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Treasure of Sea

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Captain, your task is to clear these waters of cutthroat pirates. But these pirates are crafty and violent. You must take them out yourself lest they take you out.

  • Chase the enemy ships until they’re within range of your cannons.
  • Destroy all of the ships to clear the level.
  • Don’t let the enemy ships reach you.
  • Play through all 80 stages.





Play Treasure of Sea Game Online

Children and parents can play this pirate battle strategy game by clicking in the window below.

Alternatively kids and adults can play this naval battle video game for free as a web application here.

Treasure of Sea Game for Kids Video Game Play Instructions

How to Play

Approach the enemy ships and shoot them down when thye are within range. Shoot down all the enemy ships to win.

  • Starting the Game
    • On the welcome screen, select Start to begin.
    • Select Instructions to learn how to play the game.
    • Your web browser automatically saves your game progress.
  • Game Controls
    • Desktop
      • With your mouse, left click to navigate and attack.
        • Left click on a highlighted space to move.
        • Left click on the ship itself to attack.
    • Touchscreen devices
      • Tap on the screen with your fingers to navigate and attack.
    • Controls and indicators (left side, top-down)
      • Hamburger button: Exits the game and returns you to the welcome screen
      • Speaker button: Turns the game’s audio effects on or off
      • Music button: Turns the game’s music on or off
      • Level number
      • Lives
      • Score
      • Best score
  • Game Play
    • Basic rules
      • Both you and the pirates move in turns.
      • You can move one tile at a time per turn.
        • You can move one square at a time to any of the 8 spaces around you.
        • You can also choose to attack, but you will be unable to move for that turn.
          • Your attack reaches up to 3 squares away.
          • The cannon shot angle is perpendicular to the last direction you moved.
      • To win, you must take out all the enemy ships.
        • Most of the time, you’ll need to shoot the enemy ships down:
          • Wait until the enemy ships come within the range of your guns.
            • Your guns can only point in one direction (horizontally, diagonally, or vertically) at a time.
            • When an enemy ship is on the crosshairs, it means you will hit it with your cannon fire.
          • Your guns are oriented depending on your last move.
            • Moving horizontally orients your guns vertically.
            • Moving vertically orients your guns horizontally.
            • Moving diagonally places your cannons in a diagonal position orthogonal to the direction you moved.
          • Shoot the enemy ships once they’re in range.
        • Ships can take themselves out when they collide with each other or crash into islands.
          • If a ship collides with you, both that ship and yours are taken out.
          • The octopus can not be defeated, but it can take out your ship or any other ship that runs into it.
    • Survival
      • You start the game with 3 lives.
      • Each time an enemy ship hits you, you lose a life.
      • Lose all your lives, and it’s game over.
      • You are periodically given extra lives as you defeat many enemy ships.
      • You can win extra lives in the bonus Minesweeper-inspired round which happens periodically throughout the game.
      • In the left rail navigation there is a +1 life button you can click to add to your remaining life count. You must click it before you lose your last life. You can build up over 100 lives to play through many stages of the game.
    • Levels
      • Levels are unlocked sequentially.
        • You automatically start at Level 0.
        • Finish one level to unlock the next.
        • You play until you run out of lives, with the game having 80 different levels.
      • Replaying levels
        • You can’t go back and replay previously beat levels without starting the game over.
        • Each time you reload the game, you start over from the very first level.
    • Special ship types
      • In addition to the regular ship types there are a couple special ship types.
        • Black ships shoot cannons off the port and starboard side each time they move.
        • White ships try to evade confrontation rather than coming after you.
      • The green octopus can not be defeated, but if it touches your ship you’ll lose a life.
    • Scoring
      • You earn 20 to 50 points for each ship you take out.
      • Your can view your best score at the bottom of the screen.
    • Tips
      • Setting up your extra lives
        • Since you can easily add lives using the button on the left it can make sense to press that many times right away so you have many lives.
      • Movement strategies
        • When moving you can only shoot in the opposite direction as you move.
          • If you move across you shoot up and down.
          • If you move up or down you shoot across.
          • If you move diagonally you shoot diagonally at 90 degrees & 270 degrees to the direction you moved.
        • You’ll sometimes need to move to avoid getting hit & sometimes specifically to set up shots.
        • In some cases there is no valid move which protects you from getting hit. In these cases it can make sense to move to the square which takes out as many enemy ships as possible at once when many of them try to ram into you onto the next turn.
      • Evading enemies
        • You can strategically use islands or sunken ship locations as obstacles which many other ships will run into. Even when ships will not run into islands you can still use the islands as a buffer or barrier.
        • Depending on how you move you can also get multiple active pirate ships to run into each other, or get one pirate ship to shoot another with their port & starboard cannons.
        • When moving off the start into a crowded board sometimes it helps to move toward the direction where there are fewer enemies to give yourself more open space and movement options.
        • Moving at a diagonal can help you better keep your distance against a fleet of incoming ships.
        • In the 4 corners of the playing field there are whirlpools you can travel through to warp to random parts of the board.
  • Target Audience
    • The game is suited for players who like simple turn-based battle strategy games.
    • The game has no adult themed content.

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Treasure of Sea Game Level With an Octopus Screenshot.
Treasure of Sea Game Level With White Ships Screenshot.
Treasure of Sea Game Beat Screen Screenshot.

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