cache. This game works in Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and other modern web browsers.

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One comment on "We Bare Bears Develobears: STEM Software Game for Kids"

  • Bernardo says:

    I’m a fan of we bare bears! I love this game, it has me hooked for a couple of hours. Fun and entertaining! I want to have my own team of develobears too. Not only for kid, but this also helps people to know what is game developing do. For people in 20s it kinda boring in some places, but well done for developing this game!!

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