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Star vs the Dungeon of Evil

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This is a dungeon-crawling role-playing game featuring characters from the hit Disney channel series Star vs. the Forces of Evil. Star and her friend Marco have become trapped within the dungeon of the evil Ludo Avarius and must fight their way out. Along the way, they may receive help from allies… for a price.

  • Explore Ludo’s dungeon and fight off various enemies.
  • Fight off Ludo’s myriad minions.
  • Fulfill quests to gain and improve your abilities.





Play Star vs the Dungeon of Evil Game Online

Children and parents can play this Star game by clicking in the window below.

Alternatively kids and adults can play this Star video game for free as a web application here.

Star vs the Dungeon of Evil Game for Kids Video Game Play Instructions

How to Play

Navigate through the hidden chambers of Ludo’s castle as Star and Marco. Improve your attacks and move forward by doing quests for allies strewn across the dungeon.

  • Starting the Game
    • On the welcome screen, select the play button below the game’s title to begin.
    • Your web browser automatically saves your game progress.
      • Select the trophy button on the top right corner to view your achievements.
      • Select the trash button next to the trophy button to clear your previous game progress.
    • The game begins with a voiced cutscene explaining the game’s premise.
  • Game Controls
    • Desktop
      • With your mouse, left click to select and navigate.
    • Touchscreen devices
      • Tap on the screen with your fingers to select and navigate.
  • Game Play
    • Interface
      • Your attacks and other useful items appear in slots located on the top left corner of the screen.
        • You have 4 slots, 5 counting the slot for your inventory.
      • Your lives are shown on the top right corner.
      • In-game dialogue appears on the bottom left corner of the screen.
    • Basic moves
      • Select anywhere on the screen to move there. Star and Marco move together.
      • Select the attacks from the top left corner to switch between Marco and Star.
        • Pick up items by getting close to them.
      • To attack, select any enemy within range.
        • You have multiple basic attacks you can choose from & the status of those attacks changes over time.
        • You can only actively use one attack type at a time & can switch between them during cooldowns when the enemies are stunned.
        • Star does range attacks.
        • Marco does close melee attacks.
      • Select non-player characters (NPCs) to talk to them.
    • Quests
      • The game is divided into episodes, which in turn are divided into quests.
      • NPCs will provide you with quests, which will help you move forward in the game.
        • You gain items or upgrades to your attacks each time you finish a quest.
        • Complete all the quests in the level to proceed to the next episode.
      • Keep track of your quests through the book next to the inventory button.
      • There are 2 kinds of quests in this game:
        • Episodic quests are needed to move the game forward. Finish all these quests to unlock a new episode.
        • Side quests do not directly move the plot along. However, they might be essential in gaining the upgrades or items you need to fulfill episodic quests.
    • Inventory
      • The inventory automatically stores various items you collect on your quest.
      • To view the items and their descriptions, open the inventory.
      • Select an item to use or equip it.
      • Quest items are automatically removed from your inventory once you reach the NPC you need to talk to.
    • Enemies, attacks, and lives
      • Enemies will attack you if they spot you.
        • An enemy has spotted you if they show a word balloon with an exclamation point (!) above them.
        • Once they spot you, they will attack unless you move out of the way or you hit them. You have a very small window to try and hit them before they reach you.
        • You can attack them again once you’re at a safe distance.
      • You can dispatch enemies by attacking them.
        • Both Star and Marco are capable of attacking enemies.
          • Star can attack enemies from a distance.
            • Rainbow Blast
              • Star fires a shot at an enemy.
              • Upgrades to Rainbow Fist and Flaming Rainbow Fist
            • <3 Arrow
              • Star fires an arrow that arcs over barriers.
              • Upgrades to Crystal <3 Attack and Crystal Rainbow <3 Attack
            • Narwhal Blast
              • Star drops a narwhal on a target.
              • Upgrades to Mega Narwhal Blast and Baby Narwhal Blast
          • Marco must get close to attack enemies.
            • Karate chop
              • Marco hits a target with his hands.
              • Upgrades to Super Karate Chop and Monster Arm Chop
            • Karate kick
              • Marco kicks his enemies. Upgraded versions can deflect projectiles and open doors.
              • Upgrades to Double Kick and Backflip Kick
            • Karate throw
              • Marco tosses a targeted enemy.
              • Upgrades to Roll Throw and Arm Monster Throw
          • Star and Marco can do combo attacks using the Flaming Rainbow Fist and Monster Arm Chop.
            • This is done by stunning the enemy with one attack and following up with the other.
        • Upgraded attacks have a brief cooldown time, which prevents you from attacking enemies relentlessly.
          • To avoid getting curb-stomped by enemies, attack the very first enemy in front of you.
          • Often, attacking enemies stuns them before taking them out. This will buy you some time.
        • You can sometimes use explosives to do the dirty work for you in later levels.
          • Any enemy within the blast radius of explosives will be briefly stunned before they perish.
          • You can lose hearts if you stand too close, so clear the area.
        • Enemies respawn each time you re-enter a level.
          • Remember where they are and be prepared to fight them again.
          • The exception to these are bosses. Once you dispatch a boss, you don’t need to deal with them again.
      • Locked areas.
        • Some areas of the level are locked in some way.
        • In most cases, you need only to attack the switch for the barriers to go down.
        • Some barriers are locked by devices without a switch.
          • There are some metal barriers similar to the switch-based ones that stay up. These often indicate that they are part of a quest that is yet to be activated.
          • Doors remain locked until you find a key. The first 2 keys can only be recovered by beating the boss. The last key can be retrieved within the level.
      • Hidden areas
        • Hidden areas are designated by cracks on the wall.
        • You can only access them once you’ve
      • Hearts
        • Hearts are shown on the top right corner of the screen.
          • They represent your hit points.
          • You have 6 of them to start with.
        • You lose hearts each time you’re attacked. Lose all of them and it’s game over.
        • When you lose all your hearts, you have the option of starting over from where you last left off.
        • Replenish your hearts by eating food items you pick up around the world.
          • Nachos will restore 1 heart.
          • Smoothies will restore 2.
          • We recommend paying attention to your remaining hearts when taking food items to replenish your health. This will help you choose the right food to take.
    • Achievements
      • The game has 5 achievements:
        • Better with friends: Blow up 30 enemies alongside other enemies.
        • Skulls o’ fun: Destroy 20 enemies with explosives.
        • We like danger: Defeat 80 enemies.
        • Curiosity… leads to awesome: Find all items in the secret rooms.
        • That’s teamwork: Defeat 20 enemies with combo attacks.
      • Keep track of your achievements by selecting the trophy button on the welcome screen.
    • Tips
      • Keep exploring.
        • You’ll never know what you’ll find when you look around.
        • Backtracking will often lead to opening doors that you couldn’t access earlier in the game.
        • Some areas only become accessible after special divider blocks fall upon defeating all enemies in a room.
      • Try to memorize where your enemies where when you enter a room. This way, you can enter a room prepared.
  • Target Audience
    • The game is suited for children who like Star or dislike evil forces.
    • The game has no adult themed content.

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