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Merge Cakes: Pastry Pair Merging Game

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This is a cake themed merging game inspired by 2048. It adds a unique twist to its gameplay in that you gain more slots over time as your level increases. Keep merging cakes, pastries, and candies.

  • Merge identical pastries and candies together to form new ones.
  • Unlock more space, new desserts, and new shop items as you level up.
  • Earn money from the desserts you’ve merged, which you can use to buy more desserts. Earn additional income through unlocking in-game achievements.
  • Spend the income to buy additional deserts which can be used to level up & earn further income.





Play Merge Cakes Game Online

Children and parents can play this fun and relaxing pastry merging game by clicking in the window below.

Alternatively kids and adults can play this idle food matching video game for free as a web application here.

Merge Cakes Game for Kids Game Play Instructions

How to Play

Merge identical pastries and confections to form new ones. Keep merging to earn more income and unlock new recipes.

  • Starting the Game
    • Select the blue play button on the bottom center of the screen to begin the game.
    • The game will automatically begin the tutorial the first time you begin.
    • Your web browser automatically saves your progress, income and high score.
  • Game Controls
    • Desktop
      • Use your mouse left click and drag to merge cakes.
      • You can also open up the shop section in the lower right corner or accept the cash prize awards for unlocking achievements in the lower left corner.
    • Touchscreen devices
      • Tap and swipe to merge.
    • The game has a sound control button in the lower left.
    • The reset button is located near the shop button. Be careful not to accidentally hit it.
  • Game Play
    • Interface
      • Toggle the audio through the sound button on the lower left corner of the screen.
      • Below the sound button is the achievement button. Select this to view your achievements.
      • On the bottom right corner is the shop. Use this to buy unlocked dishes,.
    • Basic
      • Merge each similar baked good or confection to form a new recipe.
      • Keep merging until no valid pairs can be made.
    • Spawning new desserts
      • You gain a new low-value dessert every 10 seconds. This is helpful early in the game, but becomes somewhat annoying when you get earnings up to millions or billions per second as you keep having to clear the board of low-value deserts.
      • You can speed this up by left clicking or tapping at the tray button on the lower center corner of the screen until the timer reaches 0.
      • Repeat as many times as desired or until you run out of space, then merge treats to make empty spaces.
    • Space
      • Once all the slots have been filled, the game will not spawn new desserts until a free space is made.
      • If your run out of space and valid moves, it’s game over. This is almost impossible to do without trying to.
      • You gain a new space each time you level up. The game maxes out at level 36 with an 8×5 grid containing 40 spaces.
      • The bar above you shows both your current level and how many merges you must make to reach the next level.
    • Income and bonuses
      • You gain a set amount of money each second from each desert.
      • This amount is determined by the value of the desserts in your field at any given time.
      • The more high value desserts you have, the greater your income.
      • Sometimes you get a random bonus dessert instead of a low-value one.
        • These come in trays with bows on top of their lids.
        • The dessert they provide is randomly generated. They typically skew toward the lower end and are only available in the range of the deserts you have already unlocked.
    • Merging Strategy
      • Some merge games offer sublinear, linear, or greater than linear reward for merging pieces together.
      • This game offers a greater than linear income stream from merges.
        • At lower levels it appears linear, with merging 2 level 1 snacks creating a single level 2 snack that earns the same amount as the two individual snacks combined eared (e.g. 2 per second is the same as 1 per second plus 1 per second).
        • As you get to higher earning snacks the difference is greater than linear.
        • Merging two grape biscuits together which earn 600 each (or 1,200 combined) creates a chocobiscut which earns 1,300.
        • We publish a table of pastry earnings below.
    • Shop
      • You spend your income buying new desserts which can also be merged.
        • While the desert shop is open the game is paused, so you are not earning additional income.
        • With the above in mind, sometimes it makes sense to make a quick choice in the store and order many of the same item so you can quickly merge them and keep leveling up while earning more income.
      • Buying desserts can help accelerate the process of earning more money, since once you merge them, you’re earning more from the resulting higher-value dish.
        • It will also help you reduce clutter by helping merge other dishes faster.
        • You will need to merge and buy dishes to advance quickly in this game.
        • You can only buy desserts that you’ve already unlocked.
          • The store allows you to purchase 3 dishes behind the most expensive dish you have unlocked, so you always want to have one square you are pushing toward the best dish you can so that you can unlock other higher value dishes for purchase.
          • Tip: some of the early achievements are based on how many dishes you have purchases or how many dishes you have merged, so sometimes it can make sense to buy cheaper deserts and merge them to unlock some of those achievements early.
        • Note that dishes have a ramping cost, so buying many at once can become prohibitively expensive.
        • When you open the yellow trays containing paid deserts you score level experience, which you also score when you merge cakes.
          • As the level experience increases you go to the next level and unlock an additional slot for snacks.
          • If you are buying to aid in income production it typically makes sense to buy the most expensive deserts you can afford.
          • If you are buying to increase your level ranking it can make sense to buy cheaper deserts which you can open up and merge, as you gain level experience each time you open a yellow serving tray.
          • If you are going for a hybrid you can buy one or two of the more expensive deserts available then take your remaining funds to buy the highest ranked remaining desert which has you exhaust your funding and open spaces around the same time.
    • Achievements
      • The game lists down several milestone achievements that recur in this game. Each achievement has 3 tiers.
        • Exquisite Palate: Open a set number of surprise sweets – max level is 200
        • Impatient Cook: Tap the sweet covers a set number of times – max level is 1,200
        • Dessert Lover: Open a set number of sweet covers – max level 800
        • Expert Merger: Reach a specific level – max level is reaching level 20
        • Chef Merger: Merge a specific number of times – max level 700
        • Sweet Tooth Buyer: Buy a number of desserts from the shop – max level 200
        • Innovative Baker: Unlock a number of recipes – final unlock is when you have unlocked all 38 recipes
      • You gain bonus cash each time you earn an achievement, though you have to open the achievement section to collect it.
  • Target Audience
    • This game is suited for all ages.
      • The game automatically saves your progress, has no time limit, offers 38 different snacks, and the board size grows over time. These factors combine to make it a great idle game.
      • As a bonus, you can let the game play during the night while you sleep to rack up massive earnings to spend into leveling up the next day.
    • There is no adult content in this game.

