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Smart Slither: Multiple Competing Snakes Video Game

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This is a futuristic space-themed snake eating game based on the classic snake video game popularized in the ’90s. Here, players must navigate a unicorn snake across space to collect as many floating star orbs it can find. The more stars your snake eats, the higher points it will score. As a challenge, you must evade other snakes that are chasing after the star orbs. Bumping into another snake means game over. Try to reach the highest score by gaining three gold trophies

  • Navigate the snake left, right, up, or down across space.
  • Collect as many floating star orbs as you can to gain higher points.
  • Your snake grows longer the more star orbs it eats. You can bump into your tail, you won’t be harmed.
  • It’s game over if another snake bump into your head, or if you bump into another snake in space.





Play Smart Slither Multi-Snake Game Online

Children and parents can play this endless orb eating snake video game by clicking in the window below.

Alternatively kids and adults can play this free online infinite snake game as a web application here.

Smart Slither Online Competitive Snake Game Play Instructions

How to Play

Navigate your snake through space and collect as many floating star orbs you can find to earn higher points. Avoid bumping into other snakes that are chasing after the orbs, or your snake will die.

  • Starting the Game
    • Click or tap “Play” in the opening screen under the logo to begin the game.
    • This will immediately start the game.
      • During the first couple of seconds, the game will instruct you to click or tap anywhere on the screen to guide your snake. Do exactly as it says.
  • Game Controls
    • Mouse
      • Once the game starts, the snake automatically moves forward. You do not have to press anything to make it move.
      • Point your mouse cursor in the direction you want the snake to go, then left click. Long press and the snake will follow your mouse cursor’s direction.
      • Use the mouse cursor to move your snake left, right, up, or down.
      • The game does not use any buttons on the keyboard to control the snake.
    • Touchscreen
      • Use your finger to guide the snake where you want it to go.
      • Tap and press the area where you want the snake to go.
      • Press and move your finger on the screen towards your intended direction. The snake will follow suit.
        • There is a bit of lag when the snake follows your finger’s direction. It may take a while to get used to navigating the snake using touchscreen controls.
  • No Pause Button
    • There is no pause button anywhere on the game screen. Once it starts, make sure you have uninterrupted time to play the game.
    • Do other things such as going to the restroom before you start the game.
    • Stopping mid-game will certainly get your character killed.
      • Pause Cheat: Switching to another browser window can pause the game. It stops when you go to another window. Once you go back to the game window, you can resume playing where you left off.
  • Strategy
    • Like the classic snake game, the idea is to collect as many floating star orbs you can find to increase your points. Eating more stars will also make your snake grow longer.
    • In this game, expect to find other snakes. They also compete for the same floating star orbs in space.
      • There will probably be around 5 other snakes in the game. They also get longer the more star orbs they collect.
      • Avoid bumping into other snakes at all costs. When this happens, it’s game over.
      • When another snake’s head bumps into your head, your snake will die.
        • Exception: Other snakes can tail you from behind. Their heads and bodies can touch your tail and you will not die. But if the snake’s head catches up on your head, you will certainly die.
        • This is not the same as your head bumping into another snake’s tail. When you bump into another snake’s tail, it’s game over.
    • Enemy Snakes
      • Snakes will start to follow or chase you when they’re in your area. As much as possible, try to move away from them.
      • If you find an orb near another snake, it’s almost certain that snake is after that orb. In this case, let it go. There are many instances where another snake will bump your head just to get an orb.
    • Rocket button on the bottom right corner: Tapping or clicking this will make your snake move faster. Use this strategically to move fast and outrun snakes. Otherwise, you usually don’t need it. It’s also hard to reach for it because it’s in the bottom right corner.
    • Avoid the Crowd
      • A key tip is to avoid areas where there are a lot of other snakes. The more snakes are in an area, the higher chances there are of bumping. At the start, move away from the center.
      • Areas with more stars usually mean its infested by other snakes. If you see an area with multiple stars appearing, brace yourself for a snake or two.
    • The Space Has Walls
      • The game has a wide area but there are walls. It’s okay to bump into these walls; your snake won’t die. Just change direction to look for more star orbs.
      • Be careful not to stay in a corner too long. When other snakes come, you might be trapped. When they bump your head, it’s game over.
    • Collecting Star Orbs
      • Floating star orbs come in different sizes and shapes. The large ones usually add higher points than smaller orbs. The more orbs you collect, the faster your snake will go. It also grows longer.
      • Star orbs eventually fade away. Try to catch them as fast as you can before they disappear.
      • A good strategy is to collect star orbs away from other snakes. This way, you can grow your snake and earn points while minimizing chances of encountering other snakes.
    • Score High Points for 3 Gold Trophies
      • The game has three winning markers. Anything less than 1 trophy means you lose.
        • One gold trophy for a score of 30 percent and above.
        • Two gold trophies for a score of 65 percent and above.
        • Three gold trophies for a score of 99 percent.
          • You automatically win the game once you hit 99 percent.
    • Have fun playing the game again and again to achieve the highest score.

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Smart Slither: Multiple Competing Snakes Video Game
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Mobile Friendly Cross Browser Support

This game is rendered in mobile-friendly HTML5, so it offers cross-device gameplay. You can play it on mobile devices like Apple iPhones, Google Android powered cell phones from manufactures like Samsung, tablets like the iPad or Kindle Fire, laptops, and Windows-powered desktop computers. All game files are stored locally in your web browser cache. This game works in Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and other modern web browsers.

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One comment on "Smart Slither: Multiple Competing Snakes Video Game"

  • Joey says:

    This is a unique take on the Snake concept that’s easy to get into. It involves dragging your slithering companion around using your mouse or touch screen. Thus, it’s easy to navigate around the open play area. But there’s a catch. You have opponents that chase you throughout the game. If you touch them, it’s game over. Avoid these predators and keep eating to get the highest possible scores.

    Despite the enemies hunting you down, this game is quite leisurely. Once you dodge them, you can get lost in hunting and feeding your unicorn kitten snake thing. The ease of the controls helps make this game addictive.

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