Cake House Desert Income

Here is a complete list of deserts you can create in the Cake House. The first desert is the one which typically falls in most free placements. Other deserts can be made through merging. You can buy any desert between Mediterranean Sweets and Unicorn Wedding Cake, but you can not buy the final 3 deserts as the purchase cap is set to 3 cakes fewer than the highest desert you have created.

Desert Level Earnings
Sweets 1 1
Mediterranean Sweets 2 2
Panellet Chocococo 3 4
Cannolo Semplice 4 8
Cannolo Ripieno 5 17
Cannoli Siciliani 6 35
Doughnut 7 72
Strawberry Doughnut 8 100
Chocolate Doughnut 9 300
Grape Biscuit 10 600
Chocobiscuit 11 1,300
Chocoparty 12 2,700
Profiterol 13 5,500
Profiterol Avec Fraise 14 11,300
Luxurious Profiterol 15 23,400
Pancake 16 48,200
Banana Pancake (double stack) 17 99,200
Pancake Stravaganza (triple stack) 18 204.5 thousand
Vanilla Cupcake 19 421,4 thousand
Bubblegum Cupcake 20 868.4 thousand
Rose Champagne Cupcake 21 1.7 million
Apple Cake 22 3.6 million
Bavarian Apple Cake 23 7.5 million
Flamboyant Cake 24 15.6 million
Waffle 25 32.2 million
Maple Syrup Waffle (double stack) 26 66.4 million
Tangerine Fantasy Waffle (triple stack) 27 137 million
Coulant 28 282.3 million
Cherry Coulant 20 581.8 million
Summum Coulant 30 1.1 billion
Apple Glace Pie 31 2.4 billion
Strawberry Glace Pie 32 5 billion
Glace Delicatessen 33 10.4 billion
Coloured Cake 34 21.6 billion
Rainbow Cake 35 44.5 billion
Unicorn Wedding Cake 36 91.7 billion
Creamy Tutifrutti 37 189.1 billion
Syrup Caress 38 389.8 billion
Fruity Feast Flourishment 39 803.2 billion

Pastry Saloon Desert Income

This is a parallel version of the game you can switch back and forth between. It opens up after you have progressed far through the Cake House version of the game. While you are playing one version of the game the other version of the game still earns income in the background.

Desert Level Earnings
Chocolates 1 1
Chocoletters 2 2
Alphahoc 3 4
Gummies 4 8
Trigum 5 17
Gum Fiesta 6 35
Chocosticks 7 72
Chocologs 8 100
Motley Crunch 9 300
Lovey Doveys 10 600
Corny Love 11 1,300
Halloween Lovers 12 2,700
Pops Sweets 13 5,500
Granny Sweets 14 11,300
Boomers Gold 15 23,400
Cinachoc 16 48,200
Chocomon 17 99,200
Influencer Sweets 18 204.5 thousand
Bombon 19 421,4 thousand
Bombonaise 20 868.4 thousand
Choco Romance 21 1.7 million
Biscuits 22 3.6 million
Santa’s Biscuits 23 7.5 million
Christmas Biscuits 24 15.6 million
Stelle 25 32.2 million
Plane Stellare 26 66.4 million
Pioggia di Meteore 27 137 million
Butter Cookies 28 282.3 million
Danish Cookies 29 581.8 million
Brysslkex Fest 30 1.1 billion
Gondoliere un po’brillo 31 2.4 billion
Gondoliere Ubriaco 32 5 billion
Gondoliere Unchained 33 10.4 billion
Or-ee-Oh 34 21.6 billion
Or-ee-Oh Birthday 35 44.5 billion
Or-ee-Oh Brainstorm 36 91.7 billion
Gingerbread 37 189.1 billion
Ginger Eve 38 389.8 billion
Holy Ginger Feast 39 803.2 billion

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Mobile Friendly Cross Browser Support

This game is rendered in mobile-friendly HTML5, so it offers cross-device gameplay. You can play it on mobile devices like Apple iPhones, Google Android powered cell phones from manufactures like Samsung, tablets like the iPad or Kindle Fire, laptops, and Windows-powered desktop computers. All game files are stored locally in your web browser cache. This game works in Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and other modern web browsers.

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2 comments on "Merge Cakes: Pastry Pair Merging Game"

  • Beaster says:

    Nice game for some casual minutes every day. If playing for a longer time, a number of serious bugs appear, such as a missing upper limit for the graphics, missing achievements counter or non functional overlaying frame. Just misses some last 5% end polish. Still gives fun anyway.

